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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: September 2021

A list of new materials - books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks - added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

Leisure Books

Viral by Robin Cook

Trying to find some normalcy during the Covid-19 pandemic, Brian Murphy and his family are on a summer excursion in Cape Cod when his wife, Emma, comes down with concerning flu-like symptoms. But their leisurely return home to New York City quickly becomes a race to the local hospital as she suddenly begins seizing in the car. At the ICU, she is diagnosed with eastern equine encephalitis, a rare and highly lethal mosquito-borne viral disease seemingly caught during one of their evening cookouts. Complicating the situation further, Brian and Emma’s young daughter then begins to exhibit alarming physical and behavioral symptoms, too.
Emma’s harrowing hospital stay becomes even more fraught when Brian receives a staggering hospital bill full of outrageous charges and murky language. To add insult to injury, his health insurance company refuses to cover any of the cost, citing dubious clauses in Brian’s policy. Forced to choose between the ongoing care of family and bills he can never pay, and furious at a shockingly indifferent healthcare system, Brian vows to seek justice. But to get to the bottom of the predatory practices targeting his loved ones and countless others, he must uncover the dark side of an industry that has strayed drastically from its altruistic roots—and bring down the callous executives preying on the sick and defenseless before the virus can claim even more people . . .

Halloween Party Murder by Leslie Meier

Tinker's Cove newest residents Ty and Heather Moon turn their Victorian home into a haunted house to raise funds for charity. But the Halloween fun turns to horrific fright when Heather overdoses on tainted drugs--and Ty finds himself accused of murder. Digging deep into the story, journalist Lucy Stone uncovers some sinister secrets in the Moons' past linked to a conspiracy in her hometown...

Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney

Things have been wrong with Mr and Mrs Wright for a long time. When Adam and Amelia win a weekend away to Scotland, it might be just what their marriage needs. Self-confessed workaholic and screenwriter Adam Wright has lived with face blindness his whole life. He can’t recognize friends or family, or even his own wife.

Every anniversary the couple exchange traditional gifts--paper, cotton, pottery, tin--and each year Adam’s wife writes him a letter that she never lets him read. Until now. They both know this weekend will make or break their marriage, but they didn’t randomly win this trip. One of them is lying, and someone doesn’t want them to live happily ever after.

Ten years of marriage. Ten years of secrets. And an anniversary they will never forget.

In Every Mirror She's Black by Lola Akinmade-Akerstrom

Three Black women are linked in unexpected ways to the same influential white man in Stockholm as they build their new lives in the most open society run by the most private people.

Successful marketing executive Kemi Adeyemi is lured from the U.S. to Sweden by Jonny von Lundin, CEO of the nation's largest marketing firm, to help fix a PR fiasco involving a racially tone-deaf campaign. A killer at work but a failure in love, Kemi's move is a last-ditch effort to reclaim her social life.

A chance meeting with Jonny in business class en route to the U.S. propels former model-turned-flight-attendant Brittany-Rae Johnson into a life of wealth, luxury, and privilege—a life she's not sure she wants—as the object of his unhealthy obsession.

And refugee Muna Saheed, who lost her entire family, finds a job cleaning the toilets at Jonny's office as she works to establish her residency in Sweden and, more importantly, seeks connection and a place she can call home.

Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian

It would be easy to underestimate Chloe Sevre… She’s a freshman honor student, a legging-wearing hot girl next door, who also happens to be a psychopath. She spends her time on yogalates, frat parties and plotting to kill Will Bachman, a childhood friend who grievously wronged her. 

Chloe is one of seven students at her DC-based college who are part of an unusual clinical study of psychopaths—students like herself who lack empathy and can’t comprehend emotions like fear or guilt. The study, led by a renowned psychologist, requires them to wear smart watches that track their moods and movements.

When one of the students in the study is found murdered in the psychology building, a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, and Chloe goes from hunter to prey. As she races to identify the killer and put her own plan for revenge into action, she’ll be forced to decide if she can trust any of her fellow psychopaths—and everybody knows you should never trust a psychopath.

Murder by the Bookend by Laura Gail Black

The quaint warehouse district of Hokes Folly, NC, is hopping despite the drizzly November chill. The occasion? The mountain town's beloved antiquarian bookstore, Twice Upon a Time, is throwing a bash for its grand reopening. But bookseller Jenna Quinn's peace of mind is shattered when the local library's Director of Antique Books turns up dead in the parking lot--his head bashed in by a glittering pair of vintage glass bookends.

