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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: June 2020

A list of new materials added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

​BD431 .H3245 2020  The meaning of life and death : ten classic thinkers on the ultimate question / Michael Hauskeller




​BD435 .W46 1996  A simpler way / Margaret J. Wheatley, Myron Kellner-Rogers



​BF448 .A75 2010  Predictably irrational : the hidden forces that shape our decisions / Dan Ariely




BF575.F66 V455 2020  We should get together : the secret to cultivating better friendships / written and illustrated by Kat Vellos




BF637.I48 B46 2019  Why are we yelling? : the art of productive disagreement / Buster Benson




BF637.M56 B474 2018  Ultimate mindfulness activity book : 150 mindfulness activities for kids and teens (and grown-ups too!) / by Christian Bergstrom




BF637.M56 P73 2018  Practicing mindfulness : 75 essential meditations to reduce stress, improve mental health, and find peace in the everyday / Matthew Sockolov



BF698.35.P67 H66 2019  Possessed : why we want more than we need / Bruce Hood




BF723.A4 N68 2019  The angry child : what parents, schools, and society can do / Brett Novick




BJ1499.S5 B76 2019  Silence : a social history of one of the least understood elements of our lives / Jane Brox




BQ9800.T5392 N4546 2008  Mindful movements / Thich Nhat Hanh and Wietske Vriezen



​BV4455 .A336 2020  Parable of the brown girl : the sacred lives of girls of color / Khristi Lauren Adams

C & D: World History

CT1518.B34 M34 2020  A woman like her : the story behind the honor killing of a social media star / Sanam Maher




​CT3202 .C55 2019  The book of gutsy women : favorite stories of courage and resilience / Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton



CT9998.D5 M55 2019  The miracle & tragedy of the Dionne quintuplets / by Sarah Miller




D570.3 90th .T66 2019  Soldier for equality : Jose de la Luz Saenz and the Great War / Duncan Tonatiuh



DS39.3 .O89 2019  A tale of four worlds : the Arab region after the uprisings / Marina and David Ottaway

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E185.97.K5 M63 2016  The story of Martin Luther King Jr. / written by Johnny Ray Moore ; illustrated by Amy Wummer



E185.97.K5 W588 2019  A place to land : Martin Luther King Jr. and the speech that inspired a nation / Barry Wittenstein ; illustrated by Jerry Pinkney



​E444 .D86 2019  Never Caught, the story of Ona Judge : George and Martha Washington's courageous slave who dared to run away / by Erica Armstrong Dunbar and Kathleen Van Cleve



E449.D75 C55 2012  Words set me free : the story of young Frederick Douglass / Lesa Cline-Ransome ; illustrated by James E. Ransome



F189.B19 N447 2020  A ride to remember : a civil rights story / by Sharon Langley and Amy Nathan ; illustrated by Floyd Cooper



​F1909 .A47 2002 The secret footprints / by Julia Alvarez ; illustrated by Fabian Negrin




F264.W7 Z83 2020  Wilmington's lie : the murderous coup of 1898 and the rise of white supremacy / David Zucchino

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

​G133 .D52 2015  A ticket around the world / by Natalia Díaz and Melissa Owens ; illustrated by Kim Smith



GE195.5 .L565 2020  Reduce, reuse, and recycle, Oscar! / Mary Lindeen


GV867.5 .H467 2011 Little baseball : lots of fun with rhyming riddles / by Brad Herzog and illustrated by Doug Bowles


GV885.1 .H475 2011  Little basketball / written by Brad Herzog ; illustrated by Doug Bowles


GV943.25 .H473 2011  Little soccer : lots of fun with rhyming riddles / written by Brad Herzog, illustrated by Doug Bowles


GV950.7 .H46 2011  Little football / written by, Brad Herzog ; illustrations, Doug Bowles

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HB74.P8 T53 2009  Nudge : improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness / Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein




HE5620.R53 I83 2019  Super pumped : the battle for Uber / Mike Isaac




​HM821 .E73 2020  Ranking : the unwritten rules of the social game we all play / Peter Erdi, Kalamazoo College




​HM851 .M3965 2020  Lurking : how a person became a user / Joanne McNeil




​HQ281 .C87 2017  Human rights in focus : human trafficking / by Leanne Currie-McGhee



HQ755.8 .D384 2019  Mindful parenting habits : 26 practices for raising your child with more presence and less stress (from infancy to kindergarten) / Barrie Davenport and S.J. Scott



HQ1059.5.U5 C35 2020  Why we can't sleep : women's new midlife crisis / Ada Calhoun




HQ1063.6 .O34 2019  Working daughter : a guide to caring for your aging parents while making a living / Liz O'Donnell




​HV6046 .G4625 2017  Gender, psychology, and justice : the mental health of women and girls in the legal system / edited by Corinne C. Datchi and Julie R. Ancis




​HV6561 .V363 2019  Things we didn't talk about when I was a girl : a memoir / Jeannie Vanasco




HV6626.2 .B255 2003  Why does he do that? : inside the minds of angry and controlling men / Lundy Bancroft




HV6626.2 .K5947 2020  Abetting batterers : what police, prosecutors, and courts aren't doing to protect America's women / Andrew R. Klein and Jessica L. Klein




​HV888 .S683 J88 2019  Just ask! : be different, be brave, be you / Sonia Sotomayor ; illustrated by Rafael Lopez



​HX536 .C745 2019  Spiritual socialists : religion and the American Left / Vaneesa M. Cook

J: Political Science

​JK1976 .D67 2019  Vote for US : how to take back our elections and change the future of voting / Joshua A. Douglas




​JK1978 .W67 2016  One vote, two votes, I vote, you vote / by Bonnie Worth ; illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu



​JK2249 .M84 2019  The Mueller report illustrated : the obstruction investigation / illustrations by Jan Feindt ; text and analysis by Rosalind S. Helderman




​JV6035 .C36 2019  Open borders : the science and ethics of immigration / written by Bryan Caplan ; artwork by Zach Weinersmith ; color by Mary Cagle

K: Law

​KF3878 .C37 2019  Regulation by proxy : how the USDA relies on public, nonprofit, and for-profit intermediaries to oversee organic food in the U.S. / David P. Carter




​KF4895 .L46 2019  Votes for women! : a portrait of persistence / Kate Clarke Lemay ; with Susan Goodier, Martha S. Jones, and Lisa Tetrault



KF8745.M34 W56 2019  Thurgood / by Jonah Winter ; illustrated by Bryan Collier

L: Education

​LB1062 .A36 2019  Powerful teaching : unleash the science of learning / Pooja K. Agarwal and Patrice M. Bain



​LB2395 .J58 2019  Will this be on the test? : what your professors really want you to know about succeeding in college / Dana T. Johnson with Jennifer E. Price




LB3060.32.N67 T33 2017  TABE : power practice


M: Music

ML421.T762 W55 2019  Go ahead in the rain : notes to A Tribe Called Quest / Hanif Abdurraqib

N: Fine Arts

​N8354 .T736 2019  Voyaging out : British women artists from suffrage to the sixties / Carolyn Trant




​NA2500  .B39 2019  Beauty matters : human judgement and the pursuit of new beauties in post-digital architecture / guest-edited by Yael Reisner


P: Language, Literature

​P362 .P74 2020  Welcoming words : a Sesame Street language guide for making friends / J. P. Press



PN6737.M66 W38 2005  Watchmen / Alan Moore, writer ; Dave Gibbons, illustrator/letterer ; John Higgins, colorist




​PR504 .V46 1995  The breaking of style : Hopkins, Heaney, Graham / Helen Vendler




