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Purpose of the library Collection Development Policy  
The Collection Development & Management policy describes the principles supporting the goal of developing and maintaining a Library collection meets the needs of Central Piedmont. The adoption of the principles set forth in this document provides a rationale for the selection, weeding and disposition of material acquired by the  Library. A flexible and routinely updated policy is crucial for library staff and faculty who make  decisions concerning a collection which must respond quickly to changes of an extensive curriculum and  the wide-ranging needs of the student body.
All Collection Development & Management policies, procedures and practices are aligned with the Central Piedmont Strategic Plan’s Goal #4:  Making Equity a Priority.  The library will make diversity, equity, inclusion, and access an intentional criteria when acquiring library resources in all formats.
Developing an understanding of the achievement gaps affected by a lack of inclusive resources that do not reflect the diversity of the Central Piedmont learning community equitably will allow the library to create a collection for equity to flourish. A library collection that is balanced for EDI (+ Access) will enhance awareness, foster a sense of belonging for all, and promote a more inclusive culture across Central Piedmont.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources:  Home

Policy Review  

The review and revision of the Collection Development Policy is the responsibility of the Collection  Development & Management Team (CD&MT). Formal review of the entire policy will take place every  five years, or as required due to library or college operational or policy changes. Revision of individual sections may be done as needed. Final authority for adoption of the policy resides with the Dean of Library Services.  

Location and Dissemination of Policy  

Every member of the library staff will have access to a copy of the Collection Development Policy. The  policy is made available to the college community via the Library website.  

Official stance on Intellectual Freedom and Censorship  

The Library subscribes to the position of the American Library Association as stated in the Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries.  


Central Piedmont Profile  

Central Piedmont is a comprehensive two-year college that offers Business & Professional, Health & Technology,  College Transfer, Middle College, Basic Skills, Corporate and Continuing Education, and Community Service Programs.


Central Piedmont, a non-residential college that serves a diverse student population, offers  courses of study on six traditional campuses, two centers, and through eLearning. Many faculty and students are part-time.  


The college is accredited by SACS. A number of programs at the college are also governed by outside  accrediting agencies. The recommendations and guidelines of these agencies are given careful  consideration in developing Library collections and services.  


College Vision, Mission, Values 


Central Piedmont will be a champion of students, a catalyst for opportunity, and an exceptional  provider of learning experiences that transform lives and strengthen our community.  


To facilitate student learning, success and completion, Central Piedmont provides exceptional  education and globally competitive training in an engaging, supportive environment. 

Values: ACCESS

A: Accountability 

C: Collaboration 

C: Courage 

E: Equity 

S: Student Centered 

S: Strive to achieve Excellence


Guiding Principles of Central Piedmont Library 


Central Piedmont Library serves a diverse learning community by providing information literacy instruction, relevant resources, and point-of-need services designed to foster academic and workforce success.


Central Piedmont Library will be recognized as essential to the success of 21st Century learners and a leader of community college libraries.