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The Stories Project

A digital exhibition for The Stories Project, a collaborative effort to document and collect the numerous stories of the Central Piedmont community.

Covid-19 Stories

The purpose of this project is to gather evidence of how we came together as one college to adapt to, and overcame, this situation. The creativity of our College community is inspiring and our stories should be preserved for future generations to reflect upon.

The College’s official response to this unprecedented event will be recorded and preserved in the Archives, as a result of records management policies governed by state laws. However, there are no provisions in place to ensure that the personal experiences and reactions of our College community are included in the official historical record. This project and the digital exhibit are representations of efforts to create a more diverse historical record for future use. All members of the Central Piedmont community are invited and encouraged to participate.

Please review the tabs on the left-side to access Covid-19 story submissions.