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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: August 2023

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

Pink Lemonade Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

In this irresistible mystery from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanne Fluke, Hannah Swensen is at the center of a lively summer fest with fun for everyone in Lake Eden, Minnesota—including a cold-blooded murderer . . .

The Tri-County Summer Solstice Celebration has come to town, and even among local artisans, athletes, and marching bands, Hannah attracts fans of her own while serving lip-smacking pink lemonade desserts. But the mood sours when a body turns up, leading revelers to wonder if the festivities mark both the longest day of the year and the deadliest . . .

A retired professional MLB player has met a terrifying end—and, considering the rumors swirling about his past, the list of suspects could fill a small stadium. Among them could soon be Delores, Hannah’s mother, who publicly held a grunge against the victim after he infamously dunked her in the tank at a previous county fair . . . 

Now, with her mother’s innocence on the line, a life-changing announcement at The Cookie Jar, and a plethora of desserts to bake, Hannah can’t afford to strike out as she begins a dangerous investigation into the ruthless killer who’s truly in a league of their own . . .


Medusa's Sisters by Lauren J.A. Bear

Even before they were transformed into Gorgons, Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale were unique among their immortal family. Curious about mortals and their lives, Medusa and her sisters entered the human world in search of a place to belong, yet quickly found themselves at the perilous center of a dangerous Olympian rivalry and learned—too late—that a god's love is a violent one.

 Forgotten by history and diminished by poets, the other two Gorgons have never been more than horrifying hags, damned and doomed. But they were sisters first, and their journey from lowly sea-born origins to the outskirts of the pantheon is a journey that rests, hidden, underneath their scales.

 Monsters, but not monstrous, Stheno and Euryale will step into the light for the first time to tell the story of how all three sisters lived and were changed by each other, as they struggle against the inherent conflict between sisterhood and individuality, myth and truth, vengeance and peace.


The Great Transition by Nick Fuller Googins

Emi Vargas, whose parents helped save the world, is tired of being told how lucky she is to have been born after the climate crisis. But following the public assassination of a dozen climate criminals, Emi’s mother, Kristina, disappears as a possible suspect, and Emi’s illusions of utopia are shattered. A determined Emi and her father, Larch, journey from their home in Nuuk, Greenland to New York City, now a lightly populated storm-surge outpost built from the ruins of the former metropolis. But they aren’t the only ones looking for Kristina.

Thirty years earlier, Larch first came to New York with a team of volunteers to save the city from rising waters and torrential storms. Kristina was on the frontlines of a different battle, fighting massive wildfires that ravaged the western United States. They became part of a movement that changed the world­—The Great Transition—forging a new society and finding each other in process.


The Hike by Lucy Clarke

No help.
No cell coverage.
No one to hear them scream.

Burned-out by both her marriage and work, Liz is desperate for an escape. More than that, she craves an adventure, a total reset. So, when she plans a vacation with her three best friends, she persuades them to spend four nights camping in the stunning mountains of Norway. Following a trail that climbs through lush valleys, towering peaks, and past jewel-blue lakes, Liz is sure that the hike is just what they need.

But as they stride farther from civilization, it becomes clear that the women are not the only ones looking to lose themselves in the mountains. The wilderness hides secrets darker than they could ever have imagined, and if they’re not careful . . . not all of them will return.


Good Bad Girl by Alice Feeney

Twenty years after a baby is stolen from a stroller, a woman is murdered in a care home. The two crimes are somehow linked, and a good bad girl may be the key to discovering the truth.

Edith may have been tricked into a nursing home, but at eighty-years-young, she’s planning her escape. Patience works there, cleaning messes and bonding with Edith, a kindred spirit. But Patience is lying to Edith about almost everything.

Edith’s own daughter, Clio, won’t speak to her. And someone new is about to knock on Clio’s door…and their intentions aren’t good.

With every reason to distrust each other, the women must solve a mystery with three suspects, two murders, and one victim. If they do, they might just find out what happened to the baby who disappeared, the mother who lost her, and the connections that bind them.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

BF131 .B5726 2023  Psych : the story of the human mind / Paul Bloom




BF632 .H34 2019  Qualification : a graphic memoir in twelve steps / David Heatley




BF698.35.S47 A76 2020  The highly sensitive person : how to thrive when the world overwhelms you / Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.




