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Accessibility @ The CPCC Library: ebooks

The CPCC Library is committed to providing library spaces, resources, and services to all users.


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Ebrary is the largest ebook collection at the CPCC Library. It contains the full text of more than 45,000 nonfiction books.

Using ebrary in Accessibility Mode

If you use assistive technologies such as screen readers, ebrary offers accessibility mode for ease of navigation. In accessibility mode, some display pages show more or less detail and check boxes have been adjusted for ease of use.

The default mode is ebrary is the QuickView reader. The QuickView reader display does not include text that can be read by screen readers (such as JAWS). This is true even if you have selected accessibility mode.

To enable the screen reader access for QuickView

  1. Inform your librarian that you are visually impaired and that you want direct access to the text of ebrary documents with your screen reader. Your librarian will contact ebrary support and request screen reader access for you.
  2. After ebrary support staff has modified your account, log in with your user name.
  3. Click on the words “My Settings” at the top right of the page
  4. Near the bottom of the “My Settings” page look for the heading, “Choose Your Accessibility Mode”
  5. There is a box next to the words “Display in accessibility mode”
  6. If this box is not already checked (which it should be) then click on the box to make it checked.
  7. Under that box are the words “Set Preferences”: click on that.

When you choose to display a document in QuickView, the document content becomes available to the screen reader and can be traversed with the screen reader commands you are accustomed to.

For more information:

eBook Collection from EBSCOHost

Accessibility features in EBSCHost's eBook collection are the same as in their research databases. This is reflected on the "Databases" page of this guide. The link is provided below.

Very Short Introductions

What accessibility standards does the site meet?

The following requirements have been implemented within the website to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0 Levels A and AA.

  • Fonts can be resized on the screen
  • Colour does not convey any critical meaning
  • Content and structure are separated from presentation
  • Foreground has been differentiated from background for visual presentation
  • A logical reading order has been set
  • Content does not use any flashing text or graphics, or looped animations
  • Text has been formatted correctly (avoiding full justification)
  • Buttons are of sufficient size



The following list reflects The CPCC Library's largest ebook collections. Accessibility information on all of the ebook collections is coming soon. If you find an ebook that is not accessibile, please contact The CPCC Library at 704-330-6885.