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6.0 Preservation, Replacement, and Duplication of Library Materials

The library attempts to purchase materials of a quality which will withstand expected use, as well as  encouraging proper handling and taking preventative measures in processing materials to enhance  longevity and responsible management of the materials budget. When items become worn,  damaged, outdated, or otherwise irrelevant, steps may be taken to mend materials to extend their useful life, or review items to determine if they need to be updated or replaced after they are  withdrawn.


The loss of library materials due to changes in licensing or outdated format may require that they be replaced or converted to a more accessible format. Decisions  regarding the preservation, duplication or replacement of library materials are generally made on a case-by-case basis and depend on the availability, cost and need.  

Replacement of Materials  

The library will not automatically replace all materials withdrawn due to loss or loss of availability, damage, wear, age, or  relevance. Factors considered include, but are not limited to:  

  • Number of duplicate copies 
  • Extent of adequate coverage of the field/subject in the collection 
  • Importance to collection 
  • Usage
  • Availability of material to purchase 
  • Availability of more recent edition/publication or alternate format 
  • Cost of replacement or conversion;


Specifics regarding conversion/duplication of AV media  are as follows:  


  • Individual librarians and library staff may assist college faculty and staff in acquiring the necessary permissions to convert/duplicate library-owned items when requested, or forward requests to the RS assistant director. 
  • Specific permission must be acquired to make more than one (1) copy of an item in addition to the permission to convert an item.  All permission documentation must be submitted to Resource Services for compliance review 
  • Resource Services will coordinate with Digital Media Services on all requests for the conversion/duplication of library materials. Digital Media Services will not accept requests for the conversion/duplication of library materials from individual librarians or library staff. 
  • Copyright law permits one (1) format copy conversion of an item if content owners/licensors are no longer available to provide permission. 
  • All copies of converted content are cataloged and placed in the collection 

Multiple of Duplicate Copies 

The purchase of multiple copies may be necessary to maintain basic library services due to high  demand of a particular resource, or its deterioration, theft, or mutilation. Duplicate copies of materials may be purchased for additional campuses as determined by:  

Curriculum offerings 

Demand – usage patterns (e.g., programming or events featuring authors)

Availability of funds 

Program and accreditation requirements 

The library considers alternative formats to paper duplications of both books and periodicals. Decisions  to purchase multiple or duplicate copies of an item are made by library administration, subject selectors/ratifiers and/or campus managers based on the criteria listed  above.