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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: November 2022

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

The Confessions of Matthew Strong by Ousmane Power-Greene

One could argue the story begins the night Allegra Douglass is awarded Distinguished Chair in Philosophy at her top-tier university in New York—the same night her grandmother dies—or before that: the day Allie left Birmingham and never looked back. Or even before that: the day her mother disappeared. But for our purposes Allie’s story begins at the end, when she is finally ready to tell her version of what happened with a white supremacist named Matthew Strong.
        From the beginning, Allie had the clues: in a spate of possibly connected disappearances of other young Black women; in a series of recently restored plantation homes; in letters outlining an uprising; in maps of slave trade routes and old estates; in hidden caves and buried tunnels; and finally, in a confessional that should never have existed. They just have to make a case strong enough for the FBI and police to listen. This is when Allie herself disappears.
        Allie is a survivor. She survived the newly post-Jim Crow south, she survived cancer, and she will survive being stalked and kidnapped by Matthew Strong, who seeks to ignite a revolution. The surprise in this doesn’t lie in the question of will she be taken; it lies in how she and her community outsmart a tactical madman.


Small Game by Blair Braveman

Four strangers and six weeks: this is all that separates Mara from one life-changing payday. She was surprised when reality TV producers came knocking at Primal Instinct—the survival school where she teaches rich clients not to die during a night outdoors—and even more shocked to be cast in their new show, Civilization. Now she just has to live off the land with her fellow survivors for long enough to get the prize money.

Whisked by helicopter to an undisclosed location, Mara meets her teammates: The grizzled outdoorsman. The Eagle Scout. The white-collar professional. And Ashley, the beautiful but inexperienced one who just wants to be famous. Mara’s unusual, rugged childhood has prepared her for the discomforts and hard work ahead. But trusting her fellow survivors? Not part of Mara’s skill set.

When the cast wakes one morning to find something has gone horribly wrong, fear ripples through the group. Are the producers giving them an extra challenge? Or are they wrapped up in something more dangerous? Soon Mara and the others face terrifying decisions as “survival” becomes more than a game.


Someday Maybe by Onyi Nwabineli

Here are three things you should know about my husband: 1. He was the great love of my life despite his penchant for going incommunicado. 2. He was, as far as I and everyone else could tell, perfectly happy. Which is significant because…3. On New Year’s Eve, he died.

And here is one thing you should know about me:

  1. I found him.

Bonus fact: No. I am not okay.


The Couple at the Table by Sophie Hannah

Jane and William are enjoying their honeymoon at an exclusive couples-only resort…

…until Jane receives a chilling note warning her to “Beware of the couple at the table nearest to yours.” At dinner that night, five other couples are present, and none of their tables is any nearer or farther away than any of the others. It’s almost as if someone has set the scene in order to make the warning note meaningless—but why would anyone do that?

Jane has no idea.

But someone in this dining room will be dead before breakfast, and all the evidence will suggest that no one there that night could have possibly committed the crime.


The Resemblance by Lauren Nossett

On a chilly November morning at the University of Georgia, a fraternity brother steps off a busy crosswalk and is struck dead by an oncoming car. More than a dozen witnesses all agree on two things: the driver looked identical to the victim, and he was smiling.

Detective Marlitt Kaplan is first on the scene. An Athens native and the daughter of a UGA professor, she knows all its shameful histories, from the skull discovered under the foundations of Baldwin Hall to the hushed-up murder-suicide in Waddel. But in the course of investigating this hit-and-run, she will uncover more chilling secrets as she explores the sprawling, interconnected Greek system that entertains and delights the university’s most elite and connected students.

The lines between Marlitt’s police work and her own past increasingly blur as Marlitt seeks to bring to justice an institution that took something precious from her many years ago. When threats against her escalate, and some long-buried secrets threaten to come to the surface, she can’t help questioning whether the corruption in Athens has run off campus and into the force and how far these brotherhoods will go to protect their own.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

B59 .I59 2022  Introducing philosophy through pop culture : from Socrates to Star Wars and beyond / edited by William Irwin and David Kyle Johnson



BF1078 .M355 2021  The psychology of dreaming / Josie Malinowski




BF376 .L48 2015  Trauma and memory : brain and body in a search for the living past : a practical guide for understanding and working with traumatic memory / Peter A. Levine ; foreword by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk, MD



BF397.5.S45 H66 2015  First defense : anxiety and instinct for self-protection / David Hopkins, PHD




BF575.G7 G725 2016  Grief and its transcendence : memory, identity, creativity / Adele Tutter and Leon Wurmser, [editors]




BF575.G7 K82 2014  On grief & grieving : finding the meaning of grief through the five stages of loss / Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler



BF575.N35 B763 2022  Understanding narcissists : how to cope with destructive people in your life / Nina W. Brown




BF575.P9 G767 2021  The psychology of prejudice / Richard Gross




BF637.L53 M367 2022  What doesn't kill us makes us : who we become after tragedy and trauma / Mike Mariani




