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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: December 2022

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

Aesthetica by Allie Rowbottom

At 19, she was an Instagram celebrity. Now, at 35, she works behind the cosmetic counter at the “black and white store,” peddling anti-aging products to women seeking physical and spiritual transformation. She too is seeking rebirth. She’s about to undergo the high-risk, elective surgery Aesthetica™, a procedure that will reverse all her past plastic surgery procedures, returning her, she hopes, to a truer self. Provided she survives the knife.
But on the eve of the surgery, her traumatic past resurfaces when she is asked to participate in the public takedown of her former manager/boyfriend, who has rebranded himself as a paragon of “woke” masculinity in the post-#MeToo world. With the hours ticking down to her surgery, she must confront the ugly truth about her experiences on and off the Instagram grid.


Night Shift by Robin Cook

Colleagues-turned-spouses Dr. Laurie Montgomery and Dr. Jack Stapleton already have their plates full with demanding forensic pathology work and family pressures. The last thing they need is the sudden death of a colleague. Yet when Laurie’s apparently vital and healthy longtime friend Dr. Sue Passero dies mysteriously in the hopsital parking garage, an autopsy is required, and it falls uncomfortably under Laurie’s purview as the chief medical examiner. So when Laurie asks Jack to take special care with the case, he can hardly refuse.

With his curiosity sparked by an inconclusive autopsy, the indefatigable Jack is compelled to resolve the case at hand, and sets out to investigate on-site at Manhattan Memorial Hospital, even though it means blatantly defying the Office of Chief Medical Examiner’s rules. What started out as an inquiry into Sue’s tragic passing soon turns into a deadly and dangerous chess game between Jack and the clever and deranged killer, who might just administer another lethal blow if Jack isn’t careful.


The Twist of a Knife by Anthony Horowitz

“I’m sorry but the answer’s no.” Reluctant author, Anthony Horowitz, has had enough. He tells ex-detective Daniel Hawthorne that after three books he’s splitting and their deal is over.

The truth is that Anthony has other things on his mind.

His new play, a thriller called Mindgame, is about to open at the Vaudeville Theater in London’s West End. Not surprisingly, Hawthorne declines a ticket to the opening night.

The play is panned by the critics. In particular, Sunday Times critic Margaret Throsby gives it a savage review, focusing particularly on the writing. The next day, Throsby is stabbed in the heart with an ornamental dagger which turns out to belong to Anthony, and has his fingerprints all over it.

Anthony is arrested by an old enemy . . . Detective Inspector Cara Grunshaw. She still carries a grudge from her failure to solve the case described in the second Hawthorne adventure, The Sentence is Death, and blames Anthony. Now she’s out for revenge.

Thrown into prison and fearing for both his personal future and his writing career, Anthony is the prime suspect in Throsby’s murder and when a second theatre critic is found to have died in mysterious circumstances, the net closes in. Ever more desperate, he realizes that only one man can help him.

But will Hawthorne take the call?


We Knew All Along by Mina Hardy

Blame the booze, her shaky marriage, her troubled son, or a thousand other things. Jewelann Jordan has one thing on her mind when she attends her class reunion, and that's making sure her old crush Christian Campbell sees exactly what he lost all those years ago. A late night, a hotel room, a rekindled flame that burns even hotter than it did back then. What could go wrong?
The night with Christian isn't the first secret Jewelann has kept from her husband Ken, so one more shouldn't be much harder--except that Christian shows up without warning, seemingly determined to do his best to mess up Jewelann's life in any way he can. Worse than that, he seems to have his sights set on charming her son, Eli, and befriending her husband. Revenge isn't so sweet when it bites you back, but Jewelann is determined to keep Christian from ruining everything she's worked so hard to keep safe, including her son.
Fighting to keep it all from spiraling out of control, Jewelann discovers Christian is not the man he claims to be. When darker secrets emerge, even closer to home, Jewelann takes the chance to turn the tables on him. The more Jewelann digs for the truth, the uglier--and the deadlier--it gets.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

BF521 .A34 2021  Affect, gender and sexuality in Latin America / Cecilia Macon, Mariela Solana, Nayla Luz Vacarezza, editors




BL2018 .M27 2022  Sikh philosophy : exploring gurmat concepts in a decolonizing world / Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair




BL60 .M6385 2021  Lived religion in Latin America : an enchanted modernity / Gustavo Morello, S.J.

