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LibGuide for How to Access and Contribute to the History of Central Piedmont

Historical Records

Historical records are defined as materials that document the non-administrative aspects of the institution or company. These include materials such as publications, photographs, artifacts/ephemeral materials, audio/video materials, and yearbooks. The historical records held in the Central Piedmont Archives that are available for research are included below.

Historical Records

Carver College Collection (AR.0032)

Abstract: A collection of records documenting the activities of Carver College, later known as Mecklenburg College. The school was merged with the Central Industrial Education Center in 1963 to form CPCC.

Central Industrial Education Center Collection (AR.0033)

Abstract: An artificial collection of materials related to the North Carolina Industrial Education Centers and the Central Industrial Education Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

25th Anniversary Time Capsule Collection (AR.0034)

Abstract: A collection of items that were selected by CPCC faculty, staff and students to be included in a time capsule, buried in May 1988 in celebration of the school’s 25th anniversary.

College Publications Collection, 1965-2005 (AR.0035)

Abstract: An artificial collection of student and faculty news publications written and published by Student Life, Wally McCullock (Press Manager), and members of the Community Relations and Media Services (CRMS) Department.

Central Piedmont Foundation Collection (AR.0037)

Abstract: The CPCC Foundation Collection comprises mainly of photographs from various Foundation related events such as campus openings and employee appreciation ceremonies. Also included in this collection are printed materials documenting the history of the Foundation and its board members, books, audio/visual materials and textile artifacts.

Central Piedmont History Room Collection (AR.0041)

Abstract: A collection of news publications, scrapbooks, administrative files, photographs and oral history interviews compiled and organized by Central Piedmont's first historian, Raymond V. Mason, and Carol Timblin (author of "CPCC: The First 30 Years").

CPCC-TV Video Colletion (AR.0045)

Abstract: The content of the videos include Classic Art Show, Sensoria, Fine Arts, Theater, Course content (Automotive, Engineering, Integrated Technology (IT), Culinary Arts, Arts, Health Services, etc.), promotional, Special Guest on campus, marketing, and Foundation information.

Unprocessed Collections

  • Photographs and Negatives Collection (AR.0036)

  • Literary Festival / Sensoria Collection