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Digital Inclusion Week 2023: What is DIW?

Welcome to Digital Inclusion Week!

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The FCC Celebrates DIW!!!

What is Digital Inclusion Week (DIW)

Digital Inclusion Week is an annual week of awareness, recognition, and celebration. With support from NDIA, organizations and individuals across the country host special events and campaigns to promote and increase digital equity in their communities.

Please join us October 2-6, 2023. With the growth of the digital inclusion field and increasing community excitement, 2023 promises to be another record-breaking year for Digital Inclusion Week (DIW). Organizations, advocates, and other digital inclusion supporters across the country use DIW aims to raise awareness for solutions addressing home internet access, personal devices, and local technology training and support programs.

Directions to the Event


IN LOTS 5, 6, 7, AND 8


A map  of the first floor of the Parr center showing directioins to Huddles rooms F and G, and also Parr 1000


Message from the National Digital Inclusion Alliance

This Year's DIW Theme

This is the NDIA logo for Digital Inclusion Weekl.

Here is what is happening this week!

What is Digital Equity and the Digital Inclusion Stool?

  1. Digital Equity
  2. Digital Belonging
  3. Digital Inclusion
  4. Digital Justice
  5. Digital Discrimination
  6. Digital Literacy
  7. Digital Redlining
  8. Algorithm Bias
  9. Cybersecurity Equity





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CPCC Technology Resources

Button to link to the Digital Literacy Learning Space

Button link to CPCC free software.

DIW Partners

National Digital Inclusion Alliance Logo - Red letters and blue radio wave logo

Center for Digital Equity Logo - Orange lettes

The Role of Libraries in Digital Inclusion

Advertisment for The Connector, on The Role of Libraries in Digital Inclusion podcase, by the Institue for Emerging  Issues.