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Parr Center Information: Locations and Hours

Department Locations

  • Suites located on the ground floor (off of Pease Lane and Elizabeth Ave.) start with “0.”

  • Suites located on Level 1 (off of the Quad and Central High bridge connector) start with “1.”

  • Suites located on Level 2, start with “2.”

  • Suites located on Level 3, start with “3.”


MFPs are located on the first, second, and third floors. On the first and second floor, the MFPs are located near the library's main desks. On the third floor, the MFP is located near the top of the stairs, across from the classroom (3220).

Equipment Check-Out

Students - Chromebooks, Hotspots, Calculators for Semester Check-out - Library First Floor "Ask Us" desk

Faculty - Laptops, Hotspots, Projectors, Cameras - Library First Floor "Ask Us" desk

All equipment is free of cost.

Quiet Room and Study Rooms

In the Quiet Rooms you may relax, pray, sleep, nurse, meditate, or think.

For Zoom, WebEx, interviews, and meetings, please use a regular study room (anything involving talking).


  • 2180, Inside the Library, 2nd Floor
    • Library Instruction Sessions will be in this classroom most commonly
  • 3220, Inside the Library, 3rd Floor
  • 0100, Ground Floor Presentation Lab

Event Calendar

Library Hours

School Dude Representatives

Zach Kirchberg, Library

Penny Smith, Student Engagement

David Guegan

Patricial Davis, Theater

Enid Vargas-Ortiz

Tameka Hill