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Historical Perspectives from Central High: Central Industrial Education Center (1961-1963)

A digital exhibition highlighting the history of the Central High Building, on the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Kings Drive.

Central Industrial Education Center

In place of Charlotte College, came the Central Industrial Education Center (CIEC), which was established in 1959. The school was part of the larger Industrial Education Center System which addressed the educational needs of adults throughout Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The schools provided technical and business training, pre-employment training, hobby and leisure classes, and opportunities to improve occupational skills. The artifacts on display are reflections of daily life for students, staff, and administrators during this era.

The CIEC was housed in the Central High building and was directed by Dr. Richard H. Hagemeyer, who also served as the assistant superintendent of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. The CIEC was merged with Mecklenburg College in 1963 to form Central Piedmont Community College.

Visitors can view digitized images, publications, brochures, and listen to oral history interviews from former faculty, that relate to the physical display in the Central High building.

Central Industrial Education Center Photo Gallery

Students in Class

Instructor Bob Fussell during a demonstration

Instructor Bob Fussell during a demonstration

Instructor Bob Fussell during a electrical engineering lesson

Instructor Bob Fussell with Students