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Central Piedmont Library - New Titles: December 2019

A list of new materials added to the library collection each month. Click the title to see more information about it, to place a request, or begin using it.

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Ethics

B944.A37 M33 2019  African American philosophers and philosophy : an introduction to the history, concepts, and contemporary issues / John H. McClendon III and Stephen C. Ferguson II



​BD431 .M46884 2018  The meaning of life and the great philosophers / edited by Stephen Leach and James Tartaglia




BF378.E94 E67 2019  Range : why generalists triumph in a specialized world / David Epstein




BJ1286.A6 S56 2017  Stealth altruism : forbidden care as Jewish resistance in the Holocaust / Arthur B. Shostak




BJ1470.5 .R44 2019  Celebrity / Sean Redmond




​BJ1521 .K38 2019  Hard questions : facing the problems of life / John Kekes




BJ1533.M7 B75 2019  The joy of missing out : the art of self-restraint in an age of excess / Svend Brinkmann




​BJ1821 .J36 2017  Elegant etiquette in the nineteenth century / Mallory James




​BL313 .M475 2018  Gods and robots : myths, machines, and ancient dreams of technology / Adrienne Mayor




​BJ1595 .W34 2019  Everything I need to know I learned from Mister Rogers' neighborhood / written by Melissa Wagner

C & D: World History

​CT3202 .S26 2016  Rad women worldwide : artists and athletes, pirates and punks, and other revolutionaries who shaped history / written by Kate Schatz ; illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl



D16.163 .T67 2019  Why history matters / John Tosh




​D117 .B49 2019  The Middle Ages : facts and fictions / Winston Black




​D743 .B74 2019  World War II in global perspective, 1931-1953 : a short history / Andrew N. Buchanan




D769.8.A6 T355 2019  They called us enemy / written by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott ; art by Harmony Becker




D805.5.A96 A858 2019  Auschwitz : not long ago. not far away / edited by Robert Jan van Pelt, with Luis Ferreiro and Miriam Greenbaum



DS134.72.S68 A313 2019  Renia's diary / Renia Spiegel




DS135.F9 G7513 2018  You've got to tell them : a French girl's experience of Auschwitz and after / Ida Grinspan and Bertrand Poirot-Delpech




​DT1974  .B74 2014  Mandela : my prisoner, my friend / Christo Brand, with Barbara Jones

E & F: American History & Western Hemisphere

​E168 .S595 2020  Industrialization and social conflict in the Gilded Age / Joel M. Sipress 



E185.86 .F765 2019  A haven and a hell : the ghetto in black America / Lance Freeman




​E467 .G47 2019  The last battleground : the Civil War comes to North Carolina / Philip Gerard




E468.9 .S56 2019  Raising the white flag : how surrender defined the American Civil War / by David Silkenat




E483.5 .C68 2019  Dixie's daughters : the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the preservation of Confederate culture / Karen L. Cox



​F1226 .H36 2019  A concise history of Mexico / Brian R. Hamnett




E356.B2 F85 2017  Long may she wave : the true story of Caroline Pickersgill and her star-spangled creation / by Kristen Fulton




E98.P99 J46 2018  Seven myths of Native American history / by Paul Jentz ; series editors Alfred J. Andrea and Andrew Holt




E98.S67 G55 2019  As long as grass grows : the indigenous fight for environmental justice, from colonization to Standing Rock / Dina Gilio-Whitaker

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

​GF75 .W36 2019  The uninhabitable earth : life after warming / David Wallace-Wells





GN281.4 .W73 2019  The goodness paradox : the strange relationship between virtue and violence in human evolution / Richard Wrangham



GN308.3.U6 K55 2019  Gods of the upper air : how a circle of renegade anthropologists reinvented race, sex, and gender in the twentieth century / Charles King



GN484.38 .O53 2018  Period power : a manifesto for the menstrual movement / Nadya Okamoto




​GT4803 .C48 2019  Chase's calendar of events 2020 : the ultimate go-to guide for special days, weeks and months




GV1114.3 .B82 2016  BuBishi : the classic manual of combat / translated with commentary by Patrick McCarthy




