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Accessibility @ The CPCC Library: Accessibility Services

The CPCC Library is committed to providing library spaces, resources, and services to all users.


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Loaning and Retrieving Library Materials

The CPCC Library's website is accessible. The databases (available through the website) contain thousands of accessible journal articles. Please contact the library at 704-330-6885 with any questions about electronic accessibility.

If you need assistance retrieving any printed material from the library stacks, the staff at one of our public service desks will help you - depending on staff availability. You may arrange to have materials ready for pick up by an agreed upon time, with 24 hours notice (Monday-Friday).

Contact the CPCC Library manager where you are picking up items if you are unable to come to the library due to a disability to designate a person who will pick up the materials for you.

If you require extended borrowing time on any materials, that request must be made through CPCC's office of Disability Services.

Research Assistance

All library patrons are welcome to sign up for a research consultation with a Reference Librarian via the form linked on our "Contact Us" page:

If you require an accommodation for your consultation with a librarian, such as the use of a screen reader or other assistive technology, please let us know in advance so that the librarians may make the necessary arrangements for your meeting. You may also contact the reference librarians at 704-330-6885 with any questions about the electronic accessibility of any of our resources.

Assistive Technologies

The CPCC Library, in collaboration with Disability Services and Information Technology Services (ITS), has added relevant hardware and software to assist and allow for the success of students.


  • Adjustable height tables for computers

  • BookSense*

  • Comfort Contego Hearing Amplifier*

  • Digital Voice Recorder*

  • Kensington Expert and Optical Trackball Mouse

  • Kurzweil 3000 Read/Scan reading software (v.9) with scanner and 20” monitor

  • Merlin LCD CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

  • Oversized hand calculator

  • Laptops*

  • Livescribe Pens*

*Provided by Disability Services, managed by CPCC Libraries


  • Microsoft Accessibility Tools

  • NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader

  • ZoomText Screen Magnifier and Screen Reader