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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: February 2023

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

Endpapers by Jennifer Savran

It's 2003,and artist Dawn Levit is stuck. A bookbinder who works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she spends all day repairing old books but hasn’t created anything of her own in years. What’s more, although she doesn’t have a word for it yet, Dawn is genderqueer, and with a partner who wishes she were a man and a society that wants her to be a woman, she’s struggling to feel safe expressing herself. Dawn spends her free time scouting the city’s street art, hoping to find the inspiration that will break her artistic block—and time is of the essence, because she’s making her major gallery debut in six weeks and doesn’t have anything to show yet.

One day at work, Dawn discovers something hidden under the endpapers of an old book: the torn-off cover of a lesbian pulp novel from the 1950s, with an illustration of a woman looking into a mirror and seeing a man’s face. Even more intriguing is the queer love letter written on the back. Dawn becomes obsessed with tracking down the author of the letter, convinced the mysterious writer can help her find her place in the world. Her fixation only increases when her best friend, Jae, is injured in a hate crime for which Dawn feels responsible. But ultimately for Dawn, the trickiest puzzle to solve is how she truly wants to live her life.

The Secrets of Hartwood Hall by Katie Lumsden

It’s 1852 and Margaret Lennox, a young widow, attempts to escape the shadows of her past by taking a position as governess to an only child, Louis, at an isolated country house in the west of England.
But Margaret soon starts to feel that something isn’t quite right. There are strange figures in the dark, tensions between servants, and an abandoned east wing. Even stranger is the local gossip surrounding Mrs. Eversham, Louis’s widowed mother, who is deeply distrusted in the village.
Lonely and unsure whom to trust, Margaret finds distraction in a forbidden relationship with the gardener, Paul. But as Margaret’s history threatens to catch up with her, it isn’t long before she learns the truth behind the secrets of Hartwood Hall.


The House Guest by Hank Phillippi Ryan

After every divorce, one spouse gets all the friends. What does the other one get? If they're smart, they get the benefits. Alyssa Macallan is terrified when she's dumped by her wealthy and powerful husband. With a devastating divorce looming, she begins to suspect her toxic and manipulative soon-to-be-ex is scheming to ruin her—leaving her alone and penniless. And when the FBI shows up at her door, Alyssa knows she really needs a friend.

And then she gets one. A seductive new friend, one who's running from a dangerous relationship of her own. Alyssa offers Bree Lorrance the safety of her guest house, and the two become confidantes. Then Bree makes a heart-stoppingly tempting offer. Maybe Alyssa and Bree can solve each others' problems.

But no one is what they seem. And the fates and fortunes of these two women twist and turn until the shocking truth emerges: You can't always get what you want. But sometimes you get what you deserve.

A: General Works

AM11 .R43 2022  The museum : a short history of crisis and resilience / Samuel J. Redman

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

D: World History

DS119.7 .S29 2010  Footnotes in Gaza / Joe Sacco




DS371.412 .M327 2021  The American war in Afghanistan : a history / Carter Malkasian




DS559.46 .B53 2022  You don't belong here : how three women rewrote the story of war / Elizabeth Becker




DU627.2 .L555 2021  Hawaii's story by Hawaii's Queen / Lili'uokalani

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E183 .R255 2021  American schism : how the two Enlightenments hold the secret to healing our nation / Seth David Radwell




E185.7 .T576 2020x  Through the eyes of a slave : written accounts of American slavery / by various




E185.96 .G54 2014  Strange fruit. Volume 1 : Uncelebrated narratives from Black history / words and pictures by Joel Christian Gill 



E450 .E94 2011  Underground / Shane W. Evans 




E450.S85 D54 2022  Vigilance : the life of William Still, Father of the Underground Railroad / Andrew K. Diemer




E457.2 .M479 2022  And there was light : Abraham Lincoln and the American struggle / Jon Meacham




E77.4 .T74 2021  Everything you wanted to know about Indians but were afraid to ask / Anton Treuer




E83.866 .B835 2022  The last campaign : Sherman, Geronimo, and the War for America / H. W. Brands




E840.8.C48 A3 2010  Unbought and unbossed / Shirley Chisholm




E89 .H69 2020  How we go home : voices from indigenous North America / edited by Sara Sinclair




E901.1.K36 A3 2022  Invisible storm : a soldier's memoir of politics and PTSD / Jason Kander




E908.3 .K44 2022  Grace : President Obama and ten days in the battle for America / Cody Keenan




