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About Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus provides streaming access to feature films. These films may only be viewed through the Swank Digital Campus platform. Films may be shown in class or assigned to enrolled students to view outside of class. The films do not have public performance rights

Films are licensed for one year from the date it is added to the portal.

Request Films

Here is how the process works:

Make sure that you have an instructor account setup in Swank.

After logging into Swank with your instructor account, you will see a row of movies that we currently have licensed. Below that, you will see the Swank Catalog. The films in the Swank Catalog are movies that are available for you to request.

After locating a film that you would like the library to license, click on the film and then click Request.

Fill out the request form. It will be submitted to the library and we will be in touch once it has been licensed.

Once licensed, share the direct link provided with students.

Note: Activation may take up to 48 hours (Monday-Friday) after movie is licensed.

Currently Licensed Films

Title URL For Brightspace License Ends
12 Angry Men (1957) 01/31/2025
Bonnie and Clyde (1967) 6/30/2024
Brassed Off (1996) 01/31/2025
Children of Men (2006) 8/31/2024
Citizen Kane (1941) 6/31/2024
Do the Right Thing (1989) 6/31/2024
Double Indemnity (1944) 1/31/2025
Grand Hotel (1932) 6/31/2024
Ordinary People (1980) 8/31/2024
Paths of Glory (1957) 1/31/2024
Sicko (2007) 1/31/2025
The Patriot 01/31/2025
Wonderland (1999) 8/31/2024


1. What titles are available from Digital Campus?

"Swank Motion Pictures is the nontheatrical distributor for the majority of the major Hollywood studios as well as many independent, foreign, art house, and documentary offerings." Search available titles via the Swank Digital Campus Movie Search.

2. How do I get access to movie titles that aren't on the list of currently available films?

You can search Swank's website to see what titles they offer. If you see a title there you would like us to consider adding to our collection, please fill out the Swank Request Form. If Swank is unable to provide the title, we may purchase a DVD or find streaming video via other sources. 

3. Is closed captioning available?

Yes, closed captioning is available for most films.

4. How long are the films activated in the Digital Campus portal?

Films are available for one year from their start date and may be reactivated for additional years if needed. Film reactivation MUST be requested. Films DO NOT renew automatically. It can take up to 48 hours for a film to be reactivated.   

5. How do students access the films?

You can provide them with the direct link to the film (available after the film has been licensed) or direct them to the Swank Portal.

6. Will students need any special software to view the film?

No, if using Chrome browser.  If using IE, Firefox, or Safari, you will need to download Google's Widevine Video Optimizer plugin.

7. Can I watch films on my mobile device?

Yes, there is a Swank app for Apple and Android devices.

8. Can I use a Swank film in a campus wide screening? 

No. Films may be shown in class or assigned to enrolled students to view outside of class. The films do not have public performance rights. 

Other questions?

Contact Denise Keating (, Online Services Librarian


Swank uses Google's Widevine Video Optimizer. It is pre-installed in Chrome. However you will be asked to download the Widevine Video Optimizer if using IE, Firefox, or Safari.

Simply download the plugin and you should be ready to view. You may need to restart your browser.