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Digital Literacy Learning Space Supplemental Resources

This is a collection of all resources provided to students during technology training sessions with the Digital Literacy Learning Space.

'How To' Resources

How to Convert Files into a PDF

Do you know this method for creating a PDF?

You can view PDFs in the software Preview

Here is where you convert an MS Word file into a PDF

What is CPCC Cloud? (LINK)

The Central Piedmont Cloud allows students, faculty, and staff to securely access the campus internet network, classroom software, employee tools, and other Central Piedmont-licensed applications from your personal device from anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you are on campus or off campus.

The Cloud is a virtual desktop from which you access your applications as you would were you using an on-campus device. The Cloud allows you to use your devices to teach, work, complete school work, assignments, or tests while in class or remotely. Cloud applications are provided by Citrix and is hosted on our campus servers.

Existing computer classrooms and labs are not going away. If a given course will use the Central Piedmont Cloud, the instructor or the course information will inform students of this fact.

Virtual computing is a real-time technology that enables users to remotely access:
1. Operating systems (MacOS, Windows, etc...)
2. Software (MS Office 365, MS Paint, etc...)
3. Memory (RAM)
4. Storage (Google Drive)

HOW TO USE CPCC CLOUD: Log in to be taken to our virtual lab computer at home. MS = Microsoft


  2. Use your CPCC ID and password to log in (what you use for email access).

  3. You will see a Windows desktop that looks like the ones in our computer labs.


When a problem or issue arises:

  1. Contact the responsible vendor first and record the vendor support ticket number or confirmation number.
  2. If your issue was not resolved by the vendor, contact the Central Piedmont Service Desk and include the vendor support ticket number or confirmation number in the request description.