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Archival Revival

A digital exhibit highlighting the collaborative writing project between the Central Piedmont Archives and Creative Writing (ENG125).

Spring 2021: Richelle - Yusuf




an alien 

because of the way I hold my cigarette  so that the ash falls into a pattern on my skin  and leaves scars of my own design?  


an alien 

because I am unwelcome on this planet  as my Zippo is 

by the gasoline pump?  



an alien  

because my hair that bounces with more volume than the pack of marlboros that becomes emptier  every time 

 I wish 

I was 

 a fire breathing dragon 

who could smite all of the princes  

and add color to the girls  

with pretty blonde hair?  

Am I an alien? 

on that stage they sung 

a great ballad 

to the people 

where their hearts 

they poured out 

with great passion 

they danced 

and they shouted 

those great tunes 

glorious color behind them 

on their backs 

and on their faces 

sang their songs they did 

as they jumped on the stage 

with their persons styled in great fashion

“Being a Figure Drawing Model.” 

Being drawn is freaky,

All eyes are spooky. 

People are staring at me, 

As if I'm totally naked. 

It sent a chill down to my spine, And made my stomach ached. 

These clothes are just optional, Not one of the objectives. 

To capture a proper perspective, The model has to be still. 

To pose for a certain period of time, And to maintain their demeanor. 

This requires experience, 

as much as the ardor. 

3 men conversing 

Three men conversing having fun 

They are all dressed well 

Their is also a lady in the back with her hair in a bun 

I can assume that they also have a pleasant smell 

Two of the men are wearing black 

Two of the men are wearing white 

There are a lot of people in the back 

There is a man riding a bike 

Two of the men are holding hands 

One of the men has glasses on 

There is a lady in the back with an instrument case she must be in a band They all seem to have a great bond 

Three men conversing they must happy