GV1469.35.L43 P79 2019  The psychology of Zelda : linking our world to the Legend of Zelda series / edited by Anthony M. Bean, PHD



GV1469.35.S96 H65 2019  Reverse design. Super Mario World / Patrick Holleman




​GV351 .C56 2019  Big-time sports in American universities / Charles T. Clotfelter, Duke University




GV706.32 .C665 2018  No slam dunk : gender, sport and the unevenness of social change / Cheryl Cooky and Michael A. Messner



GV859.8 .B66 2019  Skateboarding and the city : a complete history / Iain Borden

H: Social Sciences: Business, Economics, Sociology

HD108.3 .D484 2019  Development, land use, and environmental impact / Srijita C. Pal, book editor




​HD6331 .A93185 2019  Automation of labor / Rachel Bozek, book editor




​HD7125 .H24 2019  The great risk shift : the new economic insecurity and the decline of the American dream / Jacob S. Hacker




​HD9006 .N67 2019  Meet the food radicals / F. Bailey Norwood and Tamara L. Mix




HF5548.4.M525 D57 2018  Office 365 for healthcare professionals: improving patient care through collaboration, compliance, and productivity / Nidhish Dhru



HF5549.5.C6 R634 2019  The surprising science of meetings : how you can lead your team to peak performance / Steven G. Rogelberg



​HF5718 .B365 2019  Improve your communication skills : how to build trust, be heard and communicate with confidence / Alan Barker



​HG2481 .R67 2019  Market rules : bankers, presidents, and the origins of the Great Recession / Mark H. Rose




​HM585 .M64 2019  The human swarm : how our societies arise, thrive, and fall / Mark W. Moffett




​HM851 .S594 2019  Tools and weapons : the promise and the peril of the digital age / Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne




​HQ1075 .C6694 2019  Gender identity : beyond pronouns and bathrooms / Maria Cook ; illustrated by Alexis Cornell




​HQ1075 .M425 2018  Trans kids : being gendered in the twenty-first century / Tey Meadow




​HQ1170 .C486 2018  Being Muslim : a cultural history of women of color in American Islam / Sylvia Chan-Malik




​HQ1236 .S37 2019  Fight like a girl : how to be a fearless feminist / Megan Seely




HQ1237.5.U6 H57 2019  Reckoning : the epic battle against sexual abuse and harassment / Linda Hirshman




HQ316.S4 S55 2019  The white devil's daughters : the women who fought slavery in San Francisco's Chinatown / Julia Flynn Siler



​HV4757 .M35 2018  Livestock : food, fiber, and friends / Erin McKenna




HV551.3 .E46 2019  Emergency management : the American experience / edited by Claire B. Rubin




​HV5748 .H55 2019  The vaping controversy / Laurie Collier Hillstrom




HV5822.M3 L35 2018  Legal marijuana : perspectives on public benefits, risks and policy approaches / edited by Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III and Mickey P. McGee



​HV6691 .A23 2019  Scam me if you can : simple strategies to outsmart today's rip-off artists / Frank Abagnale




HV6772.A5 S55 2019  Breaking and entering : the extraordinary story of a hacker called Alien / Jeremy N. Smith




​HV6773 .M45 2019  Cult of the Dead Cow : how the original hacking supergroup might just save the world / Joseph Menn




​HV6773 .S54 2018  Hands-on incident response and digital forensics / Mike Sheward




HC79.T4 J8178 2016  Innovation and its enemies : why people resist new technologies / Calestous Juma



J: Political Science

​JC423 .N624 2019  The troubles with democracy / Jeff Noonan




​JK467 .G37 2019  The billionaire boondoggle : how our politicians let corporations and bigwigs steal our money and jobs / Pat Garofalo




​JK1896 .P68 2019  Suffrage : the epic struggle for women's right to vote / Susan L. Poulson




​JK1976 .D67 2019  Vote for US : how to take back our elections and change the future of voting / Joshua A. Douglas




​JK2160 .F38 2019  Poll power : the Voter Education Project and the movement for the ballot in the American South / Evan Faulkenbury



​JK275 .M86 2019  A lot of people are saying : the new conspiracism and the assault on democracy / Russell Muirhead, Nancy L. Rosenblum




​JK529 .H375 2019  Saving the electoral college : why the national popular vote would undermine democracy / Robert M. Hardaway




​JZ1305 .S664 2019  Soft power and diplomacy / Bridey Heing, book editor




​JK1764 .J37 2019  White identity politics / Ashley Jardina




​JZ1254 .S74 2017  Cyber Security and the Politics of Time / Tim Stevens

K: Law

KF135 .S62x  The southeastern reporter. Second series.