As they examine the murder scene, Jenna and her police detective boyfriend happen upon the only witness--the victim's dog, who flees the scene leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind. If only dogs could speak, Jenna might be able to make quick work of the murder case and get back to stocking her bookcases.

Alas, finding the killer won't be so easy, even though this is not Jenna's first murder investigation--indeed, she inherited Twice Upon a Time from her slain uncle. The suspect list is voluminous--the late librarian had not-so-friendly run-ins with numerous guests--but suspicion eventually centers on three unsavory individuals who left the party shortly before the victim did.

Now, Jenna must edit her inventory of suspects from three names to one, before the bloodthirsty bookend-wielder becomes the author of Jenna's demise.

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

On a beautiful summer night in a charming English suburb, a young woman and her boyfriend disappear after partying at the massive country estate of a new college friend.

One year later, a writer moves into a cottage on the edge of the woods that border the same estate. Known locally as the Dark Place, the dense forest is the writer’s favorite area for long walks and it’s on one such walk that she stumbles upon a mysterious note that simply reads, “DIG HERE.”

Could this be a clue towards what has happened to the missing young couple? And what exactly is buried in this haunted ground?

Her Perfect Life by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Everyone knows Lily Atwood―and that may be her biggest problem. The beloved television reporter has it all―fame, fortune, Emmys, an adorable seven-year-old daughter, and the hashtag her loving fans created: #PerfectLily. To keep it, all she has to do is protect one life-changing secret.

Her own.

Lily has an anonymous source who feeds her story tips―but suddenly, the source begins telling Lily inside information about her own life. How does he―or she―know the truth?

Lily understands that no one reveals a secret unless they have a reason. Now she's terrified someone is determined to destroy her world―and with it, everyone and everything she holds dear.

How much will she risk to keep her perfect life? And what if the spotlight is the most dangerous place of all?

A Perfect Bind by Dorothy St. James

Tru Beckett succeeded in building a secret book room in her now bookless library, where book lovers from lovely Cypress, South Carolina, can rejoice in the printed word. Now she's working hard to maintain the little library downstairs while keeping her "real job" upstairs in the bookless technology center. The last thing she needs is a mysterious vandal who seems intent on breaking into her secret book-filled sanctuary and creating chaos. The nasty interloper doesn't steal anything, but brutalizes the books, damaging them and knocking them off shelves.

A patron of the secret book room tells Tru that there have been creepy goings-on at the library for years, especially in the basement where the secret book room is located. He's heard rumors of a poltergeist that haunts the library, determined to scare off readers. Tru is certain it's hogwash, but she's at a loss to think of who might be vandalizing the beautiful books she fought so hard to protect. And when a dead body shows up right behind the library, Tru is certain that it's not a ghost but a cold-blooded killer that she and her trusty tabby Dewey Decimal will need to uncover.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

BF1598.W37 A3 2021  White magic : essays / Elissa Washuta




BF575.S45 Y68 2021  You are your best thing : vulnerability, shame resilience, and the Black experience -- an anthology  / edited by Tarana Burke and Brene Brown



BF637.M56 C66 2021  Tomorrow girl : a tale of mindfulness / Vikki Conley & illustrated by Penelope Pratley



BV4647.K5 E35 2020  Human(kind) : how reclaiming human worth and embracing radical kindness will bring us back together / Ashlee Eiland

D: World History

DD253.5 .H35 1988  The burden of Hitler's legacy / Alfons Heck




DG451 .T66 2020  Italy : the essential guide to customs & culture / Barry Tomalin, with contributions by Gioia Toffoli




DK32 .K56 2021  Russia : the essential guide to customs & culture / Anna King and Grace Cuddihy




DL1017 .L46 2021  Finland : the essential guide to customs & culture / Terttu Leney and Elena Barrett




DP48 .M43 2021  Spain : the essential guide to customs & culture / Marian Meaney and Belen Aguado Viguer




DS615 .S28 2021  Indonesia : the essential guide to customs & culture / Graham Saunders and Jessica Ginting




DS721.B35 C45 2021  China : the essential guide to customs & culture / Indre Balcikonyte-Huang and Kathy Flower




DS904 .H63 2021  Korea : the essential guide to customs & culture / James Hoare

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

E185.61 .P465 2021  Buses are a comin' : memoir of a freedom rider / Charles Person, with Richard Rooker




E185.615.L46 T45 2021  This is the fire : what I say to my friends about racism / Don Lemon




E185.97.W6128 A37 2020  Afropessimism / Frank B. Wilderson III




E321 .E38 2017  American Sanctuary : Mutiny, Martyrdom, And National Identity In The Age of Revolution / A. Roger Ekirch




