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The Stories Project

A digital exhibition for The Stories Project, a collaborative effort to document and collect the numerous stories of the Central Piedmont community.

Covid-19 Student Story Submissions

"This is poem using the letters in coronavirus. I created this poem on 4-11-20 at my home." - Beverly Dulin-Massey.


This file was originally submitted as a Word document, but for accessibility purposes, Central Piedmont Archives converted this file into a text-searchable PDF.

"A flower field painting that me and my dogs Sadie and Daisy made. They used their paws to make the flowers and I used a paintbrush to paint on the stems! We made it on 03/26/2020." - Lauren Blythe

"This was a short film, [called "The Frog"], that I wrote and directed during the quarantine." - Alex Lippert.

"Me, my mom Michelle, and my brother Nicholas, met our neighbors, Chad Addie Bella Hannah and Malachi Steele, during the stay at home order in Concord NC. Me and my brother decided to put on a concert for them featuring Nicholas playing his fiddle and Irish bagpipes, and myself Irish dancing. Addie took videos and sent them to her mother whom got the news involved. Our story was broadcast on WBTV's QC@3 channel on Wednesday, April 29, at 3:00pm and again on Friday, May 1, at 7:30pm." - Jonathan Huntley.

Covid Unit - Regency Heritage Nursing and Post Acute Rehabilitation Center.

"I spent the past 6 weeks caring for COVID-19 positive patients in New Jersey Rehab/SubAcute Covid Unit. We are dressed head to toe in PPE. Most of the time I have to take a break after working for straight 2-3 hrs because I cannot breath properly anymore. The Rehab I worked with are very supportive and they look after their employees. Our PPEs are well provided and changed regularly. We are fed, carpooled, and most are staying on hotels paid by the company. It’s a challenge because the rules change everyday as more is learned about this. Some days our census is high and then the next shift admits 3-5 patients. It’s stressful, and at times scary. We always have to be ready. The fact the family members, owners, and people around us are appreciative when, truly , I’m just coming in to do my job, it has really made a difference. I think the most difficult part of my job is when one of my patient died... that’s my first. That night I have to really think hard if I can continue doing what I learn to love ... Nursing. It comes with a great responsibility but emotionally it’s more than just a job. I’m heading back to my family with a grateful heart that they are safe and I am safe and COVID negative." - Anne Maturan, CPCC Nursing Student