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Winter Holidays and Celebrations: Christmas

Learn about different holidays celebrated around the world!

National Christmas Tree on the National Mall, Washington D.C.


Christmas is a widely recognized and celebrated holiday across the world. It is celebrated on December 25th and is commonly acknowledged as the birth of Christ among Christians. Many European and Latin American countries will also celebrate the 12 days following Christmas until January 6th, which is commonly known as Three Kings Day or Twelfth Night (or Epiphany within the Christian/Catholic religion). This is the day in which it is believed the three wise men came to visit Jesus. St. Nicholas Day is also a popular holiday celebrated in Europe, usually on December 6th. Many Christmas traditions also have ties to European Yuletide celebrations, which pre-dates the Christian religion. These traditions include the Christmas tree, the Yule Log, and kissing under the mistletoe. Christmas is now celebrated by both the religious and non-religious across the world.

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