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Women's History Month 2022: Women Recognized from the Past

Recognizable Women from the Past

World-Famous Healers

Susan La Flesche Picotte: The First American Indian Doctor | American  Masters | PBS

It Happened Here: Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell - NewYork-Presbyterian

Florence Nightingale - Wikipedia

BlogSub_Rebecca-Lee-Crumpler - Center for the Advancement of Students and  Alumni

Mary Walker's War

Remembering Jane Cooke Wright, a Black woman, who was among seven founders  of ASCO – The Cancer History Project

13 Things You Didn't Know About Clara Barton - Cricket Media, Inc.

Antonia Novello - Wikipedia

Rufaida Al Aslamia - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Rebecca Chan Chung - Wikipedia


Mary Cronk 1932-2018 |

Shiphrah - Puah - Devotional - Work - Bravery - Courage - Tenacity

Margaret Sanger - Women's Rights, Birth Control & Significance - Biography

Emma Goldman - Wikiquote

Mary Breckinridge

Alabama Women's Hall of Fame - Kathleen Mallory

Nellie Yip Quong - Wikipedia

Naoli Vinaver Midwife

Police Officers

Wells was instrumental in the creation of the International Association of Women Police.

Collier opened the door for many women and Latinas in the department.


1900 - Biography of Lillie Hitchcock-Coit

Photo View

Genois Wilson, Firefighter: She Dared to be First: Butler, Carol:  9781479773329: Books

Join FDNY - “I like serving as a New York City Firefighter, because I like  doing what I can to help those in need. I also love that kids look up to

Anna Wu Lai-fong, Hong Kong’s highest-ranking woman firefighter. Photo: Jonathan Wong

Muslim woman firefighter thrilled with challenges, experience of community  service

Police Officers Cont.

Goodwin was instrumental in bringing a gang of robbers to justice by working undercover.

Georgia Ann Robinson spent much of her life helping the community.

Praised for her integrity and dedication to the city, she became top cop in a time of controversy for the agency.