​KF154 .A42  American jurisprudence : a modern comprehensive text statement of American law, State and Federal




​KF4772 .P64 2019  Free speech and censorship : examining the facts / H.L. Pohlman




​KF48 .U6  United States code congressional and administrative news.



​KF4895 .L46 2019  Votes for women! : a portrait of persistence / Kate Clarke Lemay



KF8745.O25 T46 2019  First : Sandra Day O'Connor / Evan Thomas




​KF890 .W45 2000  Uniform commercial code / by James J. White and Robert S. Summers




KFN7445.6 .S82  Strong's North Carolina index 4th : an encyclopedic treatment of North Carolina law



​KFN7457 .W47  West's North Carolina digest 2d. : covering cases from state and federal courts



​KFN7550 .H88 2001  North Carolina contract law / John N. Hutson, Jr., Scott A. Miskimon




KFN7929 .A195  North Carolina rules of court



​K213 .R53 2017  The force of logic : using formal logic as a tool in the craft of legal argument / Stephen M. Rice




​KF4513 .S57 2020  Democracy and the US Constitution / Joel M. Sipress



​KF8915 .V35 2016  Point well made : oral advocacy in motion practice / Nancy Harris Vaidik




​KF9756 .W758 2020  Wrongful conviction and exoneration / Lisa Idzikowski, book editor




L: Education

LB14.7 .P47 2019  Perspectives on educational practice around the world / edited by Sue Hammond and Margaret Sangster




LB2350.5 .H632 2019  Choosing college : How to make better learning decisions throughout your life / Michael B. Horn and Robert Moesta




LC1099.3 .M87 2016  Multiculturalism on campus : theory, models, and practices for understanding diversity and creating inclusion



LB1139.35.P55 M73 2016  Purposeful play : a teacher's guide to igniting deep and joyful learning across the day / Kristine Mraz, Alison Porcelli, and Cheryl Tyler


M: Music

​ML3531 .B47 2018  Listening to rap : an introduction / Michael Berry




​ML3830 .D49 2019  Musical illusions and phantom words : how music and speech unlock mysteries of the brain / Diana Deutsch

N: Fine Arts

N72.5 .W47 2017  Experiences of art : reflections on masterpieces / Hilda Werschkul




ND773.M8 K6313 2019  So much longing in so little space : the art of Edvard Munch / Karl Ove Knausgaard 




​NX504 .C35 2018  Performance : a critical introduction / Marvin Carlson




​NA7145 .A38 2018  Prefab housing and the future of building : product to process / Mathew Aitchison




​N6370 .E87 2017  European art and the wider world, 1350-1550 / edited by Kathleen Christian and Leah R. Clark



​NC975 .K46 2018  Drawn to purpose : American women illustrators and cartoonists / Martha H. Kennedy




​NK1570 .P59 2018  Pattern / by Henry Pluckrose ; mathematics consultant: Ramona G. Choos



P: Language, Literature

P94.5.M55 T58 2019  Racism and media / Gavan Titley




P95.8 .B33 2018  Ctrl Alt Delete : how politics and the media crashed our democracy / Tom Baldwin




P95.82.U6 C45 2019  Celebrities in politics / Lisa Idzikowski, book editor




PE1129.S8 H35 2018  Inglés Para Latinos: Nivel Dos / William C. Harvey



PE1129.S8 H37 2018  Inglés Para Latinos: Primer Nivel : Un Camino Hacia la Fluidez-- / William C. Harvey




​PN145 .W3775 2018  The writer's eye : observation and inspiration for creative writers / Amy E. Weldon




PN1992.8.S4 T456 2018  Television finales : from Howdy Doody to Girls / edited by Douglas L. Howard and David Bianculli




PN1995.62 .B54 2018  Film censorship : regulating America's screen / Sheri Chinen Biesen




PN1995.9.N4 E75 2019  The Hollywood Jim Crow : the racial politics of the movie industry / Maryann Erigha




​PN441 .W39 2018  Ways of re-thinking literature / edited by Tom Bishop and Donatien Grau.




