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Historical Perspectives from Central High: Home

A digital exhibition highlighting the history of the Central High Building, on the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Kings Drive.


While many of the Charlotte's original historical structures no longer stand, there are a few buildings and properties throughout Mecklenburg County that remain intact, and continue to serve as educational tools for our community. Within the city of Charlotte, at the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Kings Avenue, a tan, stucco/stone structure, known as the Central High building, stands tall against the backdrop of the brick, Greco-Roman, designed buildings that make up other areas of Central Piedmont Community College's Central campus. Some often wonder why a building named Central High is located at, what can be considered, the beginning of the campus. While there is a story to tell about the name, the stories of those who walked through the halls of this building since 1923 are just as important to share. 

As a way to honor one of Charlotte's oldest historical structures, and the many people that have walked through its corridors, this digital exhibition will serve as an educational tool for our community about the history of the Central High building and its tenants.This project provides a unique opportunity for visitors to gain a greater understanding of how Central Piedmont, and the institutions who have come before us, continue to help our community Conquer Possibility for nearly a century.