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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: April 2023

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea

Alex Armstrong has changed everything about herself—her name, her appearance, her backstory. She’s no longer the terrified teenager a rapt audience saw on television, emerging in handcuffs from the quiet suburban home the night her family was massacred. That girl, Alexandra Quinlan, nicknamed Empty Eyes by the media, was accused of the killings, fought to clear her name, and later took the stand during her highly publicized defamation lawsuit that captured the attention of the nation.
It’s been ten years since, and Alex hasn’t stopped searching for answers about the night her family was killed, even as she continues to hide her real identity from true crime fanatics and grasping reporters still desperate to locate her. As a legal investigator, she works tirelessly to secure justice for others, too. People like Matthew Claymore, who’s under suspicion in the disappearance of his girlfriend, a student journalist named Laura McAllister.
Laura was about to break a major story about rape and cover-ups on her college campus. Alex believes Matthew is innocent, and unearths stunning revelations about the university’s faculty, fraternity members, and powerful parents willing to do anything to protect their children.


The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa by Stephen Buoro

Andrew Aziza is an unusually smart fifteen-year-old in Kontagora, Nigeria. He lives with his fiercely protective mother, Gloria, and fantasizes obsessively about white girls-especially blondes. When he's not in church, at school, or hanging about town with his droogs wishing to become one of “Africa's first superheroes,” he's contemplating the larger questions with his teacher Zahrah and his equally brilliant friend Fatima, a Hausa-Fulani girl who has feelings for him. Together they discuss mathematical theorems, Black power, and what Andy has deemed the Curse of Africa.

Sure enough, the reluctantly nicknamed Andy Africa soon falls hopelessly and inappropriately in love with the first white girl he lays eyes on: Eileen. But at the church party held to celebrate her arrival, multiple crises loom. An unfamiliar man there claims, despite his mother's denials, to be Andy's father, and an anti-Christian mob has gathered, headed for the church. In the ensuing havoc and its aftermath, Andy is forced to reckon with his identity and desires and determine how to live on the so-called Cursed Continent.


Natural Beauty by Ling Ling Huang

Our narrator produces a sound from the piano no one else at the Conservatory can. She employs a technique she learned from her parents—also talented musicians—who fled China in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. But when an accident leaves her parents debilitated, she abandons her future for a job at a high-end beauty and wellness store in New York City.
Holistik is known for its remarkable products and procedures—from remoras that suck out cheap Botox to eyelash extensions made of spider silk—and her new job affords her entry into a world of privilege and gives her a long-awaited sense of belonging. She becomes transfixed by Helen, the niece of Holistik’s charismatic owner, and the two strike up a friendship that hazily veers into more. All the while, our narrator is plied with products that slim her thighs, smooth her skin, and lighten her hair. But beneath these creams and tinctures lies something sinister.


Where are the Children Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

Of the fifty-six bestsellers the “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark published in her lifetime, Where Are the Children? was her biggest, selling millions of copies and forever transforming the genre of suspense fiction. In that story, a young California mother named Nancy Harmon was convicted of murdering her two children. Though released on a technicality, she was abandoned by her husband and became such a pariah in the media that she was forced to move across the country to Cape Cod, change her identity and appearance, and start a new life. Years later her two children from a second marriage, Mike and Melissa, would go missing, and Nancy yet again became the prime suspect—but this time, Nancy was able to confront the secrets buried in her past and rescue her kids from a dangerous predator.

Now, more than four decades since readers first met Nancy and her children, comes the thrilling sequel to the groundbreaking book that set the stage for future generations of psychological suspense novels. A lawyer turned successful podcaster, Melissa has recently married a man whose first wife died tragically, leaving him and their young daughter, Riley, behind. While Melissa and her brother, Mike, help their mom, Nancy, relocate from Cape Cod to the equally idyllic Hamptons, Melissa’s new stepdaughter goes missing. Drawing on the experience of their own abduction, Melissa and Mike race to find Riley to save her from the trauma they still struggle with—or worse.


