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Enhancing Research Practices

A guide to detailed research practices with primary and secondary resouces.

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Margaret Steitz
Hagemeyer Library, Central Campus
Instruction and Research Services
Room 2200

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Erin Allsop
Central Campus,
Archives Department
Hagemeyer Library
Parr Center
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235


Welcome to our "Enhancing Research Practices" LibGuide! This guide will provide visitors with tools and techniques for researching and analyzing primary and secondary resources for class assignments. Visitors will also learn be provided with an introduction to archival science; an introduction to in-person and online research techniques; and practice lessons for research and analysis skills.

Central Piedmont Library

Central Piedmont Library serves a diverse learning community with seven full-service libraries on six college campuses throughout Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Our library provides resources and services on everything from equipment rentals to research assistance. For more information on student and staff services, please visit the links below. (Specifically for students, the student resources page is where you will find information for scheduling an appointment and research assistance.)



Central Piedmont Archives

Central Piedmont Archives preserves and provides access to records documenting the history of Central Piedmont and its predecessors (Central High School, Carver and Mecklenburg Colleges, and the Central Industrial Education Center). We provide instructional services for students and staff through a variety of lessons on primary resource analysis, archival research, and digital humanities projects. Instruction sessions can be delivered either in-person or through online modules, and will incorporate basic archival research skills or specific archives collections into your class curricula. For more information on Central Piedmont Archives, or how to schedule an instructional session please visit: https://www.cpcc.edu/about-central-piedmont/college-archives.