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Digital Literacy Learning Space Supplemental Resources

This is a collection of all resources provided to students during technology training sessions with the Digital Literacy Learning Space.

Google Sites and Adobe Express

What is an ePortfolio? (link)

An ePortfolio is a collection of work (evidence) in an electronic format that showcases learning over time. When you think about your ePortfolio and the types of evidence that it contains, it is important to think carefully about its purpose and intended audience.

An ePortfolio may contain all or some of the following:

  • Files of various formats (text, pictures, video, etc.)
  • Evidence related to courses taken, programs of study, etc.
  • Writing samples (which might include several drafts to show development and improvement)
  • Projects prepared for class or extracurricular activities
  • Evidence of creativity and performance
  • Evidence of extracurricular or co-curricular activities, including examples of leadership
  • Evaluations, analysis and recommendations

Using Brightspace Portfolio to Create an ePortfolio

Collect your best work in Brightspace and present a portfolio of work with the application Portfolio.

For the device you are using in your classroom to collect evidence, the Brightspace Portfolio app is available for download from any global Google Play™ store or Apple App Store®. The Brightspace Portfolio app allows learners to collect evidence, and then instructors and learners can log in to Brightspace from a browser and use the Brightspace Portfolio tool to manage the evidence.

While anyone can download the Brightspace Portfolio app from the respective app stores, it cannot be used without being properly set up for classroom use by an administrator and without a classroom passcard and learner passcards.







Using Google Sites to Create an ePortfolio

Create a Modern Professional Google Website:

Create a portfolio with Adobe Express:

Video Tutorial for Adobe Express: