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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: June 2024

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

Burn It All by Maggie Auffarth

Marley Henderson is having the worst year of her life. First, a drunken mistake costs her everything, including her engagement and her closest friend, Thea. Then, a series of cruel rumors make her an outcast in the small Georgia community she calls home. Finally, a string of vicious arsons rip through town, leaving unchecked destruction—and Thea’s body—in their wake.

To the police, the case is cut-and-dry. Thea Wright was an unstable woman with a troubled history, and with no evidence to suggest otherwise, it seems clear that she was responsible—not only for her own death but for dozens of arsons in the months preceding it. To Marley, though, the truth is less obvious.

Reeling from the loss, Marley teams up with her ex-fiancé to uncover the truth, but the deeper she digs into the night of Thea’s death, the murkier the truth becomes, not just about the fires that have been raging through town all summer, but about the woman she thought she knew. To get to the truth, Marley will have to face Thea’s lies, as well as the darkness she thought she put behind her long ago.


Malas by Marcela Fuentes

In 1951, a mysterious old woman confronts Pilar Aguirre in the small border town of La Cienega, Texas. The old woman is sure Pilar stole her husband and, in a heated outburst, lays a curse on Pilar and her family.

More than forty years later, Lulu Muñoz is dodging chaos at every turn: her troubled father’s moods, his rules, her secret life as singer in a punk band, but most of all her upcoming quinceañera. When her beloved grandmother passes away, Lulu finds herself drawn to the glamorous stranger who crashed the funeral and who lives alone and shunned on the edge of town.

Their unexpected kinship picks at the secrets of Lulu’s family’s past. As the quinceañera looms—and we move between these two strong, irascible female voices—one woman must make peace with the past, and one girl pushes to embrace her future.


The Unwedding by Allyson Condi

Ellery Wainwright is alone at the edge of the world.
She and her husband, Luke, were supposed to spend their twentieth wedding anniversary together at the luxurious Resort at Broken Point in Big Sur, California. Where better to celebrate a marriage, a family, and a life together than at one of the most stunning places on earth?
But now she’s traveling solo.
To add insult to injury, there’s a wedding at Broken Point scheduled during her stay. Ellery remembers how it felt to be on the cusp of everything new and wonderful, with a loved and certain future glimmering just ahead. Now, she isn’t certain of anything except for her love for her kids and her growing realization that this place, though beautiful, is unsettling.
When Ellery discovers the body of the groom floating in the pool in the rain, she realizes that she is not the only one whose future is no longer guaranteed. Before the police can reach Broken Point, a mudslide takes out the road to the resort, leaving the guests trapped. When another guest dies, it’s clear something horrible is brewing.

Everyone at Broken Point has a secret. And everyone has a shadow. Including Ellery.


Everyone Knows but You by Thomas Ricks

After his wife and two children are killed in a car crash, Ryan Tapia starts a new life in Maine. But his first case there is a puzzling oddball—the corpse of a fisherman washes up on federal land, while the man’s boat drifts into waters that are part of an Indian reservation. Ryan quickly learns the nuances of Maine life as he delves into two illicit coastal trades: hard drugs and rare fish. Many of the locals are happy to see that particular fisherman dead. What’s more, they are not shy about noting that Ryan must have screwed up pretty badly to be posted to such a remote location as Bangor, Maine.

Undaunted, Ryan works to understand the unforgiving way of life on Liberty Island, where people live by an older, harsher code. Adrift on a sailboat one day, he encounters a man from the Malpense tribe, living as a hermit on a remote island, who witnessed something that fateful day.


The Midnight Feast by Lucy Foley

 Secrets. Lies. Murder. Let the festivities begin…

It’s the opening night of The Manor, the newest and hottest luxury resort, and no expense, small or large, has been spared. The infinity pool sparkles; the “Manor Mule” cocktail (grapefruit, ginger, vodka, and a dash of CBD oil) is being poured with a heavy hand. Everyone is wearing linen.

But under the burning midsummer sun, darkness stirs. Old friends and enemies circulate among the guests. Just outside the Manor’s immaculately kept grounds, an ancient forest bristles with secrets. And it’s not too long before the local police are called. Turns out the past has crashed the party, with deadly results.