No Place to Hide by JS Monroe

Adam lives a picture-perfect life: happy marriage, two young children, and a flourishing career as a doctor. But Adam also lives with a secret. Hospital CCTV, strangers' mobile phones, city traffic cameras – he is convinced that they are all watching him, recording his every move. All because of something terrible that happened at a drunken party when he was a medical student.

Only two other people knew what happened that night. Two people he's long left behind. Until one of them, Clio – Adam's great unrequited love – turns up on his doorstep, and reignites a sinister pact twenty-four years in the making...


Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q Sutanto

Vera Wong is a lonely little old lady—ah, lady of a certain age—who lives above her forgotten tea shop in the middle of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Despite living alone, Vera is not needy, oh no. She likes nothing more than sipping on a good cup of Wulong and doing some healthy detective work on the Internet about what her Gen-Z son is up to.

Then one morning, Vera trudges downstairs to find a curious thing—a dead man in the middle of her tea shop. In his outstretched hand, a flash drive. Vera doesn’t know what comes over her, but after calling the cops like any good citizen would, she sort of . . . swipes the flash drive from the body and tucks it safely into the pocket of her apron. Why? Because Vera is sure she would do a better job than the police possibly could, because nobody sniffs out a wrongdoing quite like a suspicious Chinese mother with time on her hands. Vera knows the killer will be back for the flash drive; all she has to do is watch the increasing number of customers at her shop and figure out which one among them is the killer.

What Vera does not expect is to form friendships with her customers and start to care for each and every one of them. As a protective mother hen, will she end up having to give one of her newfound chicks to the police?


Spare by Prince Harry

It was one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin as the world watched in sorrow—and horror. As Princess Diana was laid to rest, billions wondered what Prince William and Prince Harry must be thinking and feeling—and how their lives would play out from that point on.

For Harry, this is that story at last.

Before losing his mother, twelve-year-old Prince Harry was known as the carefree one, the happy-go-lucky Spare to the more serious Heir. Grief changed everything. He struggled at school, struggled with anger, with loneliness—and, because he blamed the press for his mother’s death, he struggled to accept life in the spotlight.

At twenty-one, he joined the British Army. The discipline gave him structure, and two combat tours made him a hero at home. But he soon felt more lost than ever, suffering from post-traumatic stress and prone to crippling panic attacks. Above all, he couldn’t find true love. 

Then he met Meghan. The world was swept away by the couple’s cinematic romance and rejoiced in their fairy-tale wedding. But from the beginning, Harry and Meghan were preyed upon by the press, subjected to waves of abuse, racism, and lies. Watching his wife suffer, their safety and mental health at risk, Harry saw no other way to prevent the tragedy of history repeating itself but to flee his mother country. Over the centuries, leaving the Royal Family was an act few had dared. The last to try, in fact, had been his mother. . . .

For the first time, Prince Harry tells his own story, chronicling his journey with raw, unflinching honesty. A landmark publication, Spare is full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

B105.S79 S48 2022  Life is hard : how philosophy can help us find our way / Kieran Setiya




BF637.S4 A35 2023  Don't call me superwoman : an exploration of divine intervention, alignment & self-love / By: Dr. Radhia Afif




BJ1475 .G67 2022  Compassionate reasoning : changing the mind to change the world / Marc Gopin




BJ1853 .B47 2018  Treating people well : how to master social skills and thrive in everything you do / Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard

D: World History

DS12 .S24 1979b  Orientalism / Edward W. Said




DT655 .H63 2020  King Leopold's ghost : a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa / Adam Hochschild 

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E184.7 .D73 2022  To know the soul of a people : religion, race, and the making of Southern folk / Jamil W. Drake




E184.S75 M5953 2018  Understanding Latino history : excavating the past, examining the present / Pablo R. Mitchell




E185.61 .L669 2020  Unsung heroes : women of the Civil Rights movement / by Jennifer Lombardo




