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3D Design Basics: Advanced Design - Engineering

3D Design Basics

Fusion 360


As a student or educator, Autodesk makes Fusion360 available for free. All you need is your student or employee email and you can sign up. 

The software requires a Windows or MAC computers that has a significant video card and RAM. The specs for running Fusion360 can be found here.

If you have a computer capable of running the software, a new world of opportunity will open. You can design for free and fun, or actually become good enough to earn a little cash on the side. Creators who excel at Fusion 360 can work in industry brining engineering drawings to life so that they can be 3D printed. Many manufacturers now use 3D printing in their design process.

Software like Fusion 360 helps realize these ideas and bring to reality. This is how houses are being printed, ships, cars, and components for the space industry.

What is amazing is that this powerful software is all at your finger tips through Autodesk. 



Learning Fusion 360

One good place to learn, if you are a current CPCC student or employee is LinkedIn Learning

Once you login from the library website, you have access to all the learning goodness that the site has to offer. 

A course I would recommend is Fusion 360 Essential Training


This course will go over the basics of using Fusion 360 and help you create your first models.

As with so many things technology related, YouTube is a great resource. There are many unique techniques you have to apply to create certain forms or designs. YouTube will guide you to how to do that. 

When to use Fusion 360

Fusion360 is best when exact measurements and calibration are key. It excels at what is called parametric design, which allows you to adjust dimensions to an exacting detail. The software also have a history bar that you can roll back and edit components and drawings you worked on already. 

You can also sculpt to some degree, and import other 3D files and edit them directly. 

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