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H5P at Central Piedmont Community College

Learn how the library is integrating H5P tutorials into instructional design and student learning.

H5P Introduction

H5P is a tutorial creator, similar to Articulate, that allows users to create tutorials and teaching materials in HTML5 for use on the web, in Blackboard, and in Brightspace.

The Central Piedmont Community College Library uses H5P to create interactive tutorials for the

  • ENG 111 Plagiarism Module
  • MLA Citations
  • Evaluating Credible Sources

See the Library Repository at H5P

The library is currently looking for a hosting solution for H5P content. Options include WordPress Plugins, Drupal Plugins, or H5P's own hosting. 

How Citations Work Demo Example

This example is hosted at, which will soon depreciate. 

When using an LTI integration for a LMS like Blackboard or Brightspace, H5P can be integrated into the grade book. Students can go through tutorials without leaving their LMS. 

Additional Help

Step by Step Research Guide Citation Help Tutorials