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Makerspace Pages: Podcasting

General Info

The Makerspace has two audio recording rooms (rooms 2240A and 2240B) and one green screen room (room #2240D). The audio recording rooms contain one microphone, a microphone stand, a pop filter, and headphones. You can book these rooms here. Please be sure to read and review the policy before booking.

You are able to book one of the audio recording rooms or the green screen room in the Makerspace (during open hours) or at the Second Floor Service Desk. You can also book the rooms online (up to 2 weeks in advance) here. 

Using Recording Room Equipment

View this document to learn the basic steps with using Audacity.

View this document to review settings and troubleshooting for recording in Audacity.

Equipment Resources

The equipment below is not what we have equipped in our recording rooms. These are suggestions for equipment to purchase on your own if you choose to podcast remotely.

Hosting Options

The hosting option resources below are not provided in our recording rooms. These are suggestions for hosting options to use on your own if you choose to create your own podcast and want to share recorded content on platform.

Planning and Development Resources

Library Resources on Podcasting