E450 .H633 2015  The Underground Railroad / Laurie Collier Hillstrom




E467.1.G694 C66 2013  General Gordon Granger : the savior of Chickamauga and the man behind Juneteenth / Robert C. Conner  print & online



E840.8.L43 A3 2017  Across that bridge : a vision for change and the future of America / John Lewis with Brenda Jones

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GE196 .A43 2020  How to go (almost) zero waste : over 150 steps to more sustainable living at home, school, work, and beyond / Rebecca Grace Andrews, MA, MS



GT2290 .D33 2020  Twisted : the tangled history of black hair culture / Emma Dabiri




GV1705 .H68 2019  Hot feet and social change : African dance and diaspora communities / edited by Kariamu Welsh, Esailama G. A. Diouf, and Yvonne Daniel



GV1785.D82 K35 2005  Kaiso! : writings by and about Katherine Dunham / edited by VeVe A. Clark and Sara E. Johnson




GV1785.R52 L47 2018  Jerome Robbins : a life in dance / Wendy Lesser




GV942.7.W42 A3 2020  Wenger : my life and lessons in red and white / Arsene Wenger 

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HC110.P6 H34 2019  Social poverty : low-income parents and the struggle for family and community ties / Sarah Halpern-Meekin




HC79.P6 A87 2019  Measuring poverty around the world / Anthony B. Atkinson




HQ1063.6 .M48 2017  Holding the net : caring for my mother on the tightrope of aging / Melanie P. Merriman




HQ1726 .N33 2013  Women's roles in Asia / Kathleen Nadeau and Sangita Rayamajhi




HQ76.34 .M38 2020  Marriage and health : the well-being of same-sex couples / edited by Hui Liu, Corinne Reczek, Lindsey Wilkinson



HT1521 .H48 2020  What is race? Who are racists? Why does skin colour matter? And other big questions / Claire Heuchan & Nikesh Shukla



HT1521 .R84 2021  You'll never believe what happened to Lacey : crazy stories about racism / Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar




HT1575.S23 M43 2020  Me and white supremacy : combat racism, change the world, and become a good ancestor / Layla F. Saad



HV1569.5 .E94 2020  Everyday technologies in healthcare / edited by Dr Christopher M. Hayre, Professor Dave J. Muller, Professor Marcia J. Scherer




HV2367 .S443 2017  The language of light : a history of silent voices / Gerald Shea




HV2474 .B66 2020  Simplified Signs : a Manual Sign-Communication System for Special Populations / John D. Bonvillian, Nicole Kissane Lee, Tracy T. Dooley, and Filip T. Loncke




HV2580.5 .C43 2016  Change and promise : bilingual deaf education and deaf culture in Latin America / Barbara Gerner de Garcia Lodenir Becker Karnopp, editors



HV2783 .S44 2017  Deaf in the USSR : marginality, community, and Soviet identity, 1917-1991 / Claire L. Shaw  print & online




HV6322.7 .M67 2010  The psychology of genocide and violent oppression : a study of mass cruelty from Nazi Germany to Rwanda / Richard Morrock



HV8148.N52 T35 2018  I can't breathe : a killing on Bay Street / Matt Taibbi

J: Political Science

N: Fine Arts

NA2543.R37 R336 2020  Race and modern architecture : a critical history from the Enlightenment to the present / edited by Irene Cheng, Charles L. Davis II, Mabel O. Wilson

P: Language, Literature

P306 .B394 2011  Is that a fish in your ear? : translation and the meaning of everything / David Bellos




PN2287.T97 A3 2021  Just as I am : a memoir / Cicely Tyson ; with Michelle Burford




PQ5984.L34 D6813 2021  Whereabouts : a novel / Jhumpa Lahiri




PS3568.E476345 B57 2021  The bone code / Kathy Reichs




PS3607.O59774 H55 2021  The hill we climb : an inaugural poem for the country / Amanda Gorman




PS3607.R432928 L66 2013  Looking for Alaska / John Green




PS3614.E664 F35 2021  Falling / T.J. Newman




PS3618.E96 L66 2019  Look both ways : a tale told in ten blocks / Jason Reynolds




PS374.C53 E58 2020  Entertaining history : the Civil War in literature, film, and song / edited by Chris Mackowski




PZ7.1.K45 We 2021  We dream of space / Erin Entrada Kelly




PZ7.P33 How 2020  How to potty train a dinosaur / Alycia Pace



PZ7.S327 Bus 2021  Richard Scarry's busy busy people

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

Q172 .S64 2018  In defense of science : why scientific literacy matters / Frank R. Spellman and Joan Price-Bayer  print & online




