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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: October 2023

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

The Caretaker by Ron Rash

It’s 1951 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Blackburn Gant, his life irrevocably altered by a childhood case of polio, seems condemned to spend his life among the dead as the sole caretaker of a hilltop cemetery. It suits his withdrawn personality, and the inexplicable occurrences that happen from time to time rattle him less than interaction with the living. But when his best and only friend, the kind but impulsive Jacob Hampton, is conscripted to serve overseas, Blackburn is charged with caring for Jacob’s wife, Naomi, as well.

Sixteen-year-old Naomi Clarke is an outcast in Blowing Rock, an outsider, poor and uneducated, who works as a seasonal maid in the town’s most elegant hotel. When Naomi eloped with Jacob a few months after her arrival, the marriage scandalized the community, most of all his wealthy parents who disinherited him. Shunned by the townsfolk for their differences and equally fearful that Jacob may never come home, Blackburn and Naomi grow closer and closer until a shattering development derails numerous lives.


The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch by Melinda Taub

In this exuberant retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Lydia Bennet puts pen to paper to relate the real events and aftermath of the classic story. Some facts are well known: Mrs. Bennet suffers from her nerves, Mr. Bennet suffers from Mrs. Bennet, and all five daughters suffer from an estate that is entailed only to male heirs.

But Lydia also suffers from entirely different concerns: her best-loved sister Kitty is really a barn cat; Wickham is every bit as wicked as the world believes him to be, but what else would one expect from a demon? And if Mr. Darcy is uptight about etiquette, that’s nothing compared to his feelings about magic. Most of all, Lydia has yet to learn that for a witch, promises have power . . .


Last to Leave the Room by Caitlin Starling

The city of San Siroco is sinking. The basement of Dr. Tamsin Rivers, the arrogant, selfish head of the research team assigned to find the source of the subsidence, is sinking faster.

As Tamsin becomes obsessed with the distorting dimensions of the room at the bottom of the stairs, she finds a door that didn’t exist before - and one night, it opens to reveal an exact physical copy of her. This doppelgänger is sweet and biddable where Tamsin is calculating and cruel. It appears fully, terribly human, passing every test Tamsin can devise. But the longer the double exists, the more Tamsin begins to forget pieces of her life, to lose track of time, to grow terrified of the outside world.

With her employer growing increasingly suspicious, Tamsin must try to hold herself together long enough to figure out what her double wants from her, and just where the mysterious door leads…

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

BF431 .B678 2022  Ways of being : animals, plants, machines : the search for a planetary intelligence / James Bridle




BF469 .K46 2022  Dark and magical places : the neuroscience of navigation / Christopher Kemp




BF575.L7 N66 2022  Reconnecting after isolation : coping with anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, and more / Susan J. Noonan, MD, MPH




BF637.S4 A5875 2022  The good-enough life / Avram Alpert




BL785 .B89 2022  The Greek myths that shape the way we think / Richard Buxton




BP605.C38 M47 2022  Uncultured : a memoir / Daniella Mestyanek Young ; with Brandi Larsen




BR563.N4 B76 2018  African American history & devotions : readings and activities for individuals, families, and communities / foreword by Sharma D. Lewis ; Teresa L. Fry Brown



BX1407.B63 O26 2021  Undoing the knots : five generations of American Catholic anti-Blackness / Maureen H. O'Connell

D: World History

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E184.A1 P3885 2022  The souls of white jokes : how racist humor fuels white supremacy / Rael Perez




E185.615 .B7335 2018  I'm still here : black dignity in a world made for whiteness / Austin Channing Brown




E185.89.F66 T95 2017  The cooking gene : a journey through African American culinary history in the Old South / Michael W. Twitty



E302.6.F8 S93 2022  Poor Richard's women : Deborah Read Franklin and the other women behind the founding father / Nancy Rubin Stuart



E907 .C537 2021  The Black president : hope and fury in the age of Obama / Claude A. Clegg III




E98.S6 R47 2016  The other slavery : the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America / Andres Resendez




F189.B19 N478 2016  The beast side : living and dying while black in America / D. Watkins ; foreword by David Talbot




F334.M753 P3883 2021  The rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks / Jeanne Theoharis ; adapted by Brandy Colbert and Jeanne Theoharis

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

G200 .Z27 2022  The girl explorers : the untold story of the globetrotting women who trekked, flew, and fought their way around the world / Jayne Zanglein



G63 .G53 2019  Geography today : an encyclopedia of concepts, issues, and technology / Ian Muehlenhaus, editor




GE195.9 .A45 2020  All we can save : truth, courage, and solutions for the climate crisis / edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine K. Wilkinson




GE220 .H47 2021  Shoulder to shoulder : working together for a sustainable future / Evelyn Searle Hess




GT525 .J85 2021  Black ivy : a revolt in style / Jason Jules, Graham Marsh



GV1445 .C3 2020  Chess fundamentals / Jose Raul Capablanca




GV181.18 .L44 2023  A practical guide to costumed interpretation / Jacqueline Lee