 Everyone’s got a secret. Everyone’s got an agenda. But not everyone will survive…The Midnight Feast

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

B815 .A44 2023  Night vision : seeing ourselves through dark moods / Mariana Alessandri




BF503 .G736 2023  Hidden potential : the science of achieving greater things / Adam Grant




BF515 .L46 2021  Dopamine nation : finding balance in the age of indulgence  / Anna Lembke, M.D.




BF575.A6 P38 2019  The wisdom of anxiety : how worry & intrusive thoughts are gifts to help you heal / Sheryl Paul.




BF637.N66 G647 2023   Thinking with your hands : the surprising science behind how gestures shape our thoughts / Susan Goldin-Meadow




BF637.S4 T37 2023  Please grow : lessons on thriving for plants (and people) / Alex Testere




BL432 .D69 2023  Pagans : the visual culture of pagan myths, legends and rituals / Ethan Doyle White

C: History of Civilization, Biography

CD971 .U55 2023  Unsettling archival research : engaging critical, communal, and digital archives / edited by Gesa E. Kirsch, et al




CD986.5 .A725 2021  Archival silences : missing, lost and, uncreated archives / edited by Michael Moss and David Thomas

D: World History

DS62.2 .S65 2023  Ancient Near Eastern history and culture / William H. Stiebing Jr. and Susan N. Helft

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E185.89.F66 K83 2023  White burgers, Black cash : fast food from Black exclusion to exploitation / Naa Oyo A. Kwate




E185.97.K5 E44 2023  King : a life / Jonathan Eig




E210 .L377 2023  American inheritance : liberty and slavery in the birth of a nation, 1765-1795 / Edward J. Larson




E322 .H654 2023  Remembering John Adams : the second president in history, memory and popular culture / Marianne Holdzkom



E78.O3 J336 2023  Indigenous memory, urban reality : stories of American Indian relocation and reclamation / Michelle R. Jacobs



E81 .A488 2022  American Indian Wars : the essential reference guide / Justin D. Murphy, editor




E93 .L28 2022  Native agency : Indians in the Bureau of Indian Affairs / Valerie Lambert




E98.M4 W35 2022  Walking together, working together : engaging wisdom for indigenous well-being / edited by Leslie Main Johnson & Janelle Marie Baker



E98.W8 R54 2022  Native American women leaders : fourteen profiles / Edward J. Rielly




E99.I7 W568 2023  The amazing Iroquois and the invention of the Empire State / John C. Winters




F1386.15 .C66 2023  Resurrecting Tenochtitlan : imagining the Aztec capital in modern Mexico City / Delia Cosentino and Adriana Zavala



F444.M553 M336 2023  The kneeling man : my father's life as a Black spy who witnessed the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. / Leta McCollough Seletzky

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GT4985 .P3635 2022  How Christmas became Christmas : the Pagan and Christian origins of the beloved holiday / Nathaniel Parry




GT525 .F67 2022  Dress codes : how the laws of fashion made history / Richard Thompson Ford




GV1469.34.P79 E83 2020  Lost in a good game : why we play video games and what they can do for us / Pete Etchells




GV718.2.U6 C67 2023  Corruption and scandal in American sports : causes and consequences / Jimmy Sanderson, editor

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HA19 .W54 2023  How data happened : a history from the age of reason to the age of algorithms / Chris Wiggins and Matthew L. Jones



HB501 .S61946 2023  Crack-up capitalism : market radicals and the dream of a world without democracy / Quinn Slobodian




HC110.P6 D46 2023  Poverty, by America / Matthew Desmond




HD45 .L425 2023  Strategy in the digital age : mastering digital transformation / Michael Lenox




HD62.5 .P637 2023  Two weeks notice : find the courage to quit your job, make more money, work where you want, and change the world / Amy Porterfield



HD62.7 .F567 2023  The growth paradox : rethinking control, accountability, and change to move your business to the next level / Jacky Fischer



HD9940.A2 T46 2019  Fashionopolis : the price of fast fashion--and the future of clothes / Dana Thomas




HF5381.15 .R456 2023  Soft skills / by Cindi Reiman




HF5386 .P68 2022  On impact : life, leadership and betting on yourself / Benny Pough




