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BUS110-Stock Market Project

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Welcome to Your BUS 110 Research Guide!

Welcome to Your BUS 110
Stock Market Guide!

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Get Started by Asking These 5 Questions    

What is the official name of my company?

Companies are often known by a popular or brand name that is not always the same as their official name. Also beware of name changes and mergers and acquisitions. If you’re not sure of the official name of your company, try a quick Google Finance search with the information you have.

Is my company a subsidiary?

Related to its name, a company may be a subsidiary of, or wholly or partially owned by, a parent company. If so, you may only find information on the parent company.

Is my company public?

For the purposes of this project, choose public companies. Publicly-held companies sell stock to the public (you and me) and are held accountable by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. These regulations guarantee that information is available for stockholders (and students). Private companies aren’t subject to SEC regulations in the same way, making information hard to find.

Is my company a U.S. company?

Unless a foreign-owned company is traded on a U.S. stock exchange, it may be difficult to get much information.

What is a ticker or stock symbol and how do I find the one that identifies my company?

A stock or ticker symbol is an abbreviation used to identify a particular stock on the market. A symbol may contain letters, numbers, or a combination of both. The easiest way to find the symbol for your company is to search the stock info page of your choice: Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, or CNN Money.

(from VCU's Company Research Guide)

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List of Public Companies by Industry

Here is a list of American public companies by Industry


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