PS3573.A425 Z895 2019  Alice Walker's metaphysics : literature of spirit / Nagueyalti Warren




PS3601.C475 W58 2019b  With the fire on high / Elizabeth Acevedo




PZ7.S47957 Fou 2019  The fountains of silence : a novel / Ruta Sepetys




PR9387.9.S6 A19 2009  Collected plays / Wole Soyinka




​P118 .B695 1983  Child's talk : learning to use language / Jerome Bruner




​P118 .K29 2002  Pathways to language : from fetus to adolescent / Kyra Karmiloff and Annette Karmiloff-Smith




PN1995.9.W6 S638 2019  Liberating Hollywood : women directors and the feminist reform of 1970s American cinema / Maya Montaez Smukler



PQ2663.A7678 D38 2012  Lives other than my own / Emmanuel Carrare 




PS508.I5 S53 2019  Shapes of Native nonfiction : collected essays by contemporary writers / edited by Elissa Washuta and Theresa Warburton



PZ7.1.S258 You 2017x  You, me and empathy : teaching children about empathy, feelings, kindness, compassion, tolerance, respect and recognizing bullying behaviors / by Jayneen Sanders



PZ7.D32155 Bl 1993  Black, white, just right / Marguerite W. Davol



PZ7.G1556245 Li 2017  Listening with my heart : a story of kindness and self-compassion / by Gabi Garcia



PZ7.M1336 Bl 1976  Blueberries for Sal / by Robert McCloskey

Q: Mathematics, Computer Science, Sciences

​QA459 .R8882 2016  Geometry for dummies / by Mark Ryan




QA76.3 .P787 2020  CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) / David L. Prowse




QA76.7 .S38 2016  Programming language pragmatics / Michael L. Scott



QC16.H33 O88 2019  Hawking / written by Jim Ottaviani




QC24.5 .M3613 2019  All of physics (almost) in 15 equations / Bruno Mansoulie




​QK475 .H534 2018  Applied tree biology / by Andrew D. Hirons, Peter A. Thomas




​QK926  .H45 2019  Protecting pollinators : how to save the creatures that feed our world / Jodi Helmer




​QP398 .M58 2018  Innate : how the wiring of our brains shapes who we are / Kevin J. Mitchell




​QP624 .D17497 2019  DNA testing and privacy / Barbara Krasner, book editor




QP82.2.S8 H357 2012  Handbook of stress, coping, and health : implications for nursing research, theory, and practice / edited by Virginia Hill Rice



QA76.9.A43 D37 2018  Algorithms and Applications: Alap 2018 / Das, Sajal K.




QA76.9.A25 C925 2019  Cybersecurity : current writings on threats and protection / edited by Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III and Roger L. Kemp



QC863.5 .S43 2017  Weather 101 : from Doppler radar and long-range forecasts to the polar vortex and climate change, everything you need to know about the study of weather / Kathleen Sears

R: Medicine, Nursing

​R123 .S69 2013  Stedman's medical abbreviations, acronyms & symbols




​R154 .P8675 2019  That good night : life and medicine in the eleventh hour / Sunita Puri




​R690 .S26 2019  Medical office professionals : a practical career guide / Marcia Santore




​R726 .L57 2019  The dying experience : expanding options for dying and suffering patients / Samuel H. LiPuma and Joseph P. DeMarco




R726.8 .S54 2019  Speaking for the dying : life-and-death decisions in intensive care / Susan P. Shapiro




RA410.53 .M664 2018  Health care in crisis : hospitals, nurses, and the consequences of policy change / Theresa Morris




RA448.5.I44 K55 2019  Pathogenic policing : immigration enforcement and health in the U.S. South / Nolan Kline




