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Use these sample lessons to help you enhance your research skills.

Sample Lesson 1 - Primary Resource Analysis

Sample Lesson 2 - Visual Resource Analysis

Historical Topics and Archive Resources

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Local Politics / Events

  1. Tax Protest
  2. Traffic Safety
  3. Parking 
  4. Building, Campus, and City Expansion (expansion of campuses)
  5. Petition for library hours (Spark, Volume VII - 1980)
  6. Double Door Inn, Local Concerts
  7. Bus Strikes / New Programs for hearing impaired (Prospector, 1976)
  8. Spirit Square (uptown Charlotte)
  9. Local hangouts/eateries in Charlotte 

National Events

  1. Civil Rights - Carver and Mecklenburg College Collections (linked one example); Oral History Interviews (Dora Johnson); Jesse Jackson, Harvey Gantt (first African American Mayor, Spark, V9, N4)
  2. Vietnam War - John McCain visiting CP (Spark, February 1978, Wally’s Folly, Scrapbooks); Panel on Asian Understanding (seminars held in Pease Auditorium, not yet digitized). 
  3. Cold War, Salt II - Joe Biden (Spark, Volume IX, Number 3) 1979
  4. DNC Convention - Jerry Rubin (Chicago 7) speaks at CP, Taylor Hall - Spark, Volume IX, Number 12 (1980)
  5. Iranian Hostage Crisis - photographs, Spark (V5 N2; V5 N6)
  6. ERA / Women’s Rights Movement - Phyllis Schlafly & Betty Freidan speak at CP (Spark, faculty publications); women’s achievements at CP (first female graduates from electronics program

Technological Advancements

  1. Peter Goldmark, inventor of LP record (long playing record) which revolutionized television broadcasting. This technology was used by CBS and by Central Piedmont for distance learning. The RTS system was created for Central Piedmont as a way to bring the classroom into the home through television. (Google drive folder of Goldmark materials). 
    1. The use of this technology would pave the path for the ABLE program, the DOLLY system, the DOTTY system, the radio reading system (Spark, page 2) the media library, classes by television, and more.

​​Debate Topics

  1. Prisoner Education

Arts & Culture

  1. Theater - Summer theater materials, Ann Owens
  2. Arts - Irene Honeycutt, Ron Rash
  3. Sensoria