Q335 .A48 2020  Analyzing future applications of AI, sensors, and robotics in society / Thomas Heinrich Musiolik and Adrian David Cheok, editors



QA159.2 .S753 2019  Algebra II essentials / by Mary Jane Sterling




QA331.7 .M42 2008  Complex variables demystified / David McMahon




QA76.15 .D667 2017  Dictionary of computer and Internet terms / Douglas A. Downing, Ph. D., School of Business and Economics, Seattle Pacific University, et al




QA76.9.B45 A67 2021  Applications of big data in healthcare : theory and practice / edited by Ashish Khanna, Deepak Gupta, Nilanjan Dey



QA93 .P37275 2021  Humble pi : when math goes wrong in the real world / Matt Parker




QC945 .B37 2013  North Carolina's hurricane history : updated with a decade of new storms from Isabel to Sandy / Jay Barnes  print & online



QH104.5.A6 L37 2011  The last mountain / directed by Bill Haney ; written by Bill Haney & Peter Rhodes DVD




QH440.I83 C63 2021  The code breaker : Jennifer Doudna, gene editing, and the future of the human race / Walter Isaacson




QP144.F85 W55 2016  Medical medium life-changing foods : save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits & vegetables / Anthony William

R: Medicine, Nursing

R855.5.U6 M37 2021  Healthcare digital transformation : how consumerism, technology and pandemic are accelerating the future / Edward W. Marx and Paddy Padmanabhan




R856 .Q36 2018  Quantified lives and vital data : exploring health and technology through personal medical devices / Rebecca Lynch, Conor Farrington, editors



R858 .B856 2019  Information technology for the health professions / Lillian Burke, Barbara Weill




R858 .M33 2021  Machine learning for healthcare : handling and managing data / edited by Rashmi Agrawal, et al




R859.7.A78 A78 2020  Artificial intelligence in healthcare / edited by Adam Bohr, Kaveh Memarzadeh




R859.7.A78 S55 2021  AI in healthcare : how artificial intelligence is changing IT operations and infrastructure services / Robert Shimonski



R864 .D353 2021  Beyond EHR : using technology to meet growing demands and deliver better patient care / Jeffery Daigrepont



R864 .P378 2017  Participatory design & health information technology / edited by Anne Marie Kanstrup, et al  print & online




RA423.2 .O34 2020  Bad advice : or why celebrities, politicians, and activists aren't your best source of health information / Paul A. Offit, M.D.



RA441 .Y6843 2020  Globalization and health / Jeremy Youde




RA564.85 .D85 2020  Revolutionizing women's healthcare : the feminist self-help movement in America / Hannah Dudley-Shotwell



RA564.85 .M435 2020  Sex matters : how male-centric medicine endangers women's health and what we can do about it / Alyson J. McGregor, MD, MA, FACEP



RA564.9.S49 N69 2020  Transformations in queer, trans, and intersex health and aging / Alexandra C.H. Nowakowski, J.E. Sumerau and Nik M. Lampe




RA644.C67 P36 2021  Pandemics, politics, and society : critical perspectives on the Covid-19 crisis / edited by Gerard Delanty




RA644.I6 B76 2019  Influenza : the hundred year hunt to cure the deadliest disease in history / Dr. Jeremy Brown




RA645.O23 J68 2017  Supersizing urban America : how inner cities got fast food with government help / Chin Jou

RC1230 .M87 2018  Good sport : why our games matter -- and how doping undermines them / Thomas H. Murray




RC346 .M58 2017  Sleep and neurologic disease / edited by Mitchell G. Miglis




RC350.P48 M37 2021  Neurologic interventions for physical therapy / Suzanne "Tink" Martin




RC382 .P47 2019  Parkinson's warrior / by Nick Pernisco




RC451.5.N4 S69 2020  Black mental health matters : the ultimate guide for mental health awareness in the Black community / Aaren Snyder



RC455 .Y36 2018  Written off : mental health stigma and the loss of human potential / Philip T. Yanos




RC489.M53 M3748 2018  The mind-gut connection : how the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health / Dr. Emeran Mayer



RC523.2 .S634 2016  Before I forget : love, hope, help, and acceptance in our fight against Alzheimer's / B. Smith & Dan Gasby




RC547 .A836 2018  Atlas of polysomnography / editors, James D. Geyer, Paul R. Carney


RC547 .F86 2015  Fundamentals of sleep technology workbook / edited by Rita Brooks, et al