E912 .B35 2022  The divider : Trump in the White House, 2017-2021 / Peter Baker and Susan Glasser




E913 .H33 2022  Confidence man : the making of Donald Trump and the breaking of America / Maggie Haberman




F127.S9 P297 2022  Fire Island : a century in the life of an American paradise / Jack Parlett




F128.9.C5 W35 2022  Beautiful country : a memoir of an undocumented childhood / Qian Julie Wang




F704.T92 W43 2021  Unspeakable : the Tulsa Race Massacre / Carole Boston Weatherford

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HB615 .H67 2020  Entertaining entrepreneurs : reality TV's Shark Tank and the American dream in uncertain times / Daniel Horowitz  print & online



HC110.P6 W226 2019  Poverty and welfare in America : examining the facts / David Wagner




HC79.P6 O54 2021  Poverty and austerity amid prosperity : a comparative introduction / Gregg M. Olsen




HD62.5 .S67285 2021  Clever girl finance : the side hustle guide! : build a successful side hustle and increase your income / Bola Sokunbi




HD7293 .P48 2020  The affordable city : strategies for putting housing within reach (and keeping it there) / Shane Phillips




HD9502.A2 T324 2020  Global energy fundamentals : economics, politics, and technology / Simone Tagliapietra




HD9993.E452 D748 2020  One up : creativity, competition, and the global business of video games / Joost van Dreunen  print & online




HD9999.H362 C73 2020  Craft entrepreneurship / edited by Annette Naudin and Karen Patel




HF5548.8 .C683 2013  Mean girls at work : how to stay professional when things get personal / Katherine Crowley, Kathi Elster




HF5549.5.J616 F53 2021  Sparked : discover your unique imprint for work that makes you come alive / Jonathan Fields




HF5718.5 .C69 2022  Writing on the job : best practices for communicating in the digital age / Martha B. Coven




HG179 .S55235 2019  Clever girl finance : ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth / Bola Sokunbi




HG179 .S55236 2020  Clever girl finance : learn how investing works, grow your money / Bola Sokunbi




HG179 .T9665 2021  Personal finance in your 20s & 30s / by Eric Tyson, MBA




HG222.3 .H68 2020  The psychology of money : timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness / Morgan Housel

HM479.R53 A3 2022  A story of a marriage through dementia and beyond : love in a whirlwind / Laurel Richardson




HM480 G76 2022  Fire in the streets : how you can confidently respond to incendiary cultural topics / Douglas R. Groothuis




HM851 .N3727 2022  Virtual society : the metaverse and the new frontiers of human experience / Herman Narula




HM851 .R8335 2020  Future presence : how virtual reality is changing human connection, intimacy, and the limits of ordinary life / Peter Rubin



HQ1236.5.U6 S725 2022  Women, power, and rape culture : the politics and policy of underrepresentation / Bonnie Stabile and Aubrey Leigh Grant



HV6275 .K426 2022  They knew : how a culture of conspiracy keeps America complacent / Sarah Kendzior




HV6536.55.A97 F46 2022  Aurora : the psychiatrist who treated the movie theater killer tells her story / Lynne Fenton, MD and Kerrie Droban



HV6561 .K655 2022  Sexual assault and harassment in America : examining the facts / Sarah Koon-Magnin




HV6773 .G7424 2022  Tracers in the dark : the global hunt for the crime lords of cryptocurrency / Andy Greenberg




HV7911.H66 G34 2022  G-man : J. Edgar Hoover and the making of the American century / Beverly Gage




HV8079.C65 B36 2020  Cybercrime investigations : the comprehensive resource for everyone / John Bandler, Antonia Merzon




HV8195 .S53 2022  Understanding policing and professional practice : the professional policing curriculum in practice / Barrie Sheldon and Peter Williams

J: Political Science

JC312 .G44 2022  Majority minority / Justin Gest




JC573.2.U6 C6537 2022  The right : the hundred-year war for American conservatism / Matthew Continetti




JV6483 .Y68 2021  Forever Prisoners: How the United States made the world's largest immigrant detention system / Elliott Young

K: Law

KF3800 .W58 2020  American contagions : epidemics and the law from smallpox to COVID-19 / John Fabian Witt




KF3941 .C36 2021  Guns in America : examining the facts / Donald J. Campbell




KF4772 .P64 2019  Free speech and censorship : examining the facts / H.L. Pohlman




KF4783 .S43 2022  American crusade : how the Supreme Court is weaponizing religious freedom / Andrew L. Seidel 




