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Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is available for use at the following campus locations. Note that each campus may have different procedures for reserving a space and checking out VR headsets.

  • Central: VR can be used in study rooms 3D and 3P. Please reserve a time in either of these rooms prior to checking out a VR headset. Then, check out a headset from the second floor desk.
  • Cato Harper, Harris, Levine and Merancas: Check out a headset from the main library desk.

Use and Safety Policy

  • VR Headsets can be checked out for a maximum of (1) one hour per day per user. VR may only be used in designated spaces in the library.
  • VR use is limited to current Central Piedmont students, faculty, and staff. Guests are not permitted to use VR.
  • Users are responsible for the safe use, condition, and full return of borrowed equipment. Equipment that is stolen, damaged, or not returned will be subject to item replacement fees of up to $600.
  • Users must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. Violation of Code may result in penalties, ranging from suspension of VR privileges to disciplinary action by the college.
  • Prior to checking out a VR headset, users must complete the safety tutorial and sign the VR Use Waiver. Users are strongly encouraged to attend a VR workshop prior to checking out a VR headset for individual use.
  • Do not consume food or beverages while using VR. Any food or beverage in a VR room must be in a sealed container. 
  • Number of VR headsets and number of total people allowed per room will vary based on campus location and room availability.
  • If a reservation holder fails to appear after 15 minutes, the reservation can be canceled by library staff. 
  • Users are NOT permitted to sanitize the equipment or clear its data for any reason. VR equipment will be sanitized, and its data cleared after each use. 
  • Apps are preloaded on the VR equipment for users. Users are NOT permitted to purchase apps anytime (including downloading free apps). 
  • Do NOT log out of the Central Piedmont Library account(s) on any of the VR equipment. Doing so may ban users from future use of the room and its equipment. 
  • Users of virtual reality headsets may experience dizziness or unsettling feelings at any point during use. You are using the VR equipment at your own risk.
  • New users to VR are advised to sit in a chair until they are comfortable with the device. 
  • VR sessions must be completed within 30 minutes of the library’s closing time.
  • Failure to adhere to library policies may result in loss of VR use privileges.


Prior to checking out a headset, you must sign the safety policy and wavier form.

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