GV201 .S35 2021  School physical education : history and reports from high school students / Alexandre Schiestl

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HB139 .K26 2011  Introductory econometrics for undergraduates : a student's guide to the basics / Elia Kacapyr




HD6053 .A674 2022  Women in the workforce : what everyone needs to know / Laura M. Argys and Susan L. Averett




HD6073.A43 M47 2022  The great stewardess rebellion : how women launched a workplace revolution at 30,000 feet / Nell McShane Wulfhart




HD6073.C65222 U589 2022  Geek girls : inequality and opportunity in Silicon Valley / France Winddance Twine




HD6095 .C37 2022  Working 9 to 5 : a women's movement, a labor union, and the iconic movie / Ellen Cassedy




HD6095 .H45 2022  Making choices, making do : survival strategies of Black and White working-class women during the Great Depression / Lois Rita Helmbold



HD9397.U52 W55 2022  Beer and society : how we make beer and beer makes us / Eli Revelle Yano Wilson and Asa B. Stone




HM1231 .F35 2022  Propaganda 2.1 : understanding propaganda in the digital age / Peter K. Fallon




HQ1163 .D38 2021  Trailblazers : Black women who helped make America great / Gabrielle David




HQ75.5 .L634 2022  A short history of queer women / Kirsty Loehr




HQ774.5 .K56 2019  No biting : solutions and support for toddler programs / Gretchen Kinnell for Child Care Solutions




HQ801.8 .M55 2021  The colors of love : multiracial people in interracial relationships / Melinda A. Mills




HV5137 .O44 2021  Girly drinks : a world history of women and alcohol / Mallory O'Meara




HV6517 .M39 2023  The angel makers : arsenic, a midwife, and modern history's most astonishing murder ring / Patti McCracken



HV6561 .K655 2022  Sexual assault and harassment in America : examining the facts / Sarah Koon-Magnin




HV8141 .G495 2021  Police defunding and reform : what changes are needed? / by Olivia Ghafoerkhan and Hal Marcovitz




Advertising at the edge of the apocalypse  Part of the Series:  MEF Debt & Consumerism Collection Media Education Foundation  evideo

Black coal, thin ice  evideo

J: Political Science

JQ36 .S63 2022  From development to democracy : the transformations of modern Asia / Dan Slater, Joseph Wong

K: Law

KF228.R59 P73 2021  The family Roe : an American story / Joshua Prager




KF242.A1 E43 2018  Legal research : how to find & understand the law / editors of Nolo




KF250 .G37 2002  The elements of legal style / Bryan A. Garner




KF3771 .Z545 2022  Reproduction and the Constitution in the United States / Mary Ziegler




KF4550 .M2687 2022  American constitutional law : introductory essays and selected cases / Alpheus Thomas Mason and Donald Grier Stephenson, Jr



KF5060 .A955 2022  Insurrection : rebellion, civil rights, and the paradoxical state of Black citizenship / Hawa Allan

L: Education

N: Fine Arts

NA1997 .W664 2022  The women who changed architecture / edited by Jan Cigliano Hartman 




NK1174 .M27 2022  Women in design / Anne Massey




NK1320 .P438 2022  1000 design classics / project editor

P: Language, Literature

P96.C74 A33 2022  Crime in TV, the news, and film : misconceptions, mischaracterizations, and misinformation / Beth E. Adubato, Nicole M. Sachs, Donald F. Fizzinoglia, John M. Swiderski




PE1115 .B66 2017  English for everyone : course book. Business English. Level 1 / author, Victoria Boobyer



PE1128 .C45 2020  The big book of English grammar for ESL and English learners : prepositions, phrasal verbs, English articles a, an and the, gerunds and infinitives, irregular English verbs, and English expressions for real life / by Thomas Celentano



PE1128 .S9774 2022  English grammar for ESL learners / Ed Swick




PE1128 .Y35 2022  English vocabulary for beginning ESL learners / Jean Yates




PN2286.8 .L48 2022  In on the joke : the original queens of stand-up comedy / Shawn Levy




PN6747.C287 A8713 2022  Call me Nathan / [written by] Catherine Castro ; & [drawn by] Quentin Zuttion ; translated by Evan McGorray



PN6790.J33 D438 2005  Death note. Vol. 3, Hard run / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2006  Death note. Vol. 4, Love / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2006  Death note. Vol. 6, Give-and-take / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2006  Death note. Vol. 8, Target / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2007  Death note. Vol. 9, Contact / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2007  Death note. Vol. 10, Deletion / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata 




PN6790.J33 D438 2007  Death note. Vol. 11, Kindred spirit / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2007  Death note. Vol. 12, Finis / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J34 D438 2006  Death note. Vol. 5, Whiteout / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata




PN6790.J33 D438 2006  Death note. Vol. 7, Zero / story by Tsugumi Ohba ; art by Takeshi Obata

PQ7383 .P69 2022  Ninety miles and a lifetime away : memories of early Cuban exiles / David Powell




PR4036 .W67 2017  Jane Austen at home : a biography / Lucy Worsley




PR5841.W8 Z716 2016  Romantic outlaws : the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley / Charlotte Gordon