HF5387 .P38 2020  Ethics in the fashion industry / V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery




HF5415.1265 .D854 2023  This is personal : the art of delivering the right email at the right time / Brennan Dunn




HF5415.13 .D53 2021  The 1-page marketing plan : get new customers, make more money, and stand out from the crowd / Allan Dib



HG4661 .G35 2023  Wealth warrior : 8 steps for communities of color to conquer the stock market / Linda Garcia




HM1116 .H55 2024  Lethal intersections : race, gender, and violence / Patricia Hill Collins




HM753 .Y67 2023  Wrong : how media, politics, and identity drive our appetite for misinformation / Dannagal Goldthwaite Young




HN540.A8 P37 2017  The Nordic theory of everything : in search of a better life / Anu Partanen




HQ1075.5.U6 J35 2020  The sex obsession : perversity and possibility in American politics / Janet R. Jakobsen




HQ1233 .B423 2021  White feminism : from the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind / Koa Beck




HQ125.U6 D58 2023  Unbroken chains : the hidden role of human trafficking in the American economy / Melissa Hope Ditmore




HQ1410 .B545 2024  American women's history : a new narrative history / Melissa E. Blair, Vanessa M. Holden, Maeve Kane




HQ75.2 .Q447 W96 2021  Queer : LGBTQ writing from ancient times to yesterday / edited by Frank Wynne




HQ77.9 .B34 2023  He/she/they : how we talk about gender and why it matters / Schuyler Bailar




HQ777 .C5965 2022  Anything but my phone, mom! : raising emotionally resilient daughters in the digital age / Roni Cohen-Sandler, PhD



HQ784.I58 H433 2023  Growing up in public : coming of age in a digital world / Devorah Heitner, PhD




HT1521 .G678 2022  Racism, not race : answers to frequently asked questions / Joseph L. Graves Jr. and Alan H. Goodman  print & online



HT1561 .R67 2021  Letters to my White male friends / Dax-Devlon Ross




HV640 .B55 2023  The great displacement : climate change and the next American migration / Jake Bittle

J: Political Science

JA85.2.U6 H37 2022  Cheap speech : how disinformation poisons our politics -- and how to cure it / Richard L. Hasen




JC328.5 .W35 2023  How civil wars start : and how to stop them / Barbara F. Walter




JK1726 .B474 2023  Political rumors : why we accept misinformation and how to fight it / Adam J. Berinsky

K: Law

KF224.K56 A27 2023  Alabama v. King : Martin Luther King Jr. and the criminal trial that launched the Civil Rights Movement / Dan Abrams and Fred D. Gray, with David Fisher



KF4749 .S26 2023  Baby ninth amendments : how Americans embraced unenumerated rights and why it matters / Anthony B. Sanders



KF4772 .S735 2023  Freedom of speech : should there be limits? / by Bradley Steffens




KF4820 .H56 2023  Humanizing immigration : how to transform our racist and unjust system / Bill Ong Hing




KF9449 .P34 2023  Human trafficking / by Cheryl Taylor Page, Bill Piatt




L: Education

LB2361.5 .R477 2024  Revising the curriculum and co-curriculum to engage diversity, equity, and inclusion / Norah P. Shultz




LB2806.23 .R67 2023  Whatever it is, I'm against it




LC191.94 .E78 2021  Equity and inclusion in higher education : strategies for teaching / edited by Rita Kumar and Brenda Refaei



LC2781 .R658 2001  The divine nine : the history of African American fraternities and sororities / Lawrence C. Ross, Jr




LC4069.2 .S76 2023  False starts : the segregated lives of preschoolers / Casey Stockstill

M: Music

ML2881.E5 R25 2023  The 12 days of Christmas : the outlaw carol that wouldn't die / Harry Rand




ML3531 B66 2022  Boogie down predictions : hip-hop, time and Afrofuturism / edited by Roy Christopher




ML3916 .G59 2021  Music : a subversive history / Ted Gioia

N: Fine Arts

N6494.I57 B57 2022  Artificial hells : participatory art and the politics of spectatorship / Claire Bishop




