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The Stories Project

A digital exhibition for The Stories Project, a collaborative effort to document and collect the numerous stories of the Central Piedmont community.

Covid-19 Faculty and Staff Story Submissions

"I finished this oil painting recently, at home. I work full-time at Morrison Regional, CM Library, which is closed. In case I came down with the virus, I wanted to leave something beautiful behind in the wake of this horrible plague. I've taught Painting for CPCC Continuing Ed. for about 15 years, and enjoy it very much." - Alex Clark

"This newsletter was created by English instructor Alicia D. Dervin on behalf of the CPCC Cato Writing Fellows." The newsletter features a series of "Letters from Isolation" related to Covid-19 quarantine mandates. This document has been resized and made text-searchable. 

"This is a self-portrait I painted early on in the self-isolation process. The dimensions of the painting are 16" x 20", and it is acrylic on canvas. In the top, left-hand corner of the painting is a small recreation of Edvard Munch's title 'Self-Portrait with the Spanish Flu.'" - Chris Flowers.

Image of "my kitchen workstation featuring webcam-attached lamp document camera. Used for live online lectures." - Cao Nguyen

"Personal essay, 'Quarantine Scenes'" - Elizabeth West. 

This file was originally submitted as a Word document, but has been converted to a text-searchable PDF for viewing purposes.