RA564.8 .A76 2019  Elderhood : redefining aging, transforming medicine, reimagining life / Louise Aronson




RA564.86 .S23 2019  Invisible visits : Black middle-class women in the American healthcare system / Tina K. Sacks




RA650.5 .H665 2019  The pandemic century : one hundred years of panic, hysteria, and hubris / Mark Honigsbaum




RB38.2 .P337 2017  Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference




RC552.E18 N48 2019  Eating disorders in America : a reference handbook / David E. Newton




​RM316 .R53 2018  Strange trips : science, culture, and the regulation of drugs / Lucas Richert




​RT41 .J56 2018  Clinical handbook for Brunner & Suddarth's textbook of medical-surgical nursing




​RT68 .S55 2014  Numeracy in nursing and healthcare / Pearl Shihab, BSc, MSc, RN, RM, RNT




​RT82 .F58 2017  301 careers in nursing / Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Emerson E. Ea, Laura Stark Bai




​RX561 .S55 2017  Hair problems answered with homeopathy : includes general management and cured cases / Dr. Shivakumar K (M.D (Hom)




​R119 .P47 2020  Pain-free writing for nurses : a step-by-step approach / Joseph Perazzo, Robert Topp




​R723 .S775 2018  Care and cure : an introduction to philosophy of medicine / Jacob Stegenga




R728.8 .M652 2019  Keys to medical assisting : a pocket guide / Jahangir Moini, M.D., M.P.H.




RA563.M56 M48 2019  Dying of whiteness : how the politics of racial resentment is killing America's heartland / Jonathan M. Metzl




​RT82 .N874 2018  Nursing today : transition and trends / JoAnn Zerwekh, Ashley Zerwekh Garneau




​RT89 .S85 2018  Effective leadership and management in nursing / Eleanor J. Sullivan, PhD, RN, FAAN

S: Agriculture

​SB125 .B733 2019  Pruning simplified : a visual guide to 50 trees and shrubs / Steven Bradley




SB404.9 .H37 2017  Tiny tabletop gardens : 35 projects for super-small spaces-- outdoors and in / Emma Hardy




​SB409 .T582 2018  Orchids handbook : a practical guide to the care and cultivation of 40 popular orchid species and their hybrids / Michael Tibbs



​SB429 .S75 2015  The plant lover's guide to ferns / Richie Steffen and Sue Olsen



SB431.7 .L83 2011  Designing with grasses / Neil Lucas



​SB435 .G378 2011  The Timber Press encyclopedia of flowering shrubs / Jim Gardiner




SB451.34.N67 N67 2018  North Carolina extension gardener handbook




SB453.2.N8 P66 2014  Month-by-month gardening in the Carolinas : what to do each month to have a beautiful garden all year / Bob Polomski



​SB459 .T93 2016  Rock gardening : reimagining a classic style / Joseph Tychonievich




SB472.45 .C453 2018  The history of landscape design in 100 gardens / Linda A. Chisholm



SB472.45 .O92 2013  Planting : a new perspective / Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury



SB608.T87 W37 2013  Managing turfgrass pests / Thomas L. Watschke, Peter H. Dernoeden, David J. Shetlar




​SB951 .P4418 2019  Pesticides and GMOs / Yea Jee Bae, book editor

T: Technology

TK5105.875.I6 C38 2019  Deploying SharePoint 2019 : installing, configuring, and optimizing for on-premises and hybrid scenarios / Vlad Catrinescu, Trevor Seward



TK7881.4 .M368 2017  Aaron Marks' complete guide to game audio : for composers, sound designers, musicians, and game developers



​TP577 .D48 2019  A natural history of beer / Rob DeSalle & Ian Tattersall




​TX371 .H78 2019  Dialogues on ethical vegetarianism / Michael Huemer




​TL255 .B37 2019  Sheet metal shaping : tools, skills, and projects / Barr, Ed




TL789.85.R53 O84 2017  Sally Ride : a photobiography of America's pioneering woman in space / Tam O'Shaughnessy

U & V: Military Science

​UB357 .I585 2019  Invisible veterans : what happens when military women become civilians again / Kate Hendricks Thomas and Kyleanne Hunter, editors

Leisure Books