RC547 .R484 2018  Review of sleep medicine / edited by Alon Y. Avidan




RC547 .S5473 2016  Technology to assess sleep / editor, Thomas Penzel




RC552.T7 H365 2017  Unfuck your brain : using science to get over anxiety, depression, anger, freak-outs, and triggers / Faith Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS



RC628 .T66 2017  The obesity epidemic : why diets and exercise don't work -- and what does / Robyn Toomath




RC953.8.P58 G47 2020  Guccione's geriatric physical therapy / edited by Dale Avers

RE87 .D88 2019  Atlas of oculoplastic and orbital surgery / Jonathan J. Dutton




RF305 .B58 2010  The artificial ear : cochlear implants and the culture of deafness / Stuart Blume  print & online




RG648 .N38 2020  Navigating miscarriage : social, medical, and conceptual perspectives / edited by Susie Kilshaw and Katie Borg



RJ506.5.S55 M54 2015  A clinical guide to pediatric sleep : diagnosis and management of sleep problems / Jodi A. Mindell, Phd, Professor of Psychology, et al



RJ53.P5 L66 2019  Handbook of pediatric physical therapy / Toby Long, Britta Battaile, Kathleen Toscano




RK60.7 .M67 2022  Darby's comprehensive review of dental hygiene / edited by Christine M. Blue




RK61 .P536 2018  Mouth care comes clean : breakthrough strategies to stop cavities and heal gum disease naturally / Ellie Phillips, DDS



RM666.H33 S95 2018  Herbal medicine for beginners : your guide to healing common ailments with 35 medicinal herbs / Katja Swift + Ryn Midura


RM700 .P34 2021  Introduction to physical therapy / edited by Michael A. Pagliarulo



RM705 .D75 2018  Physical therapy clinical handbook for PTAs / Kathy Cikulin-Kulinski, PT, DPT, OCS, PTA




RM735 .F68 2021  Foundations for practice in occupational therapy / edited by Edward A.S. Duncan




RM735 .O33 2021  Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction / editors: Diane Powers Dirette, PhD, OTL, FAOTA, Sharon A. Gutman, PhD, OTR, FAOTA



RM735 .W55 2019  Willard and Spackman's occupational therapy / edited by Barbara A. Boyt Schell, PhD, OT/L, FAOTA ; Glen Gillen, EdD, OTR/L, FAOTA



RM735.4 .O27 2018  Introduction to occupational therapy / Jane Clifford O'Brien




RM735.6 .O25 2019  The occupational therapy manager / lead editors, Karen Jacobs, Guy L. McCormack




RS122.95 .G464 2019  The pharmacy technician's pocket drug reference / Theresa Echaiz, Joyce A. Generali





RT82 .C43 2020  Developing and utilizing digital technology in healthcare for assessment and monitoring / Andreas Charalambous, editor

S: Agriculture

SB317.S2 S34 2020  Saffron : science, technology and health / edited by Alireza Koocheki, Mohammad Khajeh-Hosseini




SB321 .B284 2018  All new square foot gardening : more projects, new solutions, grow vegetables anywhere / Mel Bartholomew with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation  print & online



SB321.5.N8 W35 2020  Grow great vegetables in North Carolina / Ira Wallace.  print & online




SB324.75 .A8 2002  Seed to seed : seed saving and growing techniques for vegetable gardeners / by Suzanne Ashworth




SB453.2.S66 M45 2020  The southeast native plant primer : 225 plants for an earth-friendly garden / Larry Mellichamp and Paula Gross



SB453.5 .R645 2017  Rodale's ultimate encyclopedia of organic gardening : the indispensable green resource for every gardener / edited by Fern Marshall Bradley, et al



SB463.5 .A53 2018  Vertical vegetables : simple projects that deliver more yield in less space / Amy Andrychowicz

T: Technology

T385 .K3522 2020  Adobe Illustrator CC / by David Karlins  print & online




TH380 .T46 2018  Sustainable landscape construction : a guide to green building outdoors / Kim Sorvig with J. William Thompson



TK5105.8857 .C53 2021  Challenges and opportunities for the convergence of IoT, big data, and cloud computing / Sathiyamoorthi Velayutham, editor

Z: Publishing, Library Science, Information Resources

Z675.U5 I47 2019  Improving library services in support of international students and English as a second language learners / edited by Leila June Rod-Welch



Z711.6.F56 R35 2020  Rainy day ready : financial literacy programs and tools / edited by Melanie Welch and Patrick Hogan




Z716.37 .M34 2021  Maker literacies for academic libraries : integration into curriculum / edited by Katie Musick Peery




ZA4230.R87 J69 2019  The joy of search : a Google insider's guide to going beyond the basics / Daniel M. Russell