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Digital Inclusion Week 2023: Awareness Campaign

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"When an expected campus service is not available students only stop asking for it. However, that does not take away the demand. The lack of response to a known needed service creates an 'invisiblized demand', which makes it untrackable for analytics. When a demand is untrackable it will not get funding."

Why this petition matters

Librarians were this nation's first technology teachers! As an educator and library digital literacy specialist, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by students who lack adequate technology training in higher education. It is disheartening to see these individuals being asked to use unfamiliar technology platforms while simultaneously trying to grasp the content of their courses. This dual burden often has a negative impact on their learning experience, hindering their academic performance and potentially limiting their future opportunities.

Every semester, a significant percentage of students find themselves in need of technology training at community colleges across the country. These students come from diverse backgrounds and may not have had access to advanced technological resources during their earlier education. As they enter higher education institutions, they are expected to navigate complex software programs, online learning platforms, and digital tools without an official centralize place for support.

System Designs: Reviewing Equitable and Non-Equitable.

This is an illustration of two VENN diagrams. On the left are three circles intersecting with the word equity in the middle. Each circle has a words in them Student technology training, faculty technology training and staff technology training. The other diagram removes student training to show no funding which is not equitable

“The greatest trick ever played

on higher education is the belief

that students did not need technology training”

CBAN Podcast:

National Awareness Campaign

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