NC998.5 A1 A18 2023  80s all-American ads / edited by Jim Heimann




NC998.5.A1 A19 2023  90s : all-American ads / edited by Jim Heimann 




NK1520 .J37 2023  Japanese graphic design : style evolution and contemporary expressions

P: Language, Literature

P99.63 .K53 2023  Emoji speak : communication and behaviours on social media / Jieun Kiaer




PC4271 .K38 2020  501 Spanish verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses in an alphabetically arranged, easy-to-learn format / by Christopher Kendris and Theodore Kendris



PE1128 .Y35 2022  English vocabulary for beginning ESL learners / Jean Yates




PN1992.8.A34 B88 2023  Black TV : five decades of groundbreaking television from Soul train to Black-ish and beyond / Bethonie Butler



PN1993.4 .R874 2018  Archiveology : Walter Benjamin and archival film practices / Catherine Russell




PN4874.W2885 A3 2021  On all fronts : the education of a journalist / Clarissa Ward




PN6727.B455 T35 2023  The talk / Darrin Bell




PN6727.H27 L57 2017  Lissa : a story about medical promise, friendship, and revolution / written by Sherine Hamdy and Coleman Nye



PN6727.L39 Z93 2023  I am Stan : a graphic biography of the legendary Stan Lee / Tom Scioli




PN6727.S66 Z46 2022  The high desert : black. punk. nowhere. / James Spooner




PN6737.M66 V23 2018  V for vendetta, the 30th anniversary deluxe edition / written by Alan Moore




PN6790.J34 S533 2022  Attack on Titan omnibus. Vols. 7-8-9 / Hajime Isayama ; translation: Sheldon Drzka, Ko Ransom




PQ2623.E24 A513 2021  The hollow needle : further adventures of Arsene Lupin, gentleman-burglar / Maurice Leblanc




PQ2623.E24 C7 2021  The crystal stopper : futher adventures of Aresene Lupin, gentleman-burglar / Maurice Leblanc




PQ2623.E24 T713 2021  The golden triangle : the return of Aresene Lupin gentleman-burglar / by Maurice Le Blanc

PR6102.L35 A77 2024  Anna O : a novel / Matthew Blake




PR6108.A39 M53 2023  The midnight library / Matt Haig




PR6120.U79 S48 2018  The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle / Stuart Turton




PS3573.H4768 H37 2021  Harlem shuffle / Colson Whitehead




PS3602.O88955 W37 2023  Warrior girl unearthed / Angeline Boulley




PS3602.R4495 M57 2024  The missing witness / Allison Brennan




PS3602.R69 O55 2024  Olivia Strauss is running out of time : a novel / Angela Brown




PS3603.A4466 H94 2023  Hyperspace war : leviathan / Joshua T. Calvert




PS3605.L12 W48 2022  What strange paradise / Omar El Akkad




PS3606.O74747 N45 2023  The neighbor favor / Kristina Forest




PS3608.A893463 H45 2024  The heiress : a novel / Rachel Hawkins




PS3608.U367 S63 2022  The Spanish daughter / Lorena Hughes




PS3618.I384 L67 2023  Lost in time / A.G. Riddle




PS3619.I56256 M68 2023  Mother-daughter murder night : a novel / Nina Simon




PS3619.L645 V56 2022  The violin conspiracy / Brendan Slocumb




PS3619.N6764 A6 2023  The crane moon cycle: a duology / J C Snow




PS3623.A34545 D43 2022  Deadly declarations : an Indie retirement mystery / Landis Wade




PS3625.U15 I58 2020  Interior Chinatown / Charles Yu




PS591.B53 F88 2021  The future of black : Afrofuturism, black comics, and superhero poetry / edited by Len Lawson, Cynthia Manick, and Gary Jackson



PS88 .S73 2022  What is American literature? / Ilan Stavans




PZ7.1.R45215 St 2023  A study in drowning / Ava Reid




PZ7.7.C42 Sq 2023  Squire & Knight / Scott Chantler




PZ7.M5255 Ne 2023  Need a house? Call Ms. Mouse! / by George Mendoza




PZ73 .B5552135 2019  I need a hug = Necesito un abrazo / Aaron Blabey



PZ8.3.B3199 My 2001  My mother is mine / by Marion Dane Bauer ; illustrated by Peter Elwell