E766 .H75 2022  American midnight : the Great War, a violent peace, and democracy's forgotten crisis / Adam Hochschild




F334.M753 P3733 2023  Rosa Parks / Ruth Daly

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GT2630 .D43 2022  Drawn together : illustrated true love stories / Olivia de Recat




GV1114.3 .L43 2022  Tao of Jeet Kune Do / Bruce Lee




GV1469.15 .B76 2016  Tetris : the games people play / Box Brown




GV697.S65 A3 2022  Victory. Stand! : raising my fist for justice / Tommie Smith, Derrick Barnes, Dawud Anyabwile

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HB615 .F33 2022  Build : an unorthodox guide to making things worth making / Tony Fadell




HD69.T54 G55 2022  Start finishing : how to go from idea to done / Charlie Gilkey




HD9502.5.C542 M66 2022  Rural renaissance : revitalizing America's hometowns through clean power / L. Michelle Moore




HQ734 .K624 2021  The 80/80 marriage : a new model for a happier, stronger relationship / Nate Klemp, PhD, and Kaley Klemp




HQ77.8.F57 P53 2021  The hidden case of Ewan Forbes : the transgender trial that threatened to upend the British establishment / Zoe-Jane Playdon




HQ799.2.P6 H645 2019  On the freedom side : how five decades of youth activists have remixed American history / Wesley C. Hogan



HV2508 .G42 2000  Sign the speech : an introduction to theatrical interpreting / Julie Gebron




HV6553 .H83 2020  Poison : the history of potions, powders and murderous practitioners / Ben Hubbard




HV6773.15.H33 W55 2021  Crimedotcom : from viruses to vote rigging, how hacking went global / Geoff White

K: Law

KF373.R68 A3 2021  We wait for the sun / by Dovey Johnson Roundtree and Katie McCab




KFN7940 .M67 2022  North Carolina evidentiary foundations / Robert P. Mosteller, J. Dickson Phillips, et al

L: Education

LB1778 .B855 2022  Building tomorrow's work force : what employers want you to know / The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc




LB2346 .K68 2018  The student leadership challenge : five practices for becoming an exemplary leader / James Kouzes, Barry Posner

N: Fine Arts

N7630 .N47 2021  Gustav Klimt



NC978.5.F76 A4 2019  The world of the Dark Crystal / illustrations by Brian Froud ; text by J.J. Llewellyn



ND1482.E9 .W64 2015  Expressionism / Norbert Wolf 



ND259.K33 K47 2022  Frida Kahlo

P: Language, Literature

PL2970.5.N25 Y513 2021  Strange beasts of China / Yan Ge ; translated by Jeremy Tiang




PM986 .F85 2017  Black bear red fox : colours in Cree / Julie Flett



PN1995 .R78 2022  Understanding film : a viewer's guide / James R. Russo




PN1995.9.M25 B474 2022  Masters of make-up effects : a century of practical magic / Howard Berger & Marshall Julius 



PN6728.K53 M67 2019  Klaus : how Santa Claus began / written by Grant Morrison




PQ8219.I2 H83 1973  Huasipungo : The villagers




PR6065.F36 H35 2021  Hamnet : a novel of the plague / Maggie O'Farrell




PS153.N5 G72 2018  Reimagining the Middle Passage : Black resistance in literature, television, and song / Tara T. Green




PS261 .U45 2015  Undead souths : the gothic and beyond in southern literature and culture / edited by Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, and Daniel Cross Turner



PS3557.O35927 A45 2023  All hallows / Christopher Golden




PS3612.A6485 P46 2021  The people we keep / Allison Larkin




PS3625.A674 L58 2016  A little life : a novel / Hanya Yanagihara




PS3626.A62786 Z46 2022  Solito : a memoir / Javier Zamora

PZ7.7.S1524 Yo 2020  You brought me the ocean / written by Alex Sanchez




PZ7.D29 Cu 2022  The adventures of Curious Cam! / by Beth Kara Dawkins




PZ7.H2436 Now 2019  Now what? : a math tale / Robie H. Harris



PZ7.M6937 Un 1993  Uncle Jed's barbershop / by Margaree King Mitchell



PZ7.T2876 On 2013  Olivia measures up / adapted by Maggie Testa




PZ7.Z837 Boo 2016  The book thief / by Markus Zusak




PZ8.3.G276 Lo 2021  The Lorax / by Dr. Seuss




PZ8.3.K1275 Tak 2001  Take me out of the bathtub and other silly dilly songs / by Alan Katz 

