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The Stories Project

A digital exhibition for The Stories Project, a collaborative effort to document and collect the numerous stories of the Central Piedmont community.


Central Piedmont Community College encourages students, faculty, and staff to document your personal experiences and contribute them to the official college record. The purpose of The Stories Project is to gather stories that show how we came together as one college to adapt to, and overcame, the many situations we face. This project is part of Central Piedmont Archives initiatives to curate a more diverse historical record for future generations. 

Within this LibGuide, visitors will discover the multiple story-gathering projects currently in place. As new programs are developed, they will be added to this guide over time. 


Send us stories about your experience as a Central Piedmont student, faculty, or staff member. Some examples of story ideas include:

  • your experience learning, teaching, and working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • your experience on the front lines in 2020
  • how you are adjusting or adapting to the changes
  • challenges you may be facing, struggling with, or have overcome
  • any hobbies or skills you have learned

How you capture these stories is entirely up to you. Some suggestions include:

  • artwork
  • audio and/or video recordings
  • blog posts
  • journal entries
  • photographs
  • social media

To submit your story, please visit: (under Submission Process). You can submit your stories at any time, even after the year has passed. Each year will serve as a chapter in the stories project. We can only accept digital materials at this time. Eventually, the college will be able to collect physical works from those of you willing to donate them to the archives.