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Digital and Multimedia Collections

Digital Collections

New York Public Library's Digital Collections: Twenty-three original editions of Victor Green's Negro Motorist Green Book
North Carolina Green Book Portal: Online database on the available information for each of the state's Green Book entries


The North Carolina Green Book Project's video library includes short topical videos on the Green Book's history in North Carolina:
This short video, The Real Story of the Green Book (2018), presents a brief overview of the story of the Green Book
The podcast episode 'Green Book' Helped African-Americans Travel Safely, can be heard on NPR's website
An interactive map based on the Green Book can be found on the New York Public Library's website
A short video, Understanding Jim Crow, is a quick introduction to Jim Crow history for youth
Two short introduction videos about the Green Book from the National Trust Historic Preservation:
This brief video and article discuss Black Codes which were implemented previous to Jim Crow Laws 
This is an interactive map that documents the North Carolina Civil Rights Trail 

Articles and Dissertations


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