BF697 .S42125 2022  Who am I? : understanding identity and the many ways we define ourselves / Christine L.B. Selby




BF789.D4 M377 2022  The art of conversation in cancer care : lessons for caregivers / Richard McQuellon and Michael Cowan

D: World History

D639.V48 C65 2018  Lost voices : the untold stories of America's World War I veterans and their families / Martin King and Michael Collins



D769.8.A6 T355 2019  They called us enemy / written by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott ; art by Harmony Becker

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E93 .J15 2021  After one hundred winters : in search of reconciliation on America's stolen lands / Margaret D. Jacobs




E99.A6 H59 2019  The Black Legend : George Bascom, Cochise, and the start of the Apache Wars / Doug Hocking




F379.N553 A26 2009  A.D. : New Orleans after the deluge / Josh Neufeld



F596 .P53 2022  Daily life in the American West / Jason E. Pierce

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HM743.T557 K39 2022  TikTok : creativity and culture in short video / D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, et al




HM821 .P745 2022  The psychology of inequity : motivation and beliefs / Jean Lau Chin, Yolanda E. Garcia and Arthur W. Blume, editors



HQ1075 .D37 2022  Redoing gender : how nonbinary gender contributes toward social change / Helana Darwin




HQ73 .R43 2022  Families we keep : LGBTQ people and their enduring bonds with parents / Rin Reczek and Emma Bosley-Smith



HQ77.9 .P43 2022  The book of non-binary joy : embracing the power of you / Ben Pechey ; illustrated by Sam Prentice




HQ77.9 .W495 2022  The beginner's guide to being a trans ally / Dr. Christy Whittlesey




HV8141 .O76 2022  Seven ways to fix policing now : building trust, authentic partnerships, and safe communities / Kathleen O'Toole, Robert Peirce


Ebooks/Streaming Videos

The Man Card (video)



Religion and politics beyond the culture wars : new directions in a divided America / edited by Darren Dochuk




The Trump effect : disruption and its consequences in US politics and government / edited by Steven E. Schier, Todd E. Eberly




K: Law

KF1250 .S73 2012  Essentials of torts / William P. Statsky




KF1257 .S73 2019  Torts : personal injury litigation / by William P. Statsky




KF240 .B68 2020  Legal research and writing for paralegals / Deborah E. Bouchoux, Esq., Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.



KF245 .B58 2020  The bluebook : a uniform system of citation / compiled by the editors of the Columbia Law Review, et al




KF8742 .S48 2022  Supreme disorder : judicial nominations and the politics of America's highest court / Ilya Shapiro

L: Education

LB1032 .H375 2022  Success in groupwork / Peter Hartley, Mark Dawson & Sue Beckingham


LB2395 .C68 2019  50 ways to boost your grades / Stella Cottrell



LD6501.C42 L45 2013  Legacy and promise 1993-2013 / Susan Oleson-Brigg

M: Music

ML3531 .P486 2014  Hip hop family tree / Ed Piskor




ML3531 .P486 2016  Hip hop family tree : 1983-1985 / Ed Piskor




ML421.R45 S7313 2020  Redbone : the true story of a Native American rock band / written by Christian Staebler & Sonia Paoloni ; art by Thibault Balahy

N: Fine Arts

NA1995 .T35 2021  Entering architectural practice / James Tait

P: Language, Literature

P95.8 .G47 2022  The paradox of democracy : free speech, open media, and perilous persuasion / Zac Gershberg and Sean Illing



PE1112 .H34 2022  Improve your grammar : the essential guide to accurate writing / Mark Harrison, Vanessa Jakeman and Ken Paterson



PL8010 .L387 2022  Legacies of departed African women writers : matrix of creativity and power / edited by Helen O. Chukwuma and Chioma Carol Opara




PN1661 .R86 2022  Analyzing drama : a student casebook / James R. Russo




PN471 .C45 2021  Why she wrote : a graphic history of the lives, inspiration, and influence behind the pens of classic women writers / by Hannah K. Chapman and Lauren Burke



PN6071.G45 G46 2020  Ghost stories : 36 spine-chilling tales of terror and the supernatural / edited by Bill Bowers




PN6727.C86 F53 2020  Flamer / Mike Curato




PN6727.D76 S23 2018  Sabrina / by Nick Drnaso



PN6727.E4 C6 2017  A contract with God and other tenement stories / Will Eisner 




PN6727.H836 D57 2020  Displacement / Kiku Hughes




PN6727.N58 M35 2020  The magic fish / Trung Le Nguyen




PN6727.P3648 B56 2019  Bloom / written by Kevin Panetta




PN6727.S724 N56 2015  Nimona / Noelle Stevenson




PN6727.T48 B58 2015  Blankets : a graphic novel / by Craig Thompson




PN6727.W25 A74 2019  Are you listening? / Tillie Walden




PN6727.W25 O5 2018  On a sunbeam / Tillie Walden




PN6733.C58 S56 2014  Shoplifter / Michael Cho




PN6737.G735 E53 2013  The encyclopedia of early earth : a graphic novel / by Isabel Greenberg