KF9415 .L58 2022  Lady justice : women, the law, and the battle to save America / Dahlia Lithwick

L: Education

LA217.2 .C62 2021  Public and private education in America : examining the facts / Casey D. Cobb and Gene V Glass




LB2353.7.T43 B6855 2022  ATI TEAS : TEAS 7 prep book secrets study guide : six full-length practice tests (1,000+) questions, step-by-step video tutorials / written and edited by Matthew Bowling



LC3731 .W65 2019  Working together : how community colleges and their partners help immigrants succeed / edited by Jill Casner-Lotto with Teresita B. Wisell

M: Music

ML3805 .S62 2021  Music, math, and mind : the physics and neuroscience of music / David Sulzer  print & online




ML420.B6856 A3 2022  Surrender : 40 songs, one story / Bono




ML420.G864 A3 2021  The storyteller : tales of life and music / Dave Grohl

N: Fine Arts

N6853.P5 E22 2022  Picasso's war : how modern art came to America / Hugh Eakin




N7793.H4 B76 2022  The devil's atlas : an explorer's guide to heavens, hells and afterworlds / Edward Brooke-Hitching




N8795.3.E85 A44 2021  Afterlives : recovering the lost stories of looted art / Darsie Alexander and Sam Sackeroff 




NA2728 .S475 2022  Interior design using Autodesk Revit 2023 : introduction to building information modeling for interior designers / Daniel John Stine



NA2850 .M56 2022  Residential interior design : a guide to planning spaces / Maureen Mitton, CID, NCIDQ, Courtney Nystuen, AIA EMERITUS



NA680 .G545 2022  Illusion in design : new trends in architecture and interiors / Gay Giordano and Paul Gunther



ND497.S414 A4 2020  Sean Scully : the shape of ideas / Timothy Rub with Amanda Sroka



NK2113 .D48 2020  Green interior design : the guide to sustainable high style / Lori Dennis & Courtney Porter



NK2115 .A59 2022  Beginnings of interior environments / Lynn M. Jones, Brenau University; Heidi Plumb, Ensign College




NK2115.3.A47 H385 2022  AphroChic : celebrating the legacy of the Black family home / Bryan Mason and Jeanine Hays

P: Language, Literature

P306.93 .Z37 2021  Captioning and subtitling for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences / Soledad Zarate




PC4445 .J37 2020  First 100 words : English & Spanish / Susie Jaramillo



PE1119.2 .A897 2022  Stella sells lemonade : a subtraction adventure / by Megan Atwood



PN1055 .G66 2022  Unguarded ; poems and photopoems from the depths / Clarice Anne Cato Goodyear




PN1995.9.C84 C45 2022  TCM underground : 50 must-see films from the world of classic cult and late-night cinema / Millie De Chirico and Quatoyiah Murry



PN1995.9.H6 N397 2022  Nightmare fuel : the science of horror films / Nina Nesseth




PN6120.W6 T45 2022  Telling our stories of home : international performance pieces by and about women / edited and introduced by Kathy A. Perkins



PN6710 .M335 1994  Understanding comics : the invisible art / [writing and art, Scott McCloud]




PN6727.C67 U58 2012  Unterzakhn / Leela Corman




PN6727.D836 K56 2017  Kindred : a graphic novel adaptation / by Damian Duffy and John Jennings




PN6727.F29 F33 2022  A fade of light / by Nate Fakes




PN6727.L495 T45 2021  Thirsty mermaids / Kat Leyh



PN6727.L58 N54 2022  The night eaters. Book 1, She eats the night / Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda




PN6727.L87 B47 2018  Berlin / Jason Lutes




PN6727.S748 P46 2021  Penny : a graphic memoir / by Karl Stevens

PN6728.G45 J64 2021  Geiger. Volume one / [written by] Geoff Johns




PN6728.S53 Y68 2021  Sleeping beauties. Part 1 : a graphic novel / based on the novel by Stephen King and Owen King




PN6733.O45 F53 2021  Fictional father / by Joe Ollmann




PN6737.T86 E94 2022  Everything is ok / Debbie Tung




PS3562.E42 L3 2008  The lathe of heaven : a novel / Ursula K. Le Guin




PS3573.A425 Z46 2022  Gathering blossoms under fire : the journals of Alice Walker 1965-2000 / edited by Valerie Boyd