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

Q180.55.M4 R439 2023  Are you making a meal out of research? : a recipe for research success / by Steve Reay, Cassie Khoo, Gareth Terry, Guy Collier, Trent Dallas and Valance Smith



Q334.7 .A35 2023  Is artificial intelligence racist? : the ethics of AI and the future of humanity / Arshin Adib-Moghaddam




QA76.73.P258  Resilient Oracle PL/SQL : building resilient database solutions for continuous operation / Stephen B. Morris




QA76.73.P98 G35 2023  Machine learning with Python cookbook : practical solutions from preprocessing to deep learning / Kyle Gallatin and Chris Albon  print & online



QA76.76.C672 S65 2012  Drawing basics and video game art : classic to cutting edge art techniques for winning video game design / Chris Solarski ; foreword by Tristan Donovan



QC863.4 .A24 2023  Less heat, more light : a guided tour of weather, climate, and climate change / John D. Aber




QM23.2 .A38 2024  Moore's essential clinical anatomy / Anne M. R. Agur, Arthur F. Dalley II




QM557 .G37 2023  Gartner and Hiatt's atlas and text of histology / Leslie P. Gartner




QP145 .K436 2023  Overcoming chronic digestive conditions : release the visceral layers of post-traumatic gut disorder / Nikki Kenward

R: Medicine, Nursing

RA448.5.B53 P653 2021  Sickening : anti-Black racism and health disparities in the United States / Anne Pollock




RA448.5.N4 V55 2023  Under the skin : the hidden toll of racism on American lives and on the health of our nation / Linda Villarosa




RC265.6.F44 A3 2020  Dancing at the pity party : a dead mom graphic memoir / by Tyler Feder




RC437.5 .F685 2022  Losing our minds : the challenge of defining mental illness / Lucy Foulkes, PhD




RC451.4.S7 B76 2020  Overwhelmed : the real campus mental-health crisis and new models for well-being / Sarah Brown




RC516 .L49 2023  The night parade : a speculative memoir / Jami Nakamura Lin




RC537 .S834 2015  Major depressive disorder / Stephen M. Strakowski, MD, Erik B. Nelson, MD  print & online




RC548 .C368 2023  The gift of the night : a six-step program for better sleep / Philip Carr-Gomm




RC548 .S615 2023  Sleep to heal : 7 simple steps to better sleep / Abhinav Singh, MD, MPH, FAASM, with Charlotte Jensen




RC553.A88 G85 2023  Evidence-based practices for supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder / edited by Laura C. Chezan, et al



RC683.8 .H68 2023  The truth about heart disease : how to prevent coronary heart disease and personalize your treatment with nutrition, nutritional supplements, exercise and lifestyle tailored to your genetics / Mark C Houston




RC88.9.T7 S94 2022  Vehicle rescue and extrication : principles and practice / David Sweet, National Fire Protection Association, International Association of Fire Chiefs



RG556.5 .Q85 2021  Teen pregnancy : your questions answered / Paul Quinn




RG940 .G73 2022  Challenging pregnancy : a journey through the politics and science of healthcare in America / Genevieve Grabman



RJ499 .W444 2023  Where to start : a survival guide to anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges / from Mental Health America



RJ506.A9 P75 2022  Uniquely human : a different way of seeing autism / Barry M. Prizant, PhD, with Tom Fields-Meyer




RK60.5 .T67 2024  Modern dental assisting / Debbie S. Robinson



RK681 .B375 2024  Dental instruments : a pocket guide / Linda R. Bartolomucci Boyd, RDA, BA




RT41 .P844 2023  Fundamentals of nursing / [edited by] Patricia A. Potter




RT82 .P755 2024  Professional nursing : concepts & challenges / Beth Perry Black



RT84.C37 2024  Workbook for Lippincott textbook for nursing assistants / Pamela J. Carter

T: Technology, Culinary

TH435 .A13 2024  2024 National construction estimator./ edited by Richard Pray


U & V: Military Science

U101 .S9513 2018  The art of war / Sun Tzu