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Archival Revival

A digital exhibit highlighting the collaborative writing project between the Central Piedmont Archives and Creative Writing (ENG125).

Spring 2020: Blessed-Candra



"Salad Bowl Fun"

Many races but the same heart

Many cultures but the same desire 

The desire to play their best and win

The desire to cheer them on from within

The desire to coach them wisely towards victory

The same love for the sport but just a different identity

They adore this sport dearly   

Sweat dripping, heart racing, hands clapping, and skirts shaking

They are unified as a team so they can triumph over their opponent 

Even if they lose, it does not mean they are done

All in all, it was salad bowl fun

"Little Light"

A single flame, flickering in the wind

Lighting the way to a brighter future.

An ember, so bright so beautifully

So strong, yet fragile as a silence.

Swaying back and forth in the wind

Illuminating the darkness of uncertainty.

Casting shadows, the spark only grows 

Brilliant burn, dismissing the abyss.

Fragile breezes turn to hurricanes

Violent winds pushing the small light.

Flickering and burning, the flame fights

Burn bright, little light. 

Until it burns out.

"May Day at Mecklenburg College"


I was so excited to attend May Day at my college. It marked the end of the semester and the beginning of Spring! Everybody would put on their finest threads and come together to celebrate and commemorate this time. All morning the birds were singing, and I could smell the fresh scent of the roses from the rosebush Grandmother had planted drifting right through my open window. Curtains blowing in the breeze I stretched my arms up high as I sat on the edge of my bed and slipped on my pink bunny house slippers. I stood up and walked over to my closet. I had to take another glance at my beautiful dress that Grandmother had ordered for me. It was sent C.O.D. (cash on delivery) from Sears. I’m such a girlie girl and I love to dress up and put on makeup and do my hair. The May Day definitely gave me an excuse to do all of those things.  I am kind of nervous now that I decided not to bring a date, but my best friend Marian reassured me that use going together would be the best option. I am sure we will have a great time; Marian is the life of any party! I’d better go clean the kitchen and start getting ready for this evening! I hate rushing so I better get an early start.


I do not really know what I was thinking agreeing to go to the May Day Celebration with Lily. I really like her a lot and I hope to ask her to go steady with me, but I absolutely hate gatherings like this. I guess I just didn’t want to disappoint her. I don’t really like large crowds. People expect you to dance and smile, and mingle. Not my cup of tea. But Lily has the prettiest smile and I couldn’t tell her no. The lengths a man will go to just to please the one he is in love with. Did I just say that? I cannot tell Lily that, it might scare her away. I pressed my suit last night. Now I am thinking I probably should have bought a new one. You know, to impress Lily of course. Then again she is not is not superficial like that. That is just another one of the many reasons why she is so special to me. I better start getting ready, I can’t be late picking her up. It will be my first time meeting her family and I want to make a good impression.

Yvonne McKay and Donald Morrison, King and Queen of Homecoming for Mecklenburg College, 1960. Mecklenburg College merged with the Central Industrial Education Center to form Central Piedmont in 1963. AR.0032 - Carver and Mecklenburg College.

"Lets go to a dark room and see what develops"

They came, they saw, they captured! These students are diligently working in the bustling dark room to print their film and make their photographic mark. The possibilities are endless and the ingenuity is free flowing. Here, we have students huddled around their respective enlargers to create their prints from film reels or glass negatives. When asked about the current project being worked on, student Mark Jacobson (pictured above, far left), laughed as he said, “I’m not much of a photographer, but this project we’ve been working on has really captured my attention—no pun intended.”

The title of the project was “Through their Eyes”, with the goal being to capture someone in their most comfortable and natural environment. This could be anything from a favorite reading nook to a busy kitchen, with the hopes of creating a photo that encapsulates the subject’s personality. If this sounds like a daunting task, you’re not alone! Photography teacher, Mrs. Holt, describes her class as a “a labor of authenticity”, saying, “I want my students to connect with their images and focus on things that mean something to them or can tell a story with no words. This can make project hard for some, but there’s nothing better than seeing the light go off when they finally get what they are looking for!” Examples of student work is plastered all over the walls in the photography classroom as inspiration for new students into the course.

The photography department has been a long-standing favorite amongst students for years because of the creative and enjoyable atmosphere. “Sometimes I forget that I’m actually learning,” says Martha Stewart, a current photography student, “the rest of my classes can be very difficult so it’s such a nice break in the day to do something actually fun.”

Students in this course are able to learn not just about the functions of a camera or how to operate dark room equipment, but are exposed to famous photographers of the past to see what made their work so moving. Folks like Eve Arnold, Ansel Adams, and Richard Avedon are amongst the lengthy list of influential leaders in the field, and they all help students create their visions when it’s their time to point the camera.

School can be very difficult for most students and provides a great deal of stress, but this course allows freedom, expression, and creativity to flow through students and help them connect with themselves and their peers more—and the outside time for shooting is an added bonus!

Photography class is in session! 1997. AR.0036 - Academics

I remember this memory like it was yesterday. It was senior year and my friends and I decided to practice our line jump routine outside after school. We attended Gardner Ridge High School in 1978. It was a Thursday afternoon and we were having a pep rally the next day. I remember students from our school started to surround us and began to cheer us on. We also had photographers outside and they captured us practicing. Patty (far left) was one of the shiest girls on our team because it showed through her body language. Patty was a wonderful cheerleader and it showed when we performed for our school. Beside Patty is a sweetheart named Grace. Grace had such a bubbly personality and she loved showing school spirit. She was the goofiest on our team and was always there to make us laugh. Next, we have Georgia (middle) who was the laid back one. She cheered very precisely and traditionally. Even though she was laid back she contributed to teaching a lot of new cheers for us and we loved that about her. Next to Georgia is myself Ella. I absolutely adored cheerleading. I have been cheering since I was 4 years old. I love cheering because it allows me to express myself and show off my talents. I loved to see people cheering me on and I love entertaining them. Last but not least we have the wildest one on our team, Ms. Nikki. This girl knows how to put on a show! She was our most flexible cheerleader on the team as you can see she is showing everyone her perfect hurdler jump. Nikki was our captain and made sure our routines were almost perfect before we performed. She was also known as a “Perfectionist”. We called ourselves “The Melting Pot” because we were all so different and came from different backgrounds and we came together and made an amazing team. These girls will always be my family and I enjoyed all four amazing years with them. 

Central Piedmont Cheerleaders pep up the crowd during the 1983 Fall Festival. AR.0035 - The Spark.