PN6737.M35 B69 2019  The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse / Charlie Mackesy




PN6790.B73 M66 2011  Daytripper / Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba




PZ7.1.J3887 Hob 2022   Hocus pocus / written by A.W. Jantha ; illustrated by Gris Grimly



PZ7.7.Y35 Av 2021  Avatar, the last Airbender. The rift  / created by Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante Dimartino




PZ7.K2253 Pe 1998  Peter's chair / Ezra Jack Keats


R: Medicine, Nursing

R855.3 .S55 2021  A practical guide to emergency telehealth / [edited by] Neal Sikka




RA425 .O9 2022  Oxford textbook of global public health / edited by Roger Detels, et al




RA564.9.T73 R53 2021  Trans and non-binary gender healthcare for psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health professionals / Professor Christina Richards, Dr James Barrett



RB113 .C66 2022  Essentials of pathophysiology for nursing practice




RB113 .G64 2022  Gould's pathophysiology for the health professions




RC266 .S56 2021  Oncology nurse navigation : transitioning into the field / Lillie D. Shockney




RC280.B8 F557 2021  Breast cancer facts, myths, and controversies : understanding current screenings and treatments / Madelon L. Finkel, PhD




RC280.B8 M343 2006  Cancer vixen : a true story / Marisa Acocella Marchetto



RC451.4.G39 L44 2022  The trans guide to mental health and well-being / Katy Lees




RD73.S785 R63 2021  Robotic surgery and nursing / Gongxian Wang, Yu Zeng, Xia Sheng, editors




RM146.5 .P75 2021  Principles of health. Prescription drug abuse / editor, Patricia Stanfill Eden




RT35.S43 R36 2022  In search of Mary Seacole : the making of a cultural icon / Helen Rappaport




RT41 .C564 2023  Contemporary nursing : issues, trends, & management / [edited by] Barbara Cherry



RT41 .T46 2022  Brunner & Suddarth's textbook of medical-surgical nursing / [edited by] Janice L. Hinkle, Kerry H. Cheever, Kristen J. Overbaugh



RT55 .S55 2023  Strategies for student success on the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) test items / Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri, Donna D. Ignatavicius



RT62 .F68 2023  Foundations and adult health nursing / [edited by] Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell




RT82 .H39 2020  First-year nurse : advice on working with doctors, prioritizing care, and time management / Beth Hawkes, MSN, RN-BC



RT82 .M224 2022  Take charge of your nursing career / Lois Sarah Marshall, PhD, MN, RN




RT84 .C37 2021  Lippincott essentials for nursing assistants : a humanistic approach to caregiving / Pamela J. Carter




RT84 .M36 2021  Master the CNA & HHA exams



Occupational therapy placements : a pocket guide / Terri Grant  




Complementary health approaches for occupational therapists / Brittany Ferri




Assessments in occupational therapy mental health : an integrative approach / edited by Barbara J. Hemphill, Christine K. Urish




Acute care physical therapy : a clinician's guide / Daniel J. Malone, et al




Procedures and patient care for the physical therapist assistant / Jennifer Memolo




Occupational therapy for older people / Christian Pozz, et al also in print




Therapeutic agents for the physical therapist assistant / Jennifer Memolo




Technology, innovation and healthcare : an evolving relationship / Bernadette J. Richards, Mark Taylor and Susannah Sage Jacobson




The brain on youth sports : the science, the myths, and the future / Julie M. Stamm, PhD





Adaptation, coping, and resilience in children and youth : a comprehensive occupational therapy approach / editors, Lenin C. Grajo, Angela K. Boisselle



Preparing for professional practice in health and social care / edited by Anita Atwal, et al




Occupational group therapy / Rosemary B. Crouch




Fascial Stretch Therapy- Second Edition




Adaptive Yoga / Ingrid Yang, Kyle Fahey




Occupational therapy : a guide for prospective students, consumers, and advocates / Franklin Stein, Kathlyn L.Reed




Functional Exercise Prescription  : Supporting Rehabilitation in Movement and Sport. / Eyal Lederman




An occupational perspective on leadership : theoretical and practical dimensions / editors ; Sandra Dunbar-Smalley, et al




Psychopathology and function / Bette R. Bonder




Fundamentals of tests and measures for the physical therapist assistant / Stacie J. Fruth and Carol Fawcett




Applied theories in occupational therapy : a practical approach / Marilyn B. Cole, et al




Quick Reference Dictionary for Occupational Therapy : Seventh Edition




Orthopedic interventions for the physical therapist assistant / Maureen Raffensperger

T: Technology

TH9158 .B7754 2022  Principles of fire and emergency services administration / Randy R. Bruegman




Streaming Video

Helvetica : a documentary film / a production of Swiss Dots in association with Veer ; produced and directed by Gary Hustwit