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Makerspace Pages: Audio Recording

General Info

The Makerspace has two audio recording rooms (rooms 2240A and 2240B) and one green screen room (room #2240D). The audio recording rooms contain one microphone, a microphone stand, a pop filter, and headphones. The Green Screen Room contains a One Button Studio that allows you to record video. You can book these rooms here. Please be sure to read and review the policy before booking.

You are able to book one of the audio recording rooms or the green screen room in the Makerspace (during open hours) or at the Second Floor Service Desk. You can also book the rooms online (up to 2 weeks in advance) here. 

Recording, Editing, and Green Screen Room Policies

  • A maximum of two students in an audio recording room.
  • Each room can be booked for a maximum of 2 hours per day per student.
  • After your two hours is up you may stay as long as another student doesn't have a reservation, however, be aware that after your reserved time is up you may be interrupted.
  • Rooms will open when the library opens and close 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • During Makerspace open hours (9am-4pm) you will check out the key for the room you have reserved from the staff in the Makerspace. After this time you can check out the key at the 2nd Floor Library Desk.
  • When you are finished you can return the key to the Makerspace or the 2nd Floor Library Desk.

See the Policies page for other policies and more detail. 

Recording Room Set Up & Troubleshooting