D: World History

DS352 .E48 2011  An unexpected light : travels in Afghanistan / Jason Elliot

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E169.1 .D464 2021  American exceptionalism / Volker Depkat




E184.S75 G369 2021  Latino politics / Lisa Garcia Bedolla and Christian Hosam




E185.18 .M55 2021  Beyond slavery's shadow : free people of color in the South / Warren Eugene Milteer Jr




E185.615 .M684 2021  The movement for Black lives : philosophical perspectives / edited by Brandon Hogan, Michael Cholbi, Alex Madva, and Benjamin S. Yost



E185.86 .E79 2021  Black nerd problems / William Evans and Omar Holmon




E449.D75 F7395 2021  Frederick Douglass in context / edited by Michael Roy




E741 .G35 2022  Modern conspiracies in America : separating fact from fiction / Michael D. Gambone

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GV708.8 .L47 2021  Lesbian, gay, and transgender athletes in Latin America / Joaqui­n Piedra, Eric Anderson, editors

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

J: Political Science

JC481 .F834 2022  Digital fascism / Christian Fuchs

K: Law

KF1874 .P47 2022  The right to repair : reclaiming the things we own / Aaron Perzanowski




KF4552 .G65 2022  Real Americans : national identity, violence, and the constitution / Jared A. Goldstein

L: Education

LB2324 .E845 2021  Ethics in higher education : promoting equity and inclusion through case-based inquiry / edited by Rebecca M. Taylor and Ashley Floyd Kuntz

M: Music

ML3531 .H67 2021  The motherlode : 100+ women who made hip-hop / Clover Hope  print & online



ML3795 .R414 2022  The best jobs in the music industry : straight talk from successful music pros / Michael Redman




ML3918.R37 B715 2021  Chronicling Stankonia : the rise of the hip-hop South / Regina N. Bradley

N: Fine Arts

N6537.B4 G55 2022  Romare Bearden in the homeland of his imagination : an artist's reckoning with the South / Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore



N6537.J6 A4 2021  Jasper Johns : mind/mirror / Carlos Basualdo and Scott Rothkopf 



NX449.7.G68 L83 2021b  Gothic : an illustrated history / Roger Luckhurst

P: Language, Literature

PN6727.D836 O38 2020  Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the sower / a graphic novel adaptation by Damian Duffy and John Jennings 



PN6728.L58 L46 2022  Little monsters. Volume 1 / Jeff Lemire, writer 




PN6728.N48 T965 2022  The nice house on the lake. Volume one / James Tynion IV, writer




PN6728.S5677 T96 2020  Something is killing the children. Volume one / written by James Tynion IV




PN6728.S5677 T964 2021  Something is killing the children. Volume two / written by James Tynion IV




PN6728.S5677 T965 2021  Something is killing the children. Volume three / written by James Tynion IV




PN6733.N65 S53 2020  Slaughterhouse-five : or, The children's crusade : a duty-dance with death / story by Kurt Vonnegut




PN6737.M66 V23 2018  V for vendetta, the 30th anniversary deluxe edition / written by Alan Moore




PN6790.B73 N4713 2021  1984 : the graphic novel / George Orwell ; illustrated by Fido Nesti




PN6790.I43 V27 2022  The many deaths of Laila Starr / written by Ram V




PN83 .P87 2022  How to read like a writer : 10 lessons to elevate your reading and writing practice / Erin M. Pushman




PS1999.H4226 O36 2022  Of one blood / Pauline Hopkins




PS228.B6 C34 2022  The Beats in Mexico / David Stephen Calonne




PS3557.I55 .N55 2022  A library / Nikki Giovanni



PZ7.7.O7656 He 2020  Heartstopper. Volume 1 / Alice Oseman




PZ7.7.O7656 He 2020  Heartstopper Volume 2 / Alice Oseman

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

R: Medicine, Nursing

RA648.5 .N58 2021  Quarantine life from cholera to COVID-19 : what pandemics teach us about parenting, work, life, and communities from the 1700s to today / Kari Nixon





