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Citing Infographics, Images, and Tables in APA 7

The Infographic Within the Paper

Required Elements:

  • It must be numbered. (Figure 1, Image 1, Table 1, etc.)
  • It must be titled (This Fancy Infographic, Table of Dolphins by Season)

Infographic or Table Embedded in APA 7 Paper

Here's an Example:

Figure 1: North Pole Hole Meme

Santa Claus Embedded Infographic Example

Citing Infographics and Images on the References Page

Cite like an ordinary APA 7 Website, but add a TYPE in [brackets].

  • [Photograph]
  • [Infographic]
  • [Painting]
  • [Map]
  • [Lecture notes]
  • [Powerpoint slides]

Santa Claus would be cited...

L. (n.d.). North Pole Hole Meme [Infographic]. Pinterest. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3c/77/ec/3c77ec206397230e2debab732652bb5b.png

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