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This Guide can be used to help you become aware of the 250th anniversary of Charlotte’s founding, CLT250, a yearlong celebration filled with events large and small, This includes events at CPCC.

Historical Images of Charlotte and CPCC -Case 1

Historical Images of Charlotte and CPCC -Case 2

Central High Photo (entrance with cars)

The entrance of Central High School building, as seen in 1955. Central High was not used as a High School during this time; rather, it was the home of Charlotte College (the precursor to UNC-Charlotte). AR.0036 - Photographs Collection, CPCC Archives.Yearbook, S&C 1937

Central Industrial Education Center Photo (CIEC-entrance-sign)


The Central Industrial Education Center (CIEC) was established in Charlotte in 1959 order to meet the educational needs of adults in the community by providing technical and business training, pre-employment training, hobby and leisure classes, and opportunities to improve occupational skills. The CIEC was housed in the old Central High building on Elizabeth Avenue and was directed by Dr. Richard H. Hagemeyer, who also served as the assistant superintendent of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. The CIEC was merged with Mecklenburg College in 1963 to form Central Piedmont Community College. AR.0033 - Central Industrial Education Center Collection, CPCC Archives.




Article discussing Miss Bonnie Cone’s (UNCC) hope for collaboration between Charlotte College and Carver College in order to provide both 2-year and 4-year educational opportunities for all students, but with the same level of quality education being provided to current and future students.

AR.0041 - History Room Collection, CPCC Archives.

Carver College ECHO yearbook

Carver College was operated by the Charlotte City School Board from 1949-1958 and by the Charlotte Community College System from 1958-1963. It was the predominantly black counterpart of the predominately white Charlotte College. The name of Carver College was changed to Mecklenburg College in 1961. The college closed in July 1963 when it was merged with the Central Industrial Education Center to form Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC). As part of CPCC, the campus facilities were known as the Beatties Ford Road campus until the property was sold in 1965. AR.0032 - Carver College Collection, CPCC Archives.


C_001 (Assembly in Auditorium)

Students of the CIEC listening to a speaker during a class assembly. Undated, c. 1960. AR.0036 - Photographs Collection, CPCC Archives.

C_002 (Students Entering Garinger - Central High Building).

Students of the Central Industrial Education Center, photographed entering the old Central High Building. Undated, c. 1960. AR.0036 - Photographs Collection, CPCC Archives

C_003 (Central High Entrance, Charlotte College Sign)

Side-by-side images showing the entrance to Central High School and the sign for Charlotte College. AR.0036 - Photographs Collection, CPCC Archives.

Carveran_1957 (original building)

Front page of the Carveran Yearbook for the Class of 1957.

AR.0032 - Carver College Collection, CPCC Archives.




Student journalists for the Carver Chronicle, class of 1957.

AR.0032 - Carver College Collection, CPCC Archives.

Carveran_1959-Queen City Float


Unidentified Carver College students participating in the Queen City Classic Float parade in 1959. AR.0032 - Carver College Collection, CPCC Archives.



Copy of the Carver Chronicle newsletter, Vol. III, No. 1 (April 1959). This publication provided information on school events, updates, and information for faculty and students. AR.0041-History Room Collection, CPCC Archives.

Historical Images of Charlotte and CPCC - Case 3

Harry Golden


As Dr. Tom Hanchett describes, “in the mid 1960s, CPCC began assembling land around the former high school and demolishing residences to build a large modern campus. Among the houses to be lost was Harry Golden's home and office, demolished for a parking garage. A granite tablet with a bronze plaque was erected to mark the site, and the author himself moved to 1701 East Eighth Street nearby where he spent the rest of his life. Golden is photographed standing next to the tablet outside of his home.” Photo courtesy of The Charlotte Observer.


CPCC Yellow Logo


This was the first “logo” for Central Piedmont Community College.” It is unknown exactly where this sign once stood, but it most definitely greeted students and staff on campus each day throughout the first 25 years of the college’s history.

AR.0041 - History Room Collection, CPCC Archives.

To date, CPCC has had four presidents. From left to right are, Dr. Richard Hagemeyer (1st president, 1963-1986); Dr. Ruth G. Shaw (2nd President, 1986-1992); Dr. Tony Zeiss (3rd President, 1992-2016); and Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer (2016-present). In their own, respective, ways, each president has helped CPCC evolve and grow through campus, community, and workforce development initiatives.

AR.0036 - Photographs Collection, CPCC Archives.

Jimmies was a staple in the Elizabeth neighborhood from 1953 until the early 2000s; slinging All-American diner type of food. The photographs show the view of Jimmies in the early 1960s; the view of Jimmies on it’s closing day in the early 2000s; and employees of CPCC enjoying a “meeting at Jimmies” in the late 1980s. These photographs were placed into a time capsule in 1983 to honor the 25th Anniversary of CPCC.

AR.0034 (25th Anniversary Collection).