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Bio 111 - Cardenas

Conducting Scholarly Research for Biology

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Writing as an Engineer or Scientist

Quick Tips about Report Writing

  • Be concise
  • Write in the third person (No I, me, we, us, etc.)
    • Incorrect:  I added 50 mL of water to a 250-mL beaker.
    • Correct:  To a 250-mL beaker, 50 mL of water was added.
  • Do not write reports as a list of commands
    • Incorrect:  Heat the solution until it boils.
    • Correct:  The solution was heated to boiling.
  • Use correct verb tenses
    • Write in the present tense unless you are describing procedures that you did in the past.
  • Use Section Headings
    • Introduction, Methods, Conclusion, etc.
    • Include all required sections.
  • Proof-read
    • Check for APA format (double-spacing, margins, Times New Roman 12, etc.).
    • Ask your lab partner to read your draft.

From NoVa: Writing a Lab Report

Additional Help

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