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ACA Research Guide

This guide contains resources for students taking ACA (Academic Related) Courses.


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Welcome to the Library!


Services and Resources

Each library offers many different resources to help you. We have:

  • Books and DVDs to check out
  • Computers and printers to complete your assignments
  • Laptops and graphing calculators to check out for classes
  • Study rooms to use for group projects 
  • Selected textbooks (Course Reserves) to use in the library

For more information, see our Student Services page.


There are 7 libraries at Central Piedmont:

  • Central: Parr Center
  • Harris: Harris I Building
  • Harper: Harper IV Building
  • Merancas: Merancas IV Building
  • Levine: Levine III Building
  • Cato: Cato III Building
  • Law Library: Inside Central Campus Library

Each library has staff who are available to help you with your research needs and many resources for you to check out. And if there's a book you want that isn't available at your campus, you can request to have it sent over-- for free!

Research Databases

Why use the library for research? As college students, it's important that when you write a paper or give a speech, you use credible sources. This means sources that you can trust. On the internet, you will find all sorts of sources, and not everything will be true. Sources provided by the library are generally vetted by experts before publication.

Additionally, some assignments you may have in college will ask you to find peer-reviewed articles. These are articles published in scholarly journals that are reviewed and vetted by other experts before being published. These are the most trustworthy articles available and generally describe original research. If you want to have the strongest support for your research, look to peer-reviewed articles.

To get started with research, check out our Research: Step by Step Guide


Not sure which database to use? These are generally useful for most topics:

Career Research Databases

Looking for more information about a specific field or career? Try these databases:

Research Help

The best thing about the library? Our friendly staff is always available to help. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask us. In particular, if you need help with research, you can get one-on-one help finding those credible sources for assignments. No matter what class you're taking, our library staff is happy to help.

Click here for help options, or use the chat pop-out on this page to get immediate help.

Additional Resources

Additional Help

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