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Archival Revival

A digital exhibit highlighting the collaborative writing project between the Central Piedmont Archives and Creative Writing (ENG125).

Spring 2021: Gelilla - Lilianna

The wind was blowing through my hair during my race, I felt like I was on top of the world, 

Everyone was watching and I felt like I found my place. Until something went wrong and everything went into a whirl. 

I wake up in the hospital in shock, 

My whole body is in pain, 

The fact that I lost my race is something I try to block. The days I wasn’t on my bike made me feel like I was going insane. 

For months I wasn’t able to ride, 

But that didn’t stop me from dreaming, 

I knew I had to push my fears aside. 

I knew that this journey would take a lot of believing. 

Going back on my bike felt like home, 

I was ready to go out into the unknown.

In the year of nineteen seventy nine

A teacher stood before the room and taught

When he teaches bio his eyes doth shine 

And with his laughter boredom there was naught

The classroom was full, the students prepared

Everywhere around them sat brains and bones

Gathered together excitement they shared

To learn about muscles and cells and clones

They read from their textbooks and learned many things

The whole semester through very hard they worked

The information to their brains now clings 

Because through it all not one of them shirked

Students rejoiced and the teacher was glad

For in their future great things to be had

Is this day almost over, please  

It feels like eternity  

Stuck in the place  

That fills me with unease  

Feeling this way internally  

 Camera! Camera!  

Smile before it sees  

Put on a show externally  

I smile bright full of grace  

While wanting to fall on my knees  

I outsmart the camera artfully  

 Camera! Camera!  

The click of the camera won’t appease  

My despair; at least I still have my sanity  

Outwardly my handsome face  

Responding to the camera, cheese!  

I can’t believe this is my reality  

 Camera! Camera!


Smoke and mirrors. 

No smoking here. 

Lies upon lies until I’m on my own; 

Lie upon lies that have gone deeper than bone. 

A group of friends that no longer last, 

The illusion of togetherness that hangs in my past. 

My trust and love have broke; 

All alone with my cloud of smoke. 

Laidback with nothing but my cigarette 

Watching those walk by carrying a face of regret. 

This planet of complete isolation 

Has only caused the same complete frustration. 

An alien with culture, 

Ideas of my future 

That don’t contain this suffocating solitude 

I will survive if I just keep the right attitude.

School by Liliana Bragg 

The day starts early in the morning, even before the sun wakes up. 

They scramble around the kitchen to make lunch, hoping and praying they don’t miss the bus this time. 

Hundreds of kids flock towards the front door, eagerly awaiting their first assignment. 

All their coats are hung on coat racks, and bookbags behind their seats. 

The teacher speaks as if she is preaching the bible, and all the kids listen intently. 

All you can hear are the sounds of chalk on the board, and pencils scribbling on the paper. 

Finally, the bell has screamed for the last time. The kids leave with a bittersweet feeling in their stomach. Upset because they have to leave, and excited to get to do it all over again tomorrow.