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Inclusive Teaching Guide: Class Planning

Effective teaching is a dynamic, not static, process. Whether you have years of experience or are just beginning to teach, there is always room to expand your repertoire, explore a new approach, or reflect on an aspect of your practice.

Creating a Class Plan

Keeping a checklist of important information and things you need, or completing a class plan, such as the example below, can help you to stay organized and structure your time effectively. 

Course title  
Professor name  
Date/time of session  
Materials provided by professor  Ex; syllabus; assignments
Materials provided by students  Ex: questions; pre-assessment; research summaries
Materials needed for class Course guide; screenshots or videos; worksheets; surveys; forms
Learning Outcomes Ex; will be able to identify bias in an op-ed piece
Assessment Ex; google form asking students to identify bias in an article read in class

 Adapted from Megan Oakleaf, "Lessons for the Librarian: 10 Tips for Teaching the One-Shot Instruction Session"