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3D Design Basics: Advanced Artistic Design - Blender

3D Design Basics



Blender is an amazing tool with almost limitless applications but has a high learning curve. Blender is used to create not only 3D designs from basic shapes, but it also has a robust sculpting feature. Advanced users create game content and full-length movies with this software. There are tons of add-ons and sites to download asset files like textures. Textures for example can will make 3D shapes look like bricks on a building or windows. It is possible to create photo realistic designs that are almost indistinguishable from the real world. 

Spring (Movie)


Realistic Donut

Castle with Mote


Learning Blender

Blender 3.0 Tutorial

  • This is the single best known Blender Tutorial on the web.
  • A series of videos will show you how to use most aspects of Blender and give you a thorough introduction

The above tutorial is a great place to get started but you will have to rely heavily on the huge user base on the web. To this end YouTube is probably the single best resource for learning the limitless techniques when it comes to creating content. As all Blender users, rely on the community for help, and offer your help once you get comfortable with the software. 

When to use?

The question should be, when NOT to use Blender. It is an amazing tools for most 3d design applications. Blender's biggest weakness is it's inability to design in exact measurements like you can in Fusion 360. As an artistic platform, Blender is unparalleled as a free product.