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Physical Therapy Assistant

Resources to support the Annotated Bibliography and Evidence-Based Practice presentation.

PTA Research: Finding Sources

Library Research Databases

Research from the Open Web

PTA Research: Evaluating Sources

The CRAAP Test

Did you find something you think you can use? Evaluate first!

C – Currency: When was this information written or last updated? Is it outdated?
R – Relevance: Does this help your topic? Is it an appropriate level?
A – Authority: Who wrote it? What are their qualifications?
A – Accuracy: Is it supported by evidence? Any typos or other errors?
P – Purpose: Is it trying to inform, sell, persuade, or entertain? Is the info fact, opinion, or propaganda? Why is the information here?

If your source doesn't pass the CRAAP Test, then consider finding something better! Need help? Ask a librarian!

Presentation Help

How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint (20:31) - David JP Phillips, TEDx

Additional Help

Step by Step Research Guide Citation Help Tutorials