Hands in health care : massage therapy for the adult hospital patient / Gayle MacDonald, Carolyn Tague




Rehabilitation interventions in the patient with obesity / Paolo Capodaglio, editor




Oxford handbook of medical rehabilitation / Manoj Sivan [and three others]





Integrative Rehabilitation Practice : The Foundations of Whole-Person Care for Health Professionals




Back exercise : stabilize, mobilize, and reduce pain / Brian Richey




Sleep medicine and physical therapy : a comprehensive guide for practitioners / Cristina Frange, Fernando Morgadinho Santos Coelho, editors




Perspectives on occupational therapy education : past, present, and future / Steven D. Taff, Lenin C. Grajo, Barbara R. Hooper




Cara and MacRae's psychosocial occupational therapy : an evolving practice / Anne MacRae




Supporting yoga students with common injuries and conditions : a handbook for teachers and trainees / Dr. Andrew McGonigle, MBBS



Philosophy and occupational therapy : informing education, research, and practice / editor, Steven D Taff




Movement difficulties in developmental disorders : practical guidelines for assessment and management / David Sugden and Michael Wade



Clinical reasoning and decision-making in physical therapy : facilitation, assessment, and implementation / edited by Gina Maria Muscolino, Gail M. Jensen



Muscle energy techniques : a practical guide for physical therapists / John Gibbons




Yoga therapy for stroke : a handbook for yoga therapists and healthcare professionals / Arelene A. Schmid and Marieke van Puymbroeck



Physical agent modalities : theory and application for the occupational therapist / Alfred G. Bracciano




The intentional relationship : occupational therapy and use of self / Renee R. Taylor



Yoga therapy : foundations, tools, and practice : a comprehensive textbook / edited by Diane Finlayson and Laurie C. Hyland Robertson



Physical rehabilitation, medicine, and therapy sourcebook / edited by Angela L. Williams




Occupational and Activity Analysis : Third Edition




Creativity in occupational therapy: : person, process, product / Alenka Oven




Therapeutic exercise for children with developmental disabilities / edited by Barbara H. Connolly




Physical therapy documentation : from examination to outcome / Mia L. Erickson, Ralph R. Utzman, Rebecca S. McKnight




Effective Teaching : instructional methods and strategies for occupational therapy education / editor




Umphred's neurorehabilitation for the physical therapist assistant

A career as a dental hygienist / Ann Byers




Adult CCRN certification express review.




Speech sound disorders in children : articulation & phonological disorders / by John E. Bernthal




Breastfeeding : a guide for the medical professional / Ruth A. Lawrence, Robert M. Lawrence




Breastfeeding telephone triage and advice / Maya Bunik



Core competencies of civility in nursing & healthcare / Cynthia M. Clark



Coronavirus disease - COVID-19 / Nima Rezaei, editor




Fundamentals of children and young people's anatomy and physiology : a textbook for nursing and healthcare students / edited by Ian Peate



Gerontological nursing : competencies for care / [edited by] Kristen L. Mauk



LGBTQ+ : support and care. Part 1, Combatting stigma and discrimination / American Academy of Pediatrics




LGBTQ+ : support and care. Part 3, Caring for transgender children / American Academy of Pediatrics



Nurse's drug handbook 2022




Professional nursing concepts : competencies for quality leadership / Anita Finkelman, MSN, RN




Psychiatric mental health nursing : an interpersonal approach / edited by Jeffrey S. Jones




Psychiatric-mental health nursing :  scope and standards of practice /  American Nurses Association




Technological addictions / edited by Petros Levounis, James Sherer




Textbook of autism spectrum disorders / edited by Eric Hollander, Randi J. Hagerman, Casara Jean Ferrett




The nursing associate's handbook of clinical skills / edited by Ian Peate

Z: Publishing, Library Science, Information Resources

Z674.75.S63 S54 2021  Change the world using social media / Paul Signorelli