PR9199.4.A446 L68 2019  Love from A to Z / S.K. Ali




PR9199.4.K377 A6 2015  Milk and honey / Rupi Kaur




​PR9344 .N49 2010  New novels in African literature today : a review / editor, Ernest N. Emenyonu [and others]




PS3553.L3934 P73 2014  Prayers for the stolen : a novel / Jennifer Clement




PS3561.A3615 P43 2019  A place to belong / Cynthia Kadohata ; illustrated by Julia Kuo




PS3602.A89 A6 2016  The 13th Sunday after Pentecost : poems / Joseph Bathanti




PS3618.I94 J85 2019  Juliet takes a breath / Gabby Rivera




PS3622.U96 O52 2019  On Earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel / Ocean Vuong




PS3626.A62786 A6 2017  Unaccompanied / Javier Zamora

PZ7.1.L14 Re 2020  Reverie / Ryan La Sala




PZ7.1.M6682 Sat 2019  Saturday / Oge Mora



PZ7.1.M6682 Th 2018  Thank You, Omu! / Oge Mora



PZ7.1.M93 Rog 2020  Rogue princess / B.R. Myers




PZ7.1.N96 Su 2019  Sulwe / written by Lupita Nyong'o ; illustrated by Vashti Harrison




PZ7.1.P6435 Th 2019  There will come a darkness / Katy Rose Pool




PZ7.1.Z23 Ni 2019  The night is yours / Abdul-Razak Zachariah ; illustrated by Keturah A. Bobo



PZ7.5.H65 Re 2019  Redwood and Ponytail / K.A. Holt




PZ7.7.C734 Ne 2019  New kid / Jerry Craft ; with color by Jim Callahan




PZ7.B635744 Tho 2007  Those shoes / Maribeth Boelts ; illustrated by Noah Z. Jones



PZ7.B76485 Sp 2016  Splat the Cat for president / text by J.E. Bright ; cover art by Rick Farley ; interior art by Robert Eberz



PZ7.B816644 Wai 2011  Waiting for the Biblioburro / by Monica Brown ; illustrations by John Parra



PZ7.C622812 Ov 2020  Overground railroad / Lesa Cline-Ransome, James Ransome



PZ7.C83175 Maisy goes on vacation / Lucy Cousins


PZ7.D42778 Sr 2020  Snakes on the job / Kathryn Dennis



PZ7.H55773 Sp 2011  Spring is here / Will Hillenbrand



PZ7.K112 Mis 2019  Missing daddy / Mariame Kaba ; illustrated by Bria Royal



PZ7.P2686 Wh 2020  Where Lily isn't / Julie Paschkis ; illustrations by Margaret Chodos-Irvine



PZ7.S54123 Wh 2020  What kind of girl / Alyssa Sheinmel




PZ7.W6713 On 2012  One crazy summer / by Rita Williams-Garcia




PZ7.W75477 L55 2015  Lillian's right to vote : a celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 / by Jonah Winter ; illustrated by Shane W. Evans



PZ7.1.F5353 Spr 2019  Spring in the forest / written by Rusty Finch ; illustrated by Katya Longhi


PZ8.3.S29717 Lp 2018  Little Blue Truck's springtime : a lift-the-flap book / written by Alice Schertle ; illustrated by Jill McElmurry

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

QA152.3 .F57 2018  No-nonsense algebra : master algebra the easy way! / Richard W. Fisher ; edited by Christopher Manhoff



QA303.2 .F47 2019  Calculus simplified / Oscar E. Fernandez




QA76.73.S67 S235 2018  Introduction to SQL : using Microsoft SQL server / by Louis S. Sapia, Jr., with Peter Ereshena



QC174.12 .C365 2019  Something deeply hidden : quantum worlds and the emergence of spacetime / Sean Carroll




QH600.3 .B53 2017  The telomere effect : a revolutionary approach to living younger, healthier, longer / Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, Elissa Epel, PhD



​QL463 .S82 2019  Buzz, sting, bite : why we need insects / Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson




QM695.F32 N49 2020  Normal : one kid's extraordinary journey / by Magdalena and Nathaniel Newman with Hilary Liftin ; illustrated by Neil Swaab



QP571 .B38 2020  Your body in balance : the new science of food, hormones, and health / Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC ; with menus and recipes by Lindsay S. Nixon

R: Medicine, Nursing

R728.8 .S56 2018  Simchart® for the medical office : learning the medical office workflow



RA412.2 .B83 2019  Market-based health care : all myth, no reality / Grace Budrys




RA416.5.U6 U245 2019  Sick to debt : how smarter markets lead to better care / Peter A. Ubel, MD




RA566.3 .T47 2019  The wild and the toxic : American environmentalism and the politics of health / Jennifer Thomson




​RA785 .C68 2019  50 ways to manage stress / Stella Cottrell



​RB127 .P75 2020  Principles of health : pain management / editor Michael A. Buratovich, PhD



​RM216 .G946 2016  Nutritional foundations and clinical applications : a nursing approach / Michele Grodner, EdD, CHES, Professor, Department of Public Health, William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey and all


​RS57  .D6675 2016  Dosage calculation workbook : math review and practice for nurses / edited by Bart Brinkmann, DNP, ARNP, FNP-C



​RT41 .G8655 2018  A guide to mastery in clinical nursing : the comprehensive reference / Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Celeste M. Alfes, Ronald L. Hickman, Jr., editors



​RT41 .P844 2017  Fundamentals of nursing / [edited by] Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, RhD, FAAN, Director of Research, Patient Care Services, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri and all



RT50.5 .N874 2014x  Nursing informatics : a guide to informatics and nursing certification



​RT61 .T73 1898  Nursing the Sick Practical Information




​RT71 .B38 2019  The basics : a comprehensive outline of nursing school content / Judith A. Burckhardt, Ph. D., R.N. [and 4 others]



​RT73 .N823 2019  Nursing school entrance exams prep 2019-2020 : your all-in-one guide to the Kaplan and HESI exams / Kaplan

S: Agriculture

SB324.75 .A8 2002  Seed to seed : seed saving and growing techniques for vegetable gardeners / by Suzanne Ashworth ; edited by Kent Whealy ; photography by David Cavagnaro


​SB433 .M33 2018  Golf turf management / L.B. (Bert) McCarty




SF140.C57 F64 2019  We are the weather : saving the planet begins at breakfast / Jonathan Safran Foer




SF523.5 .E83 2017  Honey bees / Jill Esbaum

T: Technology

T14.5 .R535 2017  Rise of the machines : a cybernetic history / Thomas Rid




​T385 .B798 2018  Tinkercad / by Shaun C. Bryant, Autodesk Certified Professional




​TJ1189 .W433 2018  The newbie's guide to CNC routing : getting started with CNC machining for woodworking and other crafts / Prof. Henry



TS171.95 .H67 2018  Mastering 3D printing in the classroom, library, and lab / Joan Horvath, Rich Cameron




TS171.95 .T67 2019  3D printing : an introduction / Stephanie Torta, Jonathan Torta




TX770.S66 P45 2019  Starter sourdough: the step-by-step guide to sourdough starters, baking loaves, baguettes, pancakes, and more / Carroll Pellegrinelli



TX809.N65 W36 2019  Magic ramen : the story of Momofuku Ando / written by Andrea Wang ; illustrated by Kana Urbanowicz

Z: Publishing, Library Science, Information Resources

Z43 .J864 2019  The ultimate guide to modern calligraphy & hand lettering for beginners / June & Lucy



Z716.33 .B87 2018  Makerspaces : a practical guide for librarians / John J. Burke ; revised by Ellyssa Kroski



Z720.B426 D47 2019  Planting stories : the life of librarian and storyteller Pura Belpre/ words by Anika Aldamuy Denise ; illustrations by Paola Escobar

Electronic Resources

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