PS3545.A517 Z68 2022  The house where my soul lives : the life of Margaret Walker / Maryemma Graham




PZ7.1.K87 Lon 2020  Lone wolf / Sarah Kurpiel


PZ7.1.K87 Ori 2021  Original cat, copy cat / written and illustrated by Sarah Kurpiel



PZ7.1.L865 Fr 2022  Freewater / Amina Luqman-Dawson




PZ7.1.S553 Ic 2020  I can say no / written by Jenny Simmons



PZ7.1.T5755 Bu 2022  Burn down, rise up / Vincent Tirado




PZ7.1.W3645  Wat 2021  Watercress / Andrea Wang ; pictures by Jason Chin


PZ7.F2445 Dou 2010  Doug-Dennis and the flyaway fib / words and pictures by Darren Farrell


PZ8.3 .B7394 Ed 2000  Edwurd Fudwupper fibbed big / explained by Fannie Fudwupper 

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

Q125 .G28 2021  The origins of modern science : from antiquity to the scientific revolution / Ofer Gal




Q175.52.U5 B73 2021  Scientific Americans : invention, technology, and national identity / Susan Branson




Q334.7 .F67 2021  Rule of the robots : how artificial intelligence will transform everything / Martin Ford




Q335 .P674 2020  Possible minds : twenty-five ways of looking at AI / edited by John Brockman




QA276 .F76 2019  Introduction to statistics : an intuitive guide for analyzing data and unlocking discoveries / Jim Frost




QA276.45.R3 S75 2023  Statistics with R : a beginner's guide / Robert Stinerock




QA303.2 .R86 2016  Calculus for dummies / by Mark Ryan




QA76.76.E95 Y66 2021  Hey Cyba : the inner workings of a virtual personal assistant / Steve Young, University of Cambridge




QA76.774.I67 N483 2021  IOS 15 programming fundamentals with Swift : Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa basics / Matt Neuburg




QC527 .J66 2021  Spark : the life of electricity and the electricity of life / Timothy J. Jorgensen




QC903 .C24 2021  Surviving climate chaos : by strengthening communities and ecosystems / Julian Caldecott, Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems



QC903 .D4468 2022  The petroleum papers : inside the far-right conspiracy to cover up climate change / Geoff Dembicki




QE721.2.E97 B57 2022  The last days of the dinosaurs : an asteroid, extinction, and the beginning of our world / Riley Black

QH305.5 .C78 2023  Women in field biology : a journey into nature / Martha L. Crump and Michael J. Lannoo




QH314 .C27447 2022  Careers in biology




QH360.5 .G73 2022  A voice in the wilderness : a pioneering biologist explains how evolution can help us solve our biggest problems / Joseph L. Graves Jr




QH366.2 .G44 2021  A (very) short history of life on Earth : 4.6 billion years in 12 pithy chapters / Henry Gee




QH442 .G63 2021  The end of genetics : designing humanity's DNA / David B. Goldstein




QH608 .L36 2022b  Transformer : the deep chemistry of life and death / Nick Lane




QL467.8 .M55 2022  The insect crisis : the fall of the tiny empires that run the world / Oliver Milman




QL698.3 .M37 2022  The parrot in the mirror : how evolving to be like birds made us human / Antone Martinho-Truswell




QL737.C5 H822 2022  Bats : their biology and behavior / Tony Hutson




QL785 .G713 2022  If Nietzsche were a narwhal : what animal intelligence reveals about human stupidity / Justin Gregg




QL785.24 .B88 2022  Can fish count? : what animals reveal about our uniquely mathematical minds / Brian Butterworth




QL85 .A75 2022  Regarding animals / Arnold Arluke, Clinton R. Sanders, and Leslie Irvine




QP376.H37 Z47 2022  Zero to birth : how the human brain is built / W.A. Harris




QP84.6 .F668 2022  Life time : your body clock and its essential roles in good health and sleep / Russell Foster




QP85 .A97 2022  Methuselah's zoo : what nature can teach us about living longer, healthier lives / Steven N. Austad




QR41.2 .B74 2022  Man versus microbe : what will it take to win? / Brian Bremner

R: Medicine, Nursing

R606 .G57 2022  Mapping the history of Ayurveda : culture, hegemony and the rhetoric of diversity / K P Girija




RA489.A1 C36 2022  Women in white coats : how the first women doctors changed the world of medicine / Olivia Campbell




RA563.M56 M28 2022  Just health : treating structural racism to heal America / Dayna Bowen Matthew




RA651 .S58 2022  A geography of infection : spatial processes and patterns in epidemics and pandemics / Matthew Smallman-Raynor, Andrew Cliff, Keith Ord, Peter Haggett



RG268 .G76 2023  Vagina obscura : an anatomical voyage / Rachel E. Gross ; with illustrations by Armando Veve




RM727.Y64 S85 2020  Understanding yoga therapy : applied philosophy and science for health and well-being / Marlysa Sullivan with Laurie C. Hyland Robertson

S: Agriculture