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

QA141.3 .F59 2012  Counting on fall / written by Lizann Flatt


QA465 .T95 2019  Measuring / written by Madeline Tyler 



QA76.758 .E87 2018  The essence of software engineering / Volker Gruhn, Rudiger Striemer, editors




QA76.76.C672 M368 2020  Gamedev : 10 steps to making your first game successful / by Wlad Marhulets, developer of DARQ




QA76.9.C65 H357 2020  The history of the future : Oculus, Facebook and the revolution that swept virtual reality / Blake J. Harris



QM178 .B339 Hum 2018  Human body book : introduction to the Vascular System / Baby Professor education kids

R: Medicine, Nursing

RA638 .R685 2022  Vaccination : examining the facts / Lisa Rosner




RA776.5 .B59 2021  Everyday vitality : turning stress into strength / Samantha Boardman, MD




RC454 .B347 2019  Understanding mental illness : a comprehensive guide to mental health disorders for family and friends / Carlin Barnes, Marketa Wills



RC489.W75 C48 2019  Just peachy : comics about depression, anxiety, love, and finding the humor in being sad / by Holly Chisholm



RC606.6 .C97 2021  Taking turns : stories from HIV/AIDS care Unit 371 / MK Czerwiec



RC682.9 .P255 2021  Pathophysiology of heart disease : an introduction to cardiovascular medicine 




RG186 .M46 2020  Menopause : a comic treatment / edited by MK Czerwiec




RK60.5 .H25 2018  Dental assisting tray setup guide Dr. Kimberly Harper, DDS




RK60.5 .N58 2020  So you want to be a dental hygienist : the good, the bad, and the ugly; the quick guide to helping you determine if a career in dental hygiene will be the career for you / Lisa Nitkowski, RDH




RM301 .K44 2023  Pharmacology : a patient-centered nursing process approach / Linda E. McCuistion, Kathleen Vuljoin-DiMaggio, Mary B. Winton, Jennifer J. Yeager



RT23 .N87 2020  Communication skills in nursing practice / edited by Lucy Webb




RT81.5 .E45 2022  Understanding research for nursing students / Peter Ellis

Quality and safety in nursing : a competency approach to improving outcomes / edited by Gwen Sherwood, Jane Barnsteiner  online



Clinical nursing skills at a glance / edited by Carol Fordham-Clarke, Sarah Curr  online




Futurescan 2022-2027 : healthcare trends and implications / Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development of the American Hospital Association, Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives  online



Complementary therapies in nursing : promoting integrative care / [edited by] Ruth Lindquist  online




Functional anatomy : musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, and palpation for manual therapists / Christy J. Cael  online




Essentials of communication sciences & disorders / Paul T. Fogle  online




Nurse as educator : principles of teaching and learning for nursing practice / [edited by] Susan B. Bastable  online




Fast facts for the adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner  online




Art and science of nurse coaching : the provider's guide to coaching scope and competencies / by Mary Elaine Southard, Barbara M. Dossey, Linda Bark., Bonney Gulino Schaub  online



Yoga anatomy / Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews ; illustrated by Sharon Ellis and Lydia Mann  online




Global pandemics and epidemics and how they relate to you / Angela L. Williams, managing editor  online



T: Technology, Culinary

T14.5 R45 2022  System error : where big tech went wrong and how we can reboot / Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami, and Jeremy M. Weinstein



TX301 .L46 2023  Housing and interior design / Evelyn L. Lewis, Carolyn Turner Smith