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Stop what you are doing!

Why are you creating everything from scratch?

Another Librarian has probably already created that content for a similar class and would share. So let’s develop a place to easily share!! Last time we gathered the list of resources and places to go to find good content, now let’s start putting it to work. Many of us are responsible for Information Literacy or Instruction at our campuses.

Let’s create a repository of instruction based content that could easily be incorporated into any LMS or LibGuide.

Next Steps & Questions

Welcome Editors!

Editors have now been given access to update the information on this guide. If you have a suggestion or comment, please contact the appropriate editor below.

We are still looking for editors for the following sections, Marketing Groups, if interested, please contact



Samantha O'Connor - Instruction Lesson Plans -

Angela Davis - Instruction Activities -

Staci Wilson - Odds and ends -

Emily Whiteley - Faculty

Alan Unsworth  - ADA -

Cheryl Ann Coyle - Resources -

Caroline Hallam - NC LIVE section -

Your Librarian

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Cheryl Coyle
Levine Campus Library, 704-330-2722 ext.7227

Subject Areas:
Literature, Business, Humanities, Art, Theatre, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing & Culinary Arts