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Engraving, where do I start!: Home

Engraving Basics

If you want something engraved, ONLY

  • If you only need something engraved (if you need something cut out or a border please see the guide for cutting). Open your image in an image editor (Photoshop, GIMP,, etc.) and scale your image to the size you want engraved. Export your photo as a PDF, attach to the Laser Request form, and submit.

  • Tips

    • Your images should be high contrast (meaning there is a stark difference between colors). Images with a lot of different and alike colors might not engrave very well.

    • The best images to engrave are those that are black and white (two colors). Anything that has a non-white color will be engraved. If you don’t want the background of an image to be engraved you will either need to edit and remove the background (or areas you don’t want engraved). 

    • Examples

      • Image with a non-white background (light color)

        • As you can see with this image the background is light in color and the image has high contrast.

        • Result:

      • Image with a black (or dark) background

        • In this image the background was black and was engraved.

        • Result:

      • Image with a white background

        • In this image the background was not engraved and only the black areas of the image were engraved.

        • Result:

    • Photographs will need to be significantly brighter than you would otherwise have them to be engraving well (see more section, Photo Engraving).