PS3603.H653 A6 2019  Soft science / Franny Choi




PS3604.A748 D48 2022  Devil house / John Darnielle




PS3608.A544 M47 2022  Mercy Street : a novel / Jennifer Haigh




PS3611.O343 H38 2022  The haunting of Hajji Hotak : and other stories / Jamil Jan Kochai




PS3613.O8455 N54 2022  Nightcrawling / Leila Mottley




PZ7.1.G614 Be 2022  Berry song / Michaela Goade




PZ7.7.V475 Gi 2021  A girl called Echo. Vol. 4, Road allowance era / by Katherena Vermette




PZ7.L463 We 2006  Wee Gillis / by Munro Leaf




PZ7.R5818 Bl 2011  Blackout / by John Rocco



PZ7.T543 Al 2010  Anatole / by Eve Titus




PZ8.3.F623 Lu 2022  Lulu & Zoey : a sister story / written by Carrie Finison

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

QA117 .D63 2009  Full house : an invitation to fractions / Dayle Ann Dodds



QB983 .B38 2018  The stuff of stars / Marion Dane Bauer ; illustrated by Ekua Holmes



QL45.2.D965 2006  The Corfu trilogy / Gerald Durrell

R: Medicine, Nursing

R726.8 .P3438 2022  Palliative medicine : a case-based manual / edited by Susan MacDonald, et al




RA644.C67 C668 2021  COVID chronicles : a comics anthology / edited by Kendra Boileau and Rich Johnson




RA644.Y4 M875 2003  An American plague : the true and terrifying story of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 / by Jim Murphy




RA776 .S4475 2022  The joy choice : how to finally achieve lasting changes in eating and exercise / Michelle Segar, PhD




RA778 .R27 2022  The gospel of wellness : gyms, gurus, Goop, and the false promise of self-care / Rina Raphael




RA784 .C23522 2020  The future of nutrition : an insider's look at the science, why we keep getting it wrong, and how to start getting it right / T. Colin Campbell with Nelson Disla



RC280.B8 T63 2020  Kimiko does cancer : a graphic memoir / Kimiko Tobimatsu




RC280.C6 H55 2022  I'm a terminal cancer patient, but I'm fine / (true) story and art by Hilnama




RC372 .D87 2021  Parenthesis / Elodie Durand 




RC521 .V58 2021  Women of color in a world apart : an ethnography of care workers and dementia / Anne K. Vittoria




RD753 .O94 2021  Oxford handbook of trauma and orthopaedic nursing / Rebecca Jester





RJ249 .D38 2021  Pediatric palliative care : a model for exemplary practice / Betty Davies, Rose Steele, Jennifer Baird




RK60.5.D425 2020  Dental Assisting exam review book : study guide with practice test questions for the Certified Dental Assistant examination

RM236 .R74 2022  How to eat more plants : transform your health with 30 plant-based foods per week (and why it's easier than you think) / Dr. Megan Rossi



RS57 .K44 2023  Clinical calculations : with applications to general and specialty areas / Joyce LeFever Kee, et al




RT21 .D5369 2021  A dictionary of nursing / consultant, Tanya A. McFerran




RT41 .D48 2022  Developing practical nursing skills : foundations for nursing and healthcare students / edited by Nicola Neale and Joanne Sale



RT41 .P73 2022  Practical general practice nursing / [edited by] Marion M. Welsh, Susan F. Brooks



RT42 .P75 2022  Delivering person-centred care in nursing / Bob Price




RT84 .S666 2023  Mosby's essentials for nursing assistants / Leighann N. Remmert, MS, RN, Sheila A. Sorrentino, PhD, RN




RT85.5 .Q24 2022  Quality and safety in nursing : a competency approach to improving outcomes / edited by Gwen Sherwood, Jane Barnsteiner



RT90.7 .O94 2021  Oxford handbook of primary care and community nursing / edited by Judy Brook, et al

S: Agriculture

S521.5.V5 G39 2022  Pig years / Ellyn Gaydos

T: Technology, Culinary

TD798 .B37 2019  Transforming plastic : from pollution to evolution / Albert Bates




TD883 .S565 2020  Clearing the air / Tim Smedley




TX301 .L46 2023  Housing and interior design / Evelyn L. Lewis, Carolyn Turner Smith




TX772 .B467 2021  The cookie bible / Rose Levy Beranbaum ; photography by Matthew Septimus



TX837 .H7918 2021  High-protein plant-based diet for beginners : quick & easy recipes for everyday meals / Maya A. Howard with Ariel Warren, RDN, CD, CDCES