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Archival Revival

A digital exhibit highlighting the collaborative writing project between the Central Piedmont Archives and Creative Writing (ENG125).

Crane, Ferrari, Jacquez, Kennedy, McCall

Technology is the Future by which our culture will grow

It holds much more than what at first glance looks like a bunch of screens that glow

It is something that we must all come to know

An extensive wealth of knowledge technology shall bestow

We now have opportunities that were unavailable to our ancestors long ago

We can upload share and present knowledge in new ways

Technology has allowed us to find a new path through the maze

And with this newfound knowledge the bar begins to raise

A more refined work is what must be done to receive praise

At the screens humanity’s eyes will now begin to gaze

For not all is good there is danger in this knowledge

We must be careful and acknowledge

That if we fly too close to the sun

Our legacy as humanity may become undone

While technology gives us strength it may also be our end

That is why as humans it is important, we comprehend

That hard work dedication and love will always be our friends

Live Your Dreams

            There once lived a little girl named Ella, who always wanted to play basketball. She would sit and watch all the other kids play while she waited on the side lines longingly. Ella was great at many other things, such as painting and drawing, but was never able to play basketball. The reason that Ella was never able to play sports, was not because she was not athletic, she had another thing standing in her way. Ella was born paralyzed from the waist down.

            As Ella grew up, she still longed to be a on basketball team. Her younger brother Oliver had made the basketball team at the local high school, and Ella would go and watch him play every week. When Ella would watch the games, she began to study the players more and more, she focus on the way that they moved and the way that they passed the ball to one another with such ease. Then one day as Ella was at one of her friend’s basketball games, she looked over at the coaches on the side lines. The more Ella looked at the coaches the more she wondered if she could coach a team, after all she had watched hundreds of basketball games by now. So that very same day after the game was finished, Ella went over to the coach to ask for a job.

She said, “Sir I have been watching you coach this entire game and I think that I would like to be a coach too. Can I be your assistant coach?”

The coach began to laugh at her and then rudely replied, “I can not have you down here getting in my way with that big wheelchair of yours! Absolutely not!”

Ella turned away as tears began to well up in her eyes. When Ella returned home, she went to her room just sat alone in the dark wondering what her purpose was, and where she belonged. Eventually she laid in bed and cried herself to sleep feeling as though she had lost all purpose in life. When morning came Ella was feeling a bit better, so she got up and began getting ready for the day. Just as Ella was almost finished getting ready there was a knock on the door. Oliver poked his head in here room smiling.

“Hey sis! I am going to basketball tryouts today for my college team. Do you want to come and watch?” He asked.

Ella thought for a minute and then grudgingly agreed to go; she wanted to cheer on her little brother and be supportive even if she was upset. When the two of them arrived at tryouts, Ella watched as her brother ran back and forth on the court and make basket after basket. He will make the team for sure, She thought to herself. At the end of the tryouts the coach called out the names of the players who had made the team. Ella leaned forward ready to clap for her brother, but when the coach got to the end of the list, the man had not called her bother to be on the team. Ella watched her brother go from smiling to fighting back tears of sadness as he turned to leave the court the same way she had the day before.

Then Ella suddenly had an idea, she could form her own team with all of the players the coach had just rejected from his team. The next day Ella told her brother about her idea and he agreed to help, so they assembled their team. The new team was named the Underdogs and they quickly rose to the top of the charts. The Underdogs won game after game, and they were on track to win the tournament. Then one afternoon as Ella was coaching a game, a man approached her in a wheel chair and invited her to join the basketball team that he coached.

Ella was a little confused and replied, “Sir I appreciate the offer but, I can’t play. I can’t run and never will.”

The man then went on to explain that he coached a wheelchair basketball team and that he would love to have her join. Ella was so overjoyed she didn’t know what to say, he dreams of playing basket ball were about to come true.

“I would love to join your team!” Ella exclaimed.

Ella was a natural at basketball and quickly led her team to victory, until one day they made it to the national finals. The score was tied with one minute on the clock, Ella got the ball, took it down the court, and scored, winning for her team and making them the number one wheelchair team in the world! When Ella returned home from the game all her friends and family cheered, they had thrown her a huge party. They also made a poster that read “Welcome Back Champ!” and took a picture of her next to it. The next morning, the picture of Ella made the front page of the newspaper, Ella had final lived her dream.

“Elizabeth Avenue”

Black and White

These moments in time are captured in black and white

Black words on white signs that we hold

Black and white skin that we are born into

Skin that divides

A cause that unites

At night hands will fold

Mouths will mutter out a prayer

That prayer will hold the words that spark fire

In the hearts and souls of all of us

No matter black or white

“Stop the killing”

Forever our footsteps will echo

Down the street of Elizabeth Avenue

Black and white shoes on black and white feet

Preserved in black and white photos

We will come and go

A message cannot die

The librarian was a kind older lady with a heart of gold,

She cared for her students and it truly showed.

I studied endlessly, nearly all day,

And she didn’t seem to mind my supplies in the way.

The table was covered in books, papers, and pens,

It almost looked as if this project had no end.

She hung over my shoulder in a helpful manner,

I felt more at peace, being with her.

My anxious thoughts were falling behind,

She gave me a smile; it was warm and kind.

It was almost saying how proud she was of me,

That my effort and hard work was not unseen.

I finished my study, it was finally done,

I appreciated her, and the help she had given.

Her kindness had shown, as I sat and studied,

She was a sweet woman, quiet and lovely.

Golf and Life

Green grass underneath.

With white clouds hanging overhead.

It is a good day for golf.

There are many different clubs.

Wonder which one will be chosen?

A choice that can alter the course of a game.

There must be strength in the arms.

Plant your feet and set your back.

Finally, focus on your goal.

Consider the wind.

Factor it into your swing, then adjust properly.

Outsmart the hazards of nature.

A silence shoots through surrounding peers.

They offer rare respect.

It is now time to begin.

Take a deep breath,

Close your eyes and count to five,

Then take your one shot.

The ball is in the air.

An ever-changing destination being drawn in the sky.

Who knows where it will land?

Maybe it will stay in the air forever?

Or it might touch down in the green, or in the sand, or in the water.

But no matter where it lands, it is only one ball.

And every swing brings you closer to the goal.