BQ4570.R3 B83 2019  Buddhism and whiteness : critical reflections / edited by George Yancy and Emily McRae ; foreword by Jan Willis ; afterword by Charles Johnson




BQ4570.S43 S43 2021  Secularizing Buddhism : new perspectives on a dynamic tradition / edited by Richard K. Payne

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E184.S75 S83 2013  Latino Americans : the 500-year legacy that shaped a nation / Ray Suarez




E185.61 .H197155 2023  Driving the Green Book : a road trip through the living history of Black resistance / Alvin Hall, with Karl Weber



E185.61 .R515 2022  Waging a good war : a military history of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968 / Thomas E. Ricks




E98.P5 K56 2022  Braiding sweetgrass for young adults : indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of plants / Robin Wall Kimmerer



F1035.B53 U57 2022  Unsettling the Great White North : Black Canadian history / edited by Michele A. Johnson and Funk Aladejebi



F128.54.S72 C65 2023  Queenie : godmother of Harlem / Elizabeth Colomba



F1410 .L39 2023  Latin American politics and development / edited by Harvey F. Kline and Christine J. Wade




F1410 .M433 2022  A history of modern Latin America : 1800 to the present / Teresa A. Meade




F1411 .R783 2023  Race, sex, and segregation in colonial Latin America / Olimpia E. Rosenthal




F1418 .W28 2023  U.S. and Latin American relations / Gregory B. Weeks, University of North Carolina, Charlotte ; Michael E. Allison, University of Scranton



F3093 .S28 2023  A history of Chile 1808-2018 / William F. Sater (California State University, Long Beach), Simon Collier




F358.2.B53 Z45 2023  African Americans and the Mississippi River : race, history, and the environment / Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted




F704.T92 Y68 2022  Requiem for the massacre : a Black history on the conflict, hope, and fallout of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre / RJ Young



F787 .G36 2021   The U.S.-Mexican border today: conflict and cooperation in historical perspective / Paul Ganster and Kimberly Collins

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GE56.N35 A3 2021  A bigger picture : my fight to bring a new African voice to the climate crisis / Vanessa Nakate




GV1132.J7 M38 2023  Last on his feet : Jack Johnson and the battle of the century / art by Youssef Daoudi ; poetics by Adrian Matejka

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

H62 .G73 2022  Doing your research project with documents : a step-by-step guide to take you from start to finish / Aimee Grant




HC110.I5 J66 2023  Income inequality in America : a reference handbook / Stacey M. Jones and Robert S. Rycroft




HD30.2 .S89 2022  Using student data responsibly : how to protect, analyze, and act on the information you have / Taylor Swaak



HD30.215 .W5635 2022  Microsoft Excel data analysis and business modeling : (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365) / Wayne Winston



HD30.3 .D49 2022  Successful employee communications : a practitioner's guide to tools, models and best practice for internal communication / Sue Dewhurst and Liam FitzPatrick



HD31.2 .S74 2022  Myths of management : what people get wrong about being the boss / Stefan Stern, Cary Cooper




HD9710.A2 G73 2021  The global rise of the modern plug-in electric vehicle : public policy, innovation and strategy / John D. Graham




HE151 .M364 2022  Road to nowhere : what Silicon Valley gets wrong about the future of transportation / Paris Marx




HF296.C34 C53 1999  Crown of the Queen City : the Charlotte Chamber from 1870 to 1999 / by Jack Claiborne




HF5548.4.M523 J4528 2022  Microsoft Excel VBA and macros (Office 2021 and Microsoft 365) / Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad



HF5548.4.M525 R444 2022  Microsoft 365 / by Jennifer Reed




HF5549.5.R44 Z45 2005  Get 'em while they're hot! : how to attract, develop, and retain peak performers in the coming labor shortage / Tony Zeiss




HM1231 .G76 2021  Trust no one : inside the world of deepfakes / Michael Grothaus




HM831 .C354 2022  How to care more : seven skills for personal and social change / Miranda Campbell, PhD, Ryerson University

HQ1121 .H47 2022  Off with her head : three thousand years of demonizing women in power / Eleanor Herman




HQ1236.5.U6 C635 2023  Fearless women : feminist patriots from Abigail Adams to Beyonce / Elizabeth Cobbs




HQ73.85.G7 B87 2021  How to be ace : a memoir of growing up asexual / Rebecca Burgess




HQ767 .C65 2023  Comics for choice / edited by Hazel Newlevant, Whit Taylor, and A.K. Fox




HQ77.8.H365 A3 2022  Welcome to St. Hell : my trans teen misadventure / Lewis Hancox




HQ772 .D43 2022  Brain-body parenting : how to stop managing behavior and start raising joyful, resilient kids / Mona Delahooke, PhD



HQ800.2 .N36 2022  Making our own destiny : single women, opportunity, and family in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo / Lynne Y. Nakano



HQ836.S5 W45 2022  The divorce colony : how women revolutionized marriage and found freedom on the American frontier / April White



HT175 .S25 2019  Barrio America : how Latino immigrants saved the American city / A. K. Sandoval-Strausz




HV40 .S6135 2022  Homelessness and housing advocacy : the role of red-tape warriors / Curtis Smith




HV5293.L48 A3 2023  Drinking games : a memoir / Sarah Levy




HV6558 .H38 2023  Rape and sexual assault : a reference handbook / Alison E. Hatch




Why informal workers organize : contentious politics, enforcement, and the state / Calla Hummel  online

J: Political Science

L: Education

LB2338 .T363 2022  How to write a winning scholarship essay : 30 essays that won over $3 million in scholarships / Gen and Kelly Tanabe ; special contributions by Gregory James Yee

M: Music

ML2054 .C45 2020  Children, childhood, and musical theater / edited by Donelle Ruwe and James Leve

N: Fine Arts

NC1429.M717 A4 2012  All my friends are still dead / Avery Monsen & Jory John




NC1429.S77 A2 2023  Fart school / Mel Stringer.



NC1764.5.J3 S25 2023  Anime & manga digital coloring guide : choose the colors that bring your drawings to life! : with over 1000 color combinations / Teruko Sakurai



NK1412.E18 K64 2015  Charles & Ray Eames, 1907-1978, 1912-1988 : pioneers of mid-century modernism / Gloria Koenig

P: Language, Literature

P93.53.M534 L69 2022  Microsoft PowerPoint for dummies / by Doug Lowe




PE1319 .E64 2021  English for everyone. English phrasal verbs / Thomas Booth ; Ben Ffrancon Davies



PE1629 .B63 2022  English for everyone. Illustrated English dictionary / author, Thomas Booth



PL8010 .M68 2009  Reading the world and reading the world in Negritude Critique: literary anthropology or critical pedagogy / by Honore Jean Missihoun




PN1016 .A58 2008  Through the Garden : poems / by Tom Anthony




PN2287.M522 A3 2022  Number one is walking : my life in the movies and other diversions / Steve Martin



PN6710 .S87 2013  Superheroes : a never-ending battle  DVD



PN6727 .Y68 2022  Young men in love / edited by Joe Glass & Matt Miner; all stories lettered by Lucas Gattoni




PN6727.A5243 F36 2020  Fangs / Sarah Andersen




PN6727.B66 M56 2023  Mimosa / Archie Bongiovanni




PN6727.B677 U53 2023  Undesirables : a Holocaust journey to North Africa / Aomar Boum ; illustrated by Nadjib Berber




PN6727.B7568 H96 2013  Hyperbole and a half : unfortunate situations, flawed coping mechanisms, mayhem, and other things that happened / Allie Brosh



PN6727.G663 Z46 2023  I always think it's forever : a love story set in Paris as told by an unreliable but earnest narrator / Timothy Goodman



PN6727.S66 Z46 2022  The high desert : black. punk. nowhere. / James Spooner




PN6728..W44 B73 2023  Where I'm coming from : selected strips 1991-2005 / by Barbara Brandon-Croft



PN6728.S273 A53 2016  Adulthood is a myth : a Sarah's Scribbles" collection / Sarah Andersen



PN6728.S273 A53 2017  Big mushy happy lump : a Sarah's Scribbles" collection / Sarah Andersen



PN6728.S273 A53 2018  Herding cats : a Sarah's scribbles" collection / Sarah Andersen



PN6728.S273 A53 2021  Oddball : a Sarah's scribbles" collection / Sarah Andersen



PN6733.B43 D83 2022  Ducks : two years in the oil sands / Kate Beaton




PN6777.O64 A64 2023  Ashes : a comic / by Alvaro Ortiz 




PN6790.E3 M8413 2022  Shubeik lubeik / Deena Mohamed


PN6790.J33 A453 2022  Alice in Borderland. Volume 2 / story and art by Haro Aso




PN6790.J33 A453 2022  Alice in Borderland. Volume 3 / story and art by Haro Aso




PN6790.J33 A453 2022  Alice in Borderland. Volume 4 / story and art by Haro Aso




PN6790.J33 I8513 2021  Gyo : the death-stench creeps. Vol.1




PN6790.J33 I8514 2020  Remina / Junji Ito




PN6790.J33 K364 2019  Our dreams at dusk : Shimanami tasogare. 3




PN6790.J33 S865 2021  I want to eat your pancreas : the complete manga collection / story by: Yoru Sumino




PS3576.E39 .J68 1999  Journey to cherry mansion / Tony Zeiss




PS3623.A4585 J63 2022  Joan is okay : a novel / Weike Wang




PZ7.1.M51257 Im 2022  I'm not scared, you're scared! / Seth Meyers



PZ7.7.A99 Yo 2009  Yotsuba &!. 1 / Kiyohiko Azuma




PZ7.7.A99 Yo 2009  Yotsuba &!. 2 / Kiyohiko Azuma 




PZ7.7.A99 Yo 2009  Yotsuba &!. 3 / Kiyohiko Azuma




PZ7.7.K364 Ou 2019  Our dreams at dusk : Shimanami tasogare. 1 / story and art by Yuhki Kamatani 




PZ7.7.K364 Ou 2019  Our dreams at dusk : Shimanami tasogare. 2 / story & art by Yuhki Kamatani




PZ7.7.O7656 He 2020  Heartstopper. Volume 3 / Alice Oseman




PZ7.7.T355 Lau 2019  Laura Dean keeps breaking up with me / Mariko Tamaki, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell




PZ7.B25024 Kin 2019  King of scars / Leigh Bardugo

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

Q130 .Z47 2023  The exceptions : Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the fight for women in science / Kate Zernike




QA141.2 .K54 2022  Numbers : a cultural history / Robert Kiely




QA276.45.P98 R64 2023  Statistics and data visualisation with Python / Dr. Jesus Rogel-Salazar




QA303.2 .R86 2016  Calculus for dummies / by Mark Ryan




QA76.73.P98 J69 2022  C and Python applications : embedding Python code in C programs, SQL methods, and Python sockets / Philip Joyce



QA76.73.P98 M36 2023  Readings from programming with Python / Kyla McMullen, Elizabeth Matthews, June Jamrich Parsons




QA76.73.S67 K55 2022  SQL in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference / Kevin Kline, Regine O. Obe, and Leo S. Hsu




QA76.73.S67 M87 2022  Murachs PHP and MySQL : training & reference / Joel Murach, Ray Harris




QA76.76.A63 P463 2023  Microservice APIs : using Python, Flask, FastAPI, OpenAPI and more / Jose Haro Peralta




QA76.9.I52 S54 2020  Innovative Tableau : 100 more tips, tutorials, and strategies / Ryan Sleeper




QC32 .V85 2022  Fascinating problems for young physicists : discovering everyday physics phenomena and solving them / Nenad Vukmirovic



QC75 .L68 2021  The handy physics answer book / Charles Liu




QC903 .L52 2022  Climate change in human history : prehistory to the present / Benjamin Lieberman and Elizabeth Gordon




QD41 .K47 2021  A complete study guide to chemistry : your go-to guide for everything chemistry / Mark C. Kernion, M.A., and Joseph A. Mascetta, M.S., C.A.S.



QE565 .B465 2022  Life on the rocks : building a future for coral reefs / Juli Berwald




QE705.A1 B35 2022  Paleontology : an illustrated history / David Bainbridge




QL950.39 .R33 2022  Butts : a backstory / Heather Radke




QP376 .H2944 2022  A thousand brains : a new theory of intelligence / Jeff Hawkin




QP399 .R83 2022  Reader's block : a history of reading differences / Matthew Rubery


R: Medicine, Nursing

R726.8 .P764 2021  Challenges and choices for patient, carer and professional at the end of life : living with uncertainty / Catherine Proot and Michael Yorke



R858 .M3973 2010  Medical informatics : knowledge management and data mining in biomedicine / edited by Hsinchun Chen [and others]



RA1229 .M53 2008  Doubt is their product : how industry's assault on science threatens your health / David Michaels




RA567.5.U6 F56 2022  Waste : one woman's fight against America's dirty secret / Catherine Coleman Flowers




RC521 .K574 2023  Travelers to unimaginable lands : stories of dementia, the caregiver, and the human brain / Dasha Kiper




RC553.A88 D3313 2020  Invisible differences : a story of Asperger's




RG734.R47 W75 2023  Madame Restell : the life, death, and resurrection of old New York's most fabulous, fearless, and infamous abortionist / by Jennifer Wright



RJ399.T36 L68 2022  Ronan and the endless sea of stars : a graphic memoir / written by Rick Louis




RT50.5 .D54 2023  Digital skills for nursing studies and practice / edited by Cristina M. Vasilica, Emma Gillaspy and Neil Withnel




Quick Reference Dictionary for Occupational Therapy : Seventh Edition  online

T: Technology, Culinary

TA347.A78 S49 2021  Evil robots, killer computers, and other myths : the truth about AI and the future of humanity / Steven Shwartz



TJ163.3 .S63 2022  Smart technologies for energy and environmental sustainability / edited by Parul Agarwa, et al




TJ211.28 .C64 2022  Robot ethics / Mark Coeckelbergh




TL540.B7492 W56 2023  Now let me fly : a portrait of Eugene Bullard / written by Ronald Wimberly




TT951 .M5518 2014  Beauty & wellness dictionary : for cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians and nail technicians / edited by Catherine M. Frangie




TT957 .S46 2006  Encyclopedia of